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From the North side of Dublin, New York living Irish boy 🇮🇪🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺, International cabin crew, Tweets are my own

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@ConorHarmon Do google not even have a crest for Burnley? 😂 getting this handed to you 😂’ve started using @AncestryUK but my birth year is wrong by a year and I can’t work out how to change it 🙄 any suggestions?Swiss says nope..... @MiggleM If you honestly think that you should speak to someone
Today from standby I went....nowhere🤷‍♂️
@mimi__just__me JFK isn’t my fleet unfortunately but maybe in the future @mimi__just__me Still both but more long haul which is my choiceA few from today’s flight on G-BYGC to London this morning is different to the constant stream of BA Airbuses I’m used to at T5 @AlaskaAir Good morning from New York! one seems to follow me around!
@AerLingus @DublinAirport Jesus @ShannonAirport and @CorkAirport will be fuminggggg @FlySOPLANE I wouldn’t have even responded @JackRalston Any flight to “Benidorm” is a flight to hell!....I mean Benidorm doesn’t even have an airport😅 #LIVMUN“Lindelof has gone down injured! I think it’s with embarrassment” #LIVMUN1 goal in 18 appearances between Liverpool’s front 3 against United...Hold my drink...#LIVMUN @SeanM1997 I wonder has anyone ever booked this flight by mistake thinking they were going to Kusadasi? 😂So as it stands for first commute back to London will be on the BOAC liveried 747 @westhamfootball @CrimeLdn ❤️ @namsom2008 @LBC It will only get worse...but it’s what the people wanted! Bring it...
@a_damster Can I use this at my Twitter header picture please?Atmospheric New York nights anyone simply explain NCAA March madness for us? @johnheaney2 @Arkadiu31773136 @LeRoiSan3 @GaryLineker Honestly I’ve been to one but only because tickets are imposs… @johnheaney2 @Arkadiu31773136 @LeRoiSan3 @GaryLineker I literally moved here from London on Tuesday 😂 and still work in LondonWhat a job to have... @LeRoiSan3 @GaryLineker It’s quite easy to find, like finding all the empty seats at the EtihadLet it snow... @dubshn1028 I mean the M&S sandwiches are far superior than what the likes of Ryanair and EasyJet sell...How many times did @CPFC score today? #MCICRY @Airwaysfoodie @aegeanairlines I was joking.... @Airwaysfoodie @aegeanairlines Keep complaining and you’ll end up with a selection of sandwiches to buy 😂
@LondonEconomic Snowflakes! Not the Germans, anyone that was insulted 🙄None of your homosexual straws in New York @nickthetraveler I know but in London the place would be going into meltdownDoes drinking Guinness abroad make you a good Irish man? No! The opposite in fact! Anyone drinking the shit that’s… @chunkyboyjames @DaveWallsworth @BoeingAirplanes @Airbus JNB isn’t currently served by the 747Now given the obvious financial trouble they are in, and based on passed results, is Flybe starting a Newquay to Am… is snow forecast for tomorrow and nobody, absolutely nobody is loosing their minds at the thought of the place grinding to a halt... @AmericanAir @British_Airways hey 👋if we book a premium economy flight with BA butnoperated by AA does this qualify… read that Derek Fowlds has died. Excellent in Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister. And had one of the best lines…
Retweeted by Andy Monks @DanLeahy71 So far so good @MiggleM Lucky girl
@Rightpeg The second part is as a passengerThere’s going to be a day in February when I’ll fly Seoul-London-New York 😂February’s roster is a lesson on how not to bid for a commuting roster...lesson learntWe also viewed one that had a terrace that looked over the New York ConcordeAnd this was from the other side! of the apartments we viewed today had this view....unfortunately it was a non runner but LOOK AT IT! @sgraIRL But Worldwide crew also wear hats on A380 and 787 flights too, and what if it’s an all male crew?Popped in for a coffee, the owner informs us he has no low fat or non dairy milk because “this is a restaurant” @AvgeekDan There is only 4 of them! They need maintenanceIs it worth getting an Alexa?
@Cartier hey 👋 the large Union flag 🇬🇧 outside the shop on 5th Ave is quite impressive but unfortunately it’s upside down...This is horrendous, any kind of open door without proper ground equipment in place just isn’t acceptable, it’s dril… @MiggleM 😐 I’m taken @sportbible Just like United themselves, it’s in piecesThey’ve thought of everythi here! what are you looking for on Grindr today? @midwifeinberlin Yes 😂 all the way to New York, it has just 32 seats @thenorthface I mean this is quite the review..... new Aer Lingus uniform 😍This is a bit different than looking over West Ham’s stadium @KeaneJohn69 Ohh the pre clearance etc is fantastic it was more the product no lounge/IFE/Service that doesn’t comp… @KeaneJohn69 Honestly it was a little underwhelming 😕 Both myself and my other half agreed a 747 from Heathrow is a superior experienceAlso tweeting in the evening is now a different experience as ya’ll in bedUpdating my Twitter bio as I’m no long an East London living Irish boy... @MiggleM I didn’t know it was going to be as badAhhh American beer 😒
@FOHeming It was on the ground at JFK when we landed earlier @JFKairport The link worked eventually! Thanks for the quick replies 🤞 @JFKairport I get this error message when I try to report it and this number doesn’t connect to anyone.. to leave the beautiful scarf my mother knit for me at the taxi tank at JFK and I’m devastated 😡 @JFKairport hey 👋 If I’ve left something in the taxi queue outside Terminal 7 what would be the best way to try and retrieve this?A few from today’s BA1 @markaizatt Yes we areI mean I’ve had worse flights to Ireland @Nigel_Farage Union flag you pillock @major_kev I just laughed 🤭The CSM just thanked me for how frequently I fly British Airways 😂Isn’t it cute @alexisk79 😂🇬🇧🇺🇸
Don’t make unnecessary journeysG’night London ✌️ country wouldn’t be happy unless something was leaving something else...🙄 @TweetsByTimbo Likewise! I’ve been in that redundancy hanging over you position before and it’s not nicePacking is almost finished 😅 and we’re off bright and early tomorrow morning, it’s been an emotional few days entering the charity shop today with a few donations before we move out I heard the lady behind the counter qu… many people never had a good word to say about Flybe/FlyMaybe and now everyone’s upset and saying they are conce…
@Blackprojects It was posted last it was from FridayWhat an incredible picture! Irish in London and it’s made me a little emotional away party was last night, I can’t even begin to tell you how much love there was ❤️
Trying to order Chinese food for people from Dublin is like trying to order a pizza by reading the bibleYou knows it’s a bad day when the landing gear comes into the cabin... your family from Dublin arrive... @waynewykwong @British_Airways Yes I agree! Our standards on these longer sectors should include a pass of the bread/pastries basket!