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This guy 💅🏻🙌🏻😘’ll break you miniknob 💪🏻 xx’s watching??! #YourHomeMadePerfectTonight, two architects use virtual reality to compete for the chance to remodel a family home in Teesside... but w…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonVR goggles at the ready 🤓 #YourHomeMadePerfect starting now on @BBCTwo @IRJIII @AngelaScanlon
Retweeted by Angela Scanlon.madeperfecttv kicks off in ten minutes @bbctwo , you’ll probably see this tomorrow night when you’re pissed & it’s… kicks off in ten minutes @bbctwo , you’ll probably see this tomorrow night when you’re pissed & it’s… @thejeremyvine for a morning of “gentle debate” that includes humans loitering on walls, Brexit & a man pran… BEBE the amount brexit has cost us already we could have bought everyone in the UK a Nintendo switch, 300 bags of mo…
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Nice. That’s so sweet to give him some space in a world where women are so damn dominant
I'm reading this memoir of poverty, motherhood and survival by @CashCarraway at the moment. And now listening to he…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonYES @benshephard 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 that my podcast, The Outdoors Fix, is one of the recommendations in the @britpodawards newsletter this wee…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonThe one & only @StaceyDooley is ready for you to insert in your ear canals this morning. She’s a fierce pocket rock…
.@CashCarraway having flashbacks!! #prick #ThanksAMillion
Totally agree with Aisling on this. Our culture is obsessed with trying to be 'happy'. Being healthy/sane/well is…
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Just one week to go before you can see me on the telly with this wonderful bunch of bozos!… #Wilty - Next Fri 18th,…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonIf you liked this then please have a listen to the @CashCarraway episode. She is just a bit brilliant. Author of… is truly no such thing as "too much" of @WeeMissBea Every time I see her on tv or 👂🏼her on a podcast she deli…
Retweeted by Angela Scanlon @WeeMissBea @angelascanlon Also have a strong desire to buy a dust buster😂😂
Retweeted by Angela Scanlon @SusanHayes_ @angelascanlon @WeeMissBea @aoifehcrowley @PaulaCogan1 @MMaryMcKenna @DeniseMcQuaid @ClareMcGee80
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2019 love the internet
Retweeted by Angela Scanlon @TvAddic91775046 @StaceyDooley Sis from another misGays turning up to Football Twitter after Colleen Rooney pulled off the gag of the decade
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonWhy can’t people understand you can both care about important things AND enjoy trivial things AT THE SAME TIME, THE…
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@GeoffShreeves @MadePerfectTV @BBCTwo @LauraJaneClark_ @IRJIII What did?!? We showed the bathroom @GeoffShreeves @MadePerfectTV @BBCTwo @LauraJaneClark_ @IRJIII Huh?!? They didn’t change the upstairs except they s… @KushlasBySanaer 🤔A very expensive leopard print tent babes. You can borrow anytime x thanks lovely @LukeKempner xx from tonight’s show is Ganni xx for the win every time’s very you babes coat, no knickers 😂@angelascanlon 🤣 #YourHomeMadePerfect
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonDid Laura Jane just say "Agh Jaysus!" on #yourhomemadeperfect! That has to be @angelascanlon's influence 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonLOVE IT OH MY DEAR HAIRY ONE! #yourhomemadeperfect @IRJIII
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonColeen Rooney makes a cameo in tonight’s #YourHomeMadePerfect Just FYI. She wipes the floor. @skysarahjane @SkyNews Enjoy darlin xxxRestrain from tweet, Restrain from tweet #swoons #YourHomeMadePerfect
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonThat’s the spirit 🤣 wait til you see the bench seating returns tonight at 8pm on @BBCTwo and @BBCiPlayer!
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonRude but likely LOVE this pair so much time for next series @endemolshineuk’re back!! NOW @BBCTwo New series x’s NOT a competition 🤣🤣🤣🤣 CUTE is back on NOW @bbctwo (8pm) it’s a new series... Insta algorithm means you won’t see this until next… @angelascanlon @BBCTwo @BBCiPlayer “Tears, Bricks and a Streaker” ... isn’t that an album by The Pogues?
