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angel @angdownbad crying in the club

@aluvalplayer☆ / mgr for @lastresports / i love isa

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im forcing u to watch my val tilt grind
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@rrvss @chlofps v @karxoo @yuungsho trent is short afwhen yall rewatch freshman cyphers together>>>>> @chlofps link twitchnew tag new me😍
@digitalkitsu plsanyones parents wanna adopt me? i’ll cook and clean . please . @ignovercook i dont think so @XmasJamo @ihaveprettybf i was first anyways @spookdilf crazy @ignovercook yes. @ihaveprettybf love u cass bae😍 @ignovercook UR CANADIAN??!!?! @TZOSZN call that hands-free @hhaleylol a my little pony custom phone case @mistmie @aluvalplayer @sundownswrld i see u post pictures but then i always forget ur not white @wwond3rkid @Nighty10k no kapapa @sundownswrld oh cool @sundownswrld is that u? + noti @wwond3rkid @Nighty10k notii am now currently LFT! (●´ω`●) ♡ ➳ female (she/her) ➳ immortal 1 ➳ duelist, sentinel + skye ➳ heavy scrim exp, n…
Retweeted by angelLF opportunities :3 ⋆17 ⋆female (she/her) ⋆immortal 1 ⋆controller/flex (senti) ⋆heavy scrim exp/some tourney exp d…
Retweeted by angel @censorablee who is this😭 @n0rmaIize @lylacVAL @Imcryonic @FlareGTS @iblis_outaims @JukzYT @SpiritCrab1 @gcthedad @SkimVal @PrimeMCD @EnzoSS_ @_novaVAL aww thankful for u too shawty @_novaVAL @n0rmaIize @ProfessorSoop @Ino_VAL @iamhcu @MoonKiller_VAL @774saturn @sadIucas @seshiriaa_ @spiteplanted
@Fr0styVal @PlayVALORANT @riotgames dagger @heyimhowl cringing cause wtf. @PlayVALORANT @riotgames if you’re really thankful for me and the amount of money i’ve spent on this game, put sp… turkeys when he should be stuffing me . anyways happy thanksgiving 🦃! @Ari7Jones @kolhr_ shut up bru @rickyeffps ha ur ass @0Ktinaa girl is ur val name already SUKI? @zekeiVAL doesnt even work
@wrviths @kolhr_ LOL thanks @kolhr_ very much so giving “dat nigga” vibes @sundownswrld @Ino_VAL noti @tuxxse LMAOO @Mizzium1 @Nighty10k @laurathesimp yea mine is dark @Mizzium1 @Nighty10k @laurathesimp yea we sit in front of our matching houses and yell from our porches . @ctrlurs HI KILLJOY MAIN HERE @ryswtf i have no money sir @Plasify_ awww @ryswtf noti @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen ligma @presidentdove not trying to start drama but this known member of the valorant twitter community has also shit talk… @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen @marilikesmen @Nighty10k @laurathesimp yo thanks for buying my mom and i matching porches rlly appreciate it @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen damn . well amari is single and she goes to franklin . @_novaVAL where u get it from @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen im going tell vivian @_novaVAL wha @_novaVAL where @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen cap @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen im trying to get some of that tao family money @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen 🥲😶‍🌫️🤨🙄🧍🏽‍♀️ @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen block me after u take me to get food @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen k bru @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen drop this on u and im sure it took a lot of u to say that but I'm just not sure. I'm thin… @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen Hey Angel I'm so sorry but I just got outta a relationship with this girl I still really… @cycotic hey sane @Renn_Val syn•a•nim @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen fake friend smh🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen pay for my uber @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen come pick me up @GlixcorzYT @marilikesmen take me to get food @marilikesmen @GlixcorzYT either of u dollsi wanna go out to eat and not have to pay for it😶‍🌫️(hope my irls see this) @myriiads @ yino come get her @seshiriaa_ @_novaVAL LOL v @maifatnutz ur still in school? @nglpat yes
@wrviths @maifatnutz vouch vouch vouch vouch vouch @yuungsho @karxoo @fishszns @Kezyyz LMFAO @d9imyo all good @karxoo @fishszns @yuungsho kar… @Klamran LOL @Kezyyz so? @Klamran k man @Kezyyz i’d be doing the bullyingimagine a school and its just the val comm🧍🏽‍♀️ @wrviths @keaIani @chlofps v @FIockins in shock that dahnir is not white @1androe u still dont have a girl? @deogiwheels @Tesla short person moment @_novaVAL house arrest tingz @seshiriaa_ @_novaVAL gonna break up with @aluvalplayer after seeing this @myriiads men who use correct grammar>>he's cute until he says "your" instead of "you're"
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@deogiwheels @Tesla ur so short LMFAOOA @aluvalplayer yea yeaI hope this isn’t asking too much but if everyone who sees this could rt, spread it and even donate it would mean t…
Retweeted by angel @lialovesyu new bio : @lialovesyu
@audreyisbetter @hikarival @lialovesyu yellowthe feminine urge to cry after losing in VALORANT
Retweeted by angel @zekeiVAL i was gonna say congrats on 1k but ur at 999 @zekeiVAL hey zekei