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@turingcop What will you call it? @kushanmitra @republic Ha ha ha you know how old I amTIL that I share a birthday with Arnab Goswami of @republic TV this for the new “Biryani as political signifier” world @kushanmitra @swapan55 What I don’t understand is why he is suddenly trending - second time I’ve heard of him in the last five days ... @kushanmitra @swapan55 I would not use those words to describe him ... seems like a complete nutGrant’s Postulate: No matter how obsessed you are with something, there is an online community more obsessed than you.
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Gordon Ramsay's Guide To Steak via @YouTubeIf Hogwarts Were an Inner-City School - Key & Peele @ProfSrilaRoy What a beautiful dogThe Crisis. The Low Point. The Recovery. The Return.
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Random find - an amazing evening with @pynchonlama @ShivAroor @kushanmitra and me in late 2017. So much has changed… @ShivAroor A mountain never seems to have The need to speakAfter a lot of consideration, I would say this is my favourite song by the Chilis. May not be their greatest. But i…
Retweeted by Angad ChowdhryPeer review is wild. It's like if you took your car to mechanic and one mec said: "we noticed all your doors have r…
Retweeted by Angad ChowdhryNo one: Sloterdijk: posting on the internet is a debased form of prayer.
Retweeted by Angad Chowdhry @fancifulfuckery Im very confused by it - a year long membership PLUs pay to rent / view individual pieces of content?Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson (Video) via @YouTube @fancifulfuckery They only give VCF option here : @fancifulfuckery That’s just contacts - I wanted the entire address book (which is only sent in VCF!)
@fancifulfuckery Exported from google address book @coderzombie Ok will check - thanks @MasterScrat "Chill out" @puneetpsingh that is a good point ...Converting VCF to CSV files - any tips? (Don't want to send VCF to cloud / free service)When someone says “who did this” and shares a piece of creative meme-ery, I always assume “you did this, OP” @chrissbell @arvindergujral Yours ain’t bad either these days @thathungrychef “Mad as a box of frogs”Congratulations @IamDeepaMehta & the cast and crew! "I wanted the first people to see this film to be from Sri Lan… @shibari_inu69 @fancifulfuckery use this to your advantage @rohanmonteiro Isn’t that every weekday
@fancifulfuckery @shibari_inu69 Lol dude ...Results preview ... a data pipeline in 2020 is like building a bridge in the 14th century • You do a lot of work that gets t…
Retweeted by Angad Chowdhry @fancifulfuckery @shibari_inu69 What did you do @dpanjana Oh thank you @trina_khoo @rohanmonteiro @WSJ Perfect timing @shibari_inu69 It’s usually faster than that - don’t worry @The_Karthik Buying antiquities (Egyptian, Indus Valley, Gandhara), and sketches (Dali, Saint Exupery) that all rep… @jmrphy amazing
@GayatriPYadav @GabbbarSingh If booking, ask for the cabin / house in which Putin stayed. @GayatriPYadav @GabbbarSingh Leela @pavanjava Lol @martynuren Don’t judge - everyone needs a hobby @RichaChadha Congratulations 🥳 @rohanmonteiro“Real men wear heels” is the hottest take of the day from the Cathedral.“Despite their testosterone-rich associations with wranglers and rockers, heels have developed an inherently femini… @trina_khoo @rohanmonteiro @WSJ I’m going to try this
@martynuren I’d do it ...😮 @thathungrychef @CabritoGoatMeat Your haleem is epic too -
@krisnair Have sent you a LinkedIn request @krisnair Zero @GabbbarSingh Consultant at Fiverr“CEO at Freelance viewed your profile” #linkedinPulp - Common People (Official Video) via @YouTubePulp - Live at Reading 2011 via @YouTube
@rohanmonteiro why not hard copy? @rohanmonteiro All options please :) @DanielIvatt I’m in @jmrphy @cowvala Very cool - if you had to bet on one of those? @Parthvader89 That’s a great idea @amitpgupta @nirmalnd @aprilsystems Happy to chat! @fancifulfuckery Butter chicken is my happy place - @fancifulfuckery Yes!
@ProfSrilaRoy There are other disciplines? @mwilcox You’ve cornered the market on that oneWhat’s a hot online business you would start right now? (Not onlyfans pls!)There is another video on #WorldMentalHealthDay which I've done with yet another college friend @amritat and the…
Retweeted by Angad Chowdhry @AoverK @techceopepe @drtigerjoseph @ArthausPodcast Yes, I do the same :)The entire conversation is up here with @kushanmitra #WorldMentalHealthDay #worldmentalhealthday2020Reposting this on #WorldMentalHealthDay #worldmentalhealthday2020 - @AiQuilt perspective on using technology to loo…
if you’re not sure about something or somebody, why not go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt?
Retweeted by Angad Chowdhry @DanielIvatt @stevegraham How could I not! Looking forward!Siri, draw me a superego @DanielIvatt @stevegraham Loads of stuff! Happy to arrange a demo of some cool stuff next week :)The comments under this are just amazing. “Is this heavy metal or rock?” “AC/DC: yes”
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Cat Power - Lived In Bars context in terms of what I'm thinking
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Retweeted by Angad Chowdhry @arvindergujral Colourised and generated text @arvindergujral @shibari_inu69 Arousal amirite @shibari_inu69
All PhD students need to hear this 🙏🏼
Retweeted by Angad ChowdhryIn which Werner Herzog gives the an incredible answer when asked how many languages he speaks
Retweeted by Angad Chowdhry @bombaywalee Fantastic @bombaywalee 😂”a floor of one’s own” @dhunji You’d be surprised! @SparklinGuy Sit down and write mate / not that hard @SparklinGuy True - but I know about the former not the latter :)Don’t know who needs to hear this, but the trick to finishing your PhD is sitting down and writing it. @AntarYaami That is depressing10 years later. Thanks to @youtopos for remind me of this tweet... @krisnair Can’t argue with that