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonAm officially leaning into Winter🍝 @ Gloria Trattoria @gerspice @CashCarraway @skyatlantic Thanks 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Back tonight @BBCTwo & @BBCiPlayer There are tears, bricks & a streaker.... 🍑 TONIGHT @BBCTwo 8pm@ on 🔊 .. @weemissbea on getting straight in, no kissing x #ThanksAMillion 💅🏻 (link in bio) WOULD ALSO LOVE TO…
Look who’s back! 👀 #YourHomeMadePerfect returns Wednesday at 8pm on @BBCTwo @AngelaScanlon @LauraJaneClark_ @IRJIII
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonNow to be fair I have my period so I’m a little delicate but 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @angelascanlon @WeeMissBea @CashCarraway What a great podcast. A whole new world opened up to me by @CashCarraway !
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonOh hi @WeeMissBea
No Stath Lets Flats tonight so here’s a short me and Ellie (Katia) made last year. 📱🖊
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonWould I Lie To You? - with @RobBrydon, @LeeMack & @RealDMitchell - returns to BBC1 on Friday 18th October at 9:30pm…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonI'm here for this!! 👏🏻🥰 @angelascanlon
Retweeted by Angela Scanlon"I didn't know there were people who spoke at a regular tempo!" 🎤 @nilerodgers proves to @angelascanlon and…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonLAUNCH DAY 🚀 #THANKSAMILLION is here!!! With a bumper double ep to whet your thirsty little pallets 👅 @WeeMissBea &… this xx it’s BACK podcast gods are smiling on us, gang 🙌🏻 @angelascanlon’s new podcast Thanks A Million is here and the first gue…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonIT’S LAUNCH DAY!!!! It kind of crept up on me but so happy to finally push this little fecker out 🙌🏻 It seems only…
AND WE ARE BACK!!! Wednesday 8pm @BBCTwo #Yourhomemadeperfect with the gloriously gorgeous @angelascanlon and the…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonBack WEDNESDAY!!! 8pm @BBCTwo
Turns out @AliDunwell loves a good pony just a little bit less that she loves a muck pile 👌🏻 Back shooting madeperf… @angelascanlon 😍
Retweeted by Angela Scanlon @MuireannO_C Gutted @sarajcox @Louise_molony Remind me to bring some pudding next time. The pigs blood kind x @angelascanlon I sometimes lie in a bath of warm Guinness wearing a crunched up Tayto facepack whilst watching you…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonYou’re missing out. Guinness is delicious. Tayto are the best crisps you’ll ever eat. And Graham is actually pretty…
Don’t make unnecessary journeys lads. #stormlorenzo
@JoeBlog37282456 Huh???!! I’m not vegan I just dabble in soup without animal bitsThe pea & mint soup from Pret is a revelation. Vegan too. Just FYI.Hey @AerLingus I need some travel help!! Flight delayed & trying to jump on previous flight that’s also been delaye… for president. Classic her
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonWomen who pee on the seat & leave it for you are the devil @ThomasS76601546 @BBCRadio2 It’s my show so unless I can’t do it you’re stuck with my voice 🤣 thanks!
Speaking of Finals, the @UKRobotWars Series 10 will be shown on BBC2 10am today. You'll see Concussion (…
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My heart is still full from last nights #londonirishcentre fundraiser. 💚Thanks @GaryDunne @radioleary Check out thi…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonQuite the stage.
Retweeted by Angela Scanlon @susannarose99 Joanie x @BeerSylvie @BBCTheOneShow @claraamfo @emelisande @nilerodgers @liamgallagher @BBCOne Joanie xx @NoOne02815824 Skerries!!
@BBCTheOneShow this has got to be my favourite night ever personally the best folk on. @angelascanlon @nilerodgers @claraamfo @emelisande
Retweeted by Angela Scanlon"I was sort of terrified..." ❤️🙌 @angelascanlon and @claraamfo talk to @nilerodgers about his recent health scare.…
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonSuccess is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts 💪🏽 @angelascanlon
Retweeted by Angela ScanlonHappy BBC Music Day! @angelascanlon and @claraamfo will be joined by @emelisande and @nilerodgers later, plus ther…
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Someone recently posted on here about my freckled milk-stems that they looked like “chicken skin” 😳 Bit harsh but r… this! 🤣 with my mane Queen @ClaudiaWinkle Scanlon cools off with a hit of high-tech Cryotherapy ⁦@LondonCryo⁩ 💙💙💙💙
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