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Gabrielle @angelgabe6 Melbourne, Australia.

ARGAN/NYWAGI #bronxnation #lionpride

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Yesterday, a pro Trump caravan, escorted by Fort Worth police, tried to intimidate voters by