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From the North side of Dublin, New York living Irish boy 🇮🇪🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺, International cabin crew, Tweets are my own and not my employer

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@talkSPORT Phil Babb
I’ve kept my job, I feel extremely lucky. Have a great weekend everyone ❤️ @TVPaulD Meanwhile in Ireland
There’s emails and then there’s that... to try give social media a miss for a couple of days, obviously won’t be much fun if I’m made redundant tomor… @qibun2 Also why isn’t the statue wearing a mask @ChipperfieldNot Ground staff, is check in etc @ChipperfieldNot @GazRich88 So not ground staff, that’s why I was confused @ChipperfieldNot @GazRich88 Are they BA or handling agent? @ChipperfieldNot @GazRich88 Same with me, it takes time to sort out unfortunately, we find out tomorrow @ChipperfieldNot @GazRich88 How do you mean?What the actual fuck....🤦🏼‍♂️ @londrenya @Captain_Rich it appears the Turkish A321NEO ACF doesn’t have a doors 3 and only us 2 overwing exits, th… I’m going to deal with the next 36 hours regardless can accept that an A319 can have 2 overwing exits, I can even accept that an A321 can only has 3 sets of main cab…’m not ready for the lights to go out yet...
This is asking for trouble.... #Karen #KarenGoneWild #KarenStrikesAgain #KarenOfTheDay #SayKarenagain @mattsimmonds320 I once flew with 2 pilots who on a long turnaround at T3 visited the tower, needless to say we got to Barcelona very early @DeltCharlie80 This entire time living in London was amazing @H_OMaille It’s old wrestling 😂 I knew someone would point it outThe responses to this 🤦🏼‍♂️ Beirut was almost wiped off the face of the earth yesterday and people are seething tha… watched...’s only when the news relates to you that you realise that a lot of aviation twitter accounts only tweet stuff in… @SPD_travels @British_Airways @easyJet Well it’s incorrect but however you want to put it 🤷‍♂️ @SPD_travels @British_Airways @easyJet We all know we are at risk of redundancy, this week we at BA find out if it’s happening or not @DanHendo27 I got a “Mane happy returns” one recently, just red with white writing @Michaelkelly707 @united @DublinAirport @flySFO I admire the optimism @paul_winginit Happy birthday! 🍻 @Dan_98m We’re trying to drill into people to wear masks, give those actually wearing them a break but still 😂 @airwaysmagazine Newark is not in New York and Virgin no longer fly there
Well if it was a flood of goodbyes the other day, it’s a deluge of colleagues saying goodbye now after they’ve rece… @flyhellas So why the ohh dear? It was planned @NYGovCuomo You should have finished this with *Wear a mask @flyhellas It’s bankruptcy protection which allows the planned restructuring to ahead it was planned, nothing has changed.I’m not wrong an I?! @MelCsGoldTooth 🤞❤️ @aston_adam It’s FSX but the Aerosoft A320 is pretty realistic!Always nice to have a visitor after landing... @F1 @MercedesAMGF1 They could take as long as they wanted and they’d still win most races 😴 @RedMarky66 I’d suggest deleteing this, it’s really distastefulThat explosion in Beirut....I hope to god there isn’t too many casualties @SPD_travels @NewcastleFlyer That should be live music, don’t go to Dublin for love music 😂 @SPD_travels @NewcastleFlyer It’s not about getting drunk, it’s the athmospehere, the love music etc but as I said it isn’t for everyone @SPD_travels @NewcastleFlyer Fair enough, but the Dublin experience is very different to popping down to your local… @NewcastleFlyer @SPD_travels If your too young to drink, you’re not going to get the full Dublin experienceThis is quite a show! flash of lightning...the hurricane is here @HannahVaughan91 I was quite tempted to reply with something else...
@PilotTris They are flying a limited schedule to/from Norway. They’ve pretty much laid off all of their UK based st…’ve come out for a walk, just 34 degrees compared to yesterday’s 38, we’ve both remarked that’s it feels almost cool 😂 @AvgeekDan I’ve heard suggestions that those 321 CEOs won’t return to HeathrowThe Coronavirus pandemic continues to cause untold devistation across the USA but the president is working on closing down TikTok... @aston_adam You’ll have to wash your mouth out with soap later 😂A sub 25 minute 5k doing intervals, I’m very happy with that 😅 @alexrkiernan Sums it up really @_AccordingToDan I doubt they’ve thought that far aheadThat’s my Unite membership cancelled! Rather than talking and trying to save jobs this is the kind of wasteful shit… @alex_wurz I feel you deserve one @alex_wurz Why don’t you have a blue tick? @MJ28___ It’s only as hot as the people in it 😉I get up when I want except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awakened by the dustbears
Retweeted by Andy MonksWatching The Crown, it’s the episode that starts in Ghana, it reminds me of the time we left Accra and the pianist… @DaveWallsworth It’s awful! And then ones I’m seeing haven’t been there for quiet so long 😢 it’s going to be a very… you want to leave meeeeee....
@davidvlynn Voluntary redundancy versus taking your chancesTrying to diversify what my friends do for a living 😂 down the hatches! ordered an 8.2% beer 🤪 witnessed the real life version of this....Gotta love New York @taxipaul Redundancy @PilotTris @steve_r_music I hope you know I’m joking @steve_r_music @PilotTris But if you have more people, more people will die @MiggleM How,much are you willing to pay for marriage? 😂 @BoardingArea @garyleff Brits, don’t tarnish the rest of us 😉 @MiggleM You know me, don’t take myself too seriously @MiggleM @annalonsoo This has brought it home a little 😢, keep in touch and hopefully we’ll catch up via Mark at some point! @Blackprojects I wish I knew @MiggleM *mutedStarting to see a flood of messages from colleagues and friends now confirming they’ve decided to leave work 😢 it’s… a 2km run and felt pretty bad that I couldn’t go any further...then I saw the feels like temperature @deanogalione I stand by what I said @Flying_Abi Nothing Ferrari haven’t done before 😂 @FOHeming We must have been watching different races 😂 @FOHeming Maybe the last laps, otherwise it was dullAll #F1 races should be extended by 10% because the last few laps have been by a distance the most exciting this year! #BritishGP @TheTravelUpdate @BoardingArea Is there a time when you do like being lied to? @kvyatofficial no need to be a fucking knob pushing the camera away #BritishGP #F1 , not the camera persons fault you keep binning it 🖕I can’t understand why people say the #BritishGP is the best race of the year! It’s more often that not a complete… this good ‘ol joke
Retweeted by Andy MonksLewis Hamilton is great but has he ever won the #BritishGP whilst in the pit lane? @HulkHulkenberg , no luck today 🙄🙁 #BritishGP
Dogs having a play in the park, a woman is stood on the outside giving a rather loud running commentary of it down… @KeaneJohn69 We were in Bow, LCY was so easy @KeaneJohn69 You could get vouchers for food and drinks from the Pilot Bar after thatWow what a surprising grid for the #BritishGP #F1 🙄Also America need to put a stop to the experiment that is Donald Trump, how has it gone from @BarackObama to this?… At least on the return you could offer a quick route from New York to Canary Wharf but from Canary Wharf to New… think the LCY-JFK concept was doomed with the SNN stop. What if the aircraft had operated LCY-DUB-JFK-LCY? Offeri…