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Born Feb 4 1985

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@paulb099 Absolutely Brilliant @DOOM run tonight! Thanks for streaming!
@paulb099 Sounds interesting. I'm down for this. XD<3 I will look and I will love! @Job_for_a_Cody Watermelon?! =Dholy cow ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Fan art by @defilerphil47
Retweeted by Angela Mae Snyder @DOOM @defilerphil47 OMG! This is so freaking Brilliant! @KippyKoshka That lipstick! YES!Okay, this has to be the coolest snake I have ever seen! So freaking gorgeous!! Cause this is good stuff!<3'1" @paulb099 Why Paul, if I didn't know any better I would think you were flirting with me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ณ xD
Goodnight you awesome people! Love, Angela @im_watching_y0 That's really kind of you to say. Thank you <3 @paulb099 More like it would be you seeing me in your nightmares ๐Ÿ˜‚<3Sleepy Hollow(I've been to the real one in upstate New York) 3 @MewsuppasitTH Absolutely Amazing! <3Yeah I'll try that xD @pavelphoom You of course! It's not even a question of either or. XD @MSuppasit <3 @paulb099 thanks for streaming some @DOOM 2! Tonight "That was a blast and a half" =D See you next time xDThis would make one Hell of an awesome Tattoo. Respect! @pavelphoom Hell Yes! @TheyMightBeGeek Elnor <3So freaking tired. Going to bed. This will be my last night being up this late until ESA when I watch @RedW4rr10rโ€ฆ @casualty_acid And thank you for making and sharing your music with us! @paulb099 It sure was xDThis is very important to me! hahaha
When @paulb099 gave me this shirt and keychain @benjaminbrasier I don't know, are you? <3 @TrekCore @sherron_meinert Let's Get Dangerous!Congratulations to a Band I highly recommend giving a listen to! Crow! @BazookaJo3y I have been a very good girl. No spoilers for me since(and even before) the second Doom Eternal Trailer came out. XD<3 please @AdamCSharp Naninani! XD my favourite @agent_a29 What a fckn' disaster xD @paulb099 XD @paulb099 It's back......finally and it only took until 5:18 am......Stupid Internet xD @bb0un
No internet all day and now the laundromat up the hill where i am sitting is closing. See y'all later(hopefully tomorrow) Peace Out! @yourmatedevo Lost Boys @TheRetroCast1 Alien Resurrection was a fantastic movie @MSuppasit @gulfkanawut Well aren't you just Adorable <3Get The Fuck Out! @DOOM Aww look he's all smiles and ready for his close up! @MSuppasit <3 ALWAYS @OddNMacabre Candyman
@RedW4rr10r I'm in! See you soon! @paulb099 ๐Ÿ’‹ @PavelphoomS @pavelphoom Yes, yes it sure is! <3 @liamw_1992 Thank you so much =D
@PhoomOfficialTH @pavelphoom These photos are great! Thank you so much for sharing these <3#NewProfilePic @paulb099 Next year? @paulb099 Hehe xD @MSuppasit Much love! Sending you awesome thoughts and vibes! @paulb099 Hehehehe! Fantastic! @achidb @CrayonToCrayon @DGJ3LrW9H6OTCLt Like a slice of heaven!Still waiting xD @PDPhoto_ @pavelphoom @WDdome Too cute! I Love it! @PDPhoto_ @pavelphoom @WDdome Ah so handsome! @GMJeam @pavelphoom @WDdome Hehe You guys are so adorable! <3 @enemyontape @paulb099 I thought you'd never ask ๐Ÿ˜This is so awesome! Truth be told The Thresher Shark is a huge favourite of Mine!! Love You! Happy Valentine's Day Valentine's Day! @MSuppasit Happy Valentine's Day!I can't even with this! <3 @paulb099 This one made me lol xD @BazookaJo3y That is freaking incredible! @OddNMacabre Fox MulderHappy February 14th everyone! I love you all bunches! Have a great day! @Safe_Haven0419 Cage Dive with sharks! @paulb099 Yes, you totally should make more! =D @olivergilbert01 I'd buy it! @TommyDoyle47 Beetlejeuce! @MSuppasit You got this! Sending you my love and support! @TommyDoyle47 I have never seen Jaws I'm not ashamed to say. @paulb099 Oh don't stop. Give me more! =D
Whenever things seem hopeless and you feel like you don't matter, and no one seems to care. I may not know you andโ€ฆ @HoneyBeeCMNDR Pass right the Hell out xDHad a blast watching @RedW4rr10r stream @DOOM tonight! Quality streaming content as always xD @PopHorrorNews Marilyn MansonThe Lost Boys! @OddNMacabre Snow White @heyitsshinee @MewsuppasitTH I can not wait. I am super excited to the max! @kelvinzilla2000 @pavelphoom well alright then! <3 @solid234snake XD @paulb099 Oh how wonderful! What an awesome experience and an absolutely fantastic photo! Thank you for sharing! =)
@GeorgeTakei Donnie Darko for sure, and Alien ResurrectionSuper Kawaii!