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Amanda Franquet @anfranquet Southeastern Virginia, USA

Freelance animator. Public Historian. Reasonably obsessed with books, vinyl records, and the Blues. Broke & unemployed. Have degrees, will travel.

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With all the ugliness going on right now, I'm taking a social media break. No Facebook. No Twitter. No news from…, where did that oversized cross run off to that once hung around your neck?! Is the weight of it too great to…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetIt took @realDonaldTrump one day to issue an #ExecutiveOrder because he was upset Twitter called him out on his lie…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetCan we stop calling it “police brutality” it’s murder, M-U-R-D-E-R
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetColin Kaepernick is banned from the NFL for peacefully protesting deaths like George Floyd's.
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Hooray, I finished stitching #RumpleButtercup into the swea- Loose ends! Noooooo 😭😭😭
"Pro-life" my ass. #COVID #Covid_19 #WearAMask #DontBeADick*pregnant person seeks & obtains an abortion* "Conservatives": MURDERER! ALL LIFE IS SACRED! Govt: Please wear a ma… made this comic strip two years ago... Nothing has changed lol
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetI have no words. Well, no polite ones, anyway. British are finally experiencing what's it like to have the British rule your country
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetTrust me, when I'm actually angry, you'll know it. woke up this morning and noticed that my drawing 'Donald the Reaper' was liked and shared en masse on Twitter. Th…
Retweeted by Amanda Franquet @VuduSupport At least one of the featurettes for a recent purchase doesn't play properly. The video freezes while a…
2020 @The_Photographr That makes sense 😅 So I guess I'd have to buy an external drive thing, plug it in, pop in a DVD an…*coughJeidcough* #CriminalMinds #Jeid #TheShame
My all-region DVD player's disk tray no longer opens. Booo! I'm looking at external CD/DVD drives to plug into my…,000 Americans dead. 40,000,000 unemployed. So let’s go golfing.
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetPlease don't relaunch #CriminalMinds The Final Ten heaped enough heartbreak and bitter disappointment on me to la…
🤬 least 96,000 dead from coronavirus. That's enough to fill 2 huge stadiums to capacity. Trump is playing golf.
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetI'd rather have a full-time job that pays well, universal health care, and student loan cancellation but sure, send… got excited, but then I read the email and saw that it's not a job interview 😡 Don't put "interview" in the subj…
A mass shooting basically hours after reopening is pretty much the most predictably American thing I can imagine
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetHouses of worship are not essential, but true worship is: “When I was hungry, did you feed me? When I was thirsty,…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetInject bleach. Take a drug that can kill you. Spread bullshit conspiracy theories. Conspire with foreign countries…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetJapan uses taxpayer money for infrastructure. The United States uses it to terrorize its citizens.
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetNightfish The Dinks The Sars The Knock The Rolling Trones @KimMangone @jaketapper There's actually a tribute band name The Rolling Stoned 😁
I voted early by mail. 🗳️ #VoteByMail #Vote
@The_Photographr There's so much hate in both the company's policies and so many users' posts/comments 😩 Not that t… longer I'm on Facebook, the more and more I want to leave.😆 @catstronomical Yikes 😬 Personally, I don't even eat hot dogs. Got sick of them as a kid. But they need both ketchu… snake oil salesman and teenage beauty pageant owner who couldn’t run a casino will never be able to repair the…
Retweeted by Amanda Franquet @MillionaireTV Snakes are venomous, not poisonous.
The office pushed my payment down to $110 because it wasn't as in depth of a visit 😃 see my neuro & take my Rx for anxiety. The $ of my health care is ⬆️ my anxiety. I may have to end treatment, mea… neurologist no insurance co-payment shot up from $162 to $219. I hate living here. #M4A
surround yourself. with those who would flip your ear back for you. if it ever went inside out
Retweeted by Amanda Franquet🤣🤣🤣💚❤️🐍 Loki would absolutely say this.
Three months ago today @realDonaldTrump spent his day on the golf course and his night at a fundraiser. He failed t…
Retweeted by Amanda Franquet🥺❤️🐕 My heart! older folks are sending a message to Mitch McConnell. I hope you help us spread this widely, so that he hears it…
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Afterthought: does this make bootlickers appetizers? Or side dishes?'s appt, midst of pandemic, $162 (b/c USA sucks), have to sign in w/ godawful tablet whose screen cannot be dimme…
@bunsenbernerbmd @dog_rates Her name is Beaker 😍Would anyone like to send a few freelance #animation projects my way? I need the money to be seen by my optometris… is it safe for my kid to be in school, but too scary for Paul Manafort to be in prison?
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetBravo, Howard!
Retweeted by Amanda Franquet heart is heavy for Melissa Etheridge, whose son Beckett Cypher has died at the young age of 21. Nothing is harde…
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13 May 1985: Philadelphia police drop a bomb on a rowhouse belonging to radical Black liberation group MOVE, killin…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetCan someone explain to me why the same people who don't need to wear a mask because God will look after them also n…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetGiven recent events, we really needed this! Thanks, Gubes ❤️
I am broke as a joke, and wool yarn is expensive 😭 Why? I just wanna #knit pretty things!!! #broke #unemployed #knitting #knitwear
I see where you get it from 😆❤️
😢 RIP #LittleRichard is Ahmaud Arbery's birthday.
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetI didn't spend my childhood in barbed wire enclosed internment camps so I could listen to grown adults today cry op…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetWorst jobs report in history, but the Dow pops 500. The fat cats are doing fine, ‘cos that’s life under Trump.
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetMake America Great Again now has a horrific daily body count and Depression-era levels of unemployment. It's time t…
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I'm having a lot of feelings watching @MrsAm_FXonHulu At the moment it's anger, frustration, and bitter disappoint…
I just need a few freelance projects. The only things I'm going to spend the money on are doctors' visits and Rx m…, November 3 can't come fast enough. stop spreading this Plandemic video. Judy Mikovits is an anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist. She is not a…
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Drag them, #RuthBaderGinsburg Drag. Them., thy name is Trump.
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetBravo to all “strict constructionist” Republicans who supported the Benghazi investigations for denouncing…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetMy nerdy ass got too excited 😳 had to share
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetOver 70,000 Americans have died. Tens of thousands more will die. So now is perfect time to disband the Coronavirus…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetWhy is everything open in Georgia but Grand Juries? You can literally get a tattoo but not get justice.
Retweeted by Amanda Franquet"...Remember the ladies...If perticuliar care and attention is not paid to the Laidies we are determined to foment… an Emergency Doctor who takes responsibility for the lives in my hands, I find it shameful that @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetI got out of that environment & saw the bs for what it is, so it's frustrating to see people accept the toxicity as normal.I pity the bootlickers, b/c I know what part of their deal is. I know b/c I've been them. They're exhibiting behav… are saying nobody's being traumatized by the pandemic, & that anyone feeling traumatized and in need of supp… @atrupar Wait wait wait. 🍊 🍄🍆's people played it? I just...I can't even...OH MY GOD NO PLEASE BE OKAY! #RuthBaderGinsburgI just want everyone to note it's 2020 and tomorrow-- in the highest Court in the land--we will fight about whether…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetGod doesn't have an ass for a face, you twatwaffle. Cover yours up! 😷 And that's not even what "in our image/liken…
2020 president could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and kill 70,000 Americans, and his supporters would still have his back.
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Hello, could I please be adopted by a country with effective leadership that values people's lives over money? of Americans are dying daily. Trump's team is now projecting up to 3,000 deaths per day. South Korea has…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetThe trump legacy: stupid kills smart. Stupid kills old, weak and vulnerable. Stupid kills the the disenfranchised a…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetI don't know how many times it is necessary to say this, but a payroll tax cut does nothing for someone who is NO LONGER ON THE PAYROLL.
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetRandom fact about me: The only #HarryPotter spell I've ever used or even attempted to use in dreams is Reparo. And…—SUPREME COURT STREAMS HEARING: For the first time in its 230 year history, the Supreme Court is broadcasti…
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The screws securing the housing(?) to my fancy, all region DVD player (stupid disc tray no longer opens 😑) turned o…
When kneeling at a football game is offensive, but this isn't, then your argument isn't about your lack of freedom.…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetIf someone shows up at your door to have a "conversation" about a point of disagreement with you and they just happ…
Retweeted by Amanda FranquetThis Nov we'll make historic, lasting change by taking the White House and Senate. I'll help launch 3 VICTORY DRIVE…
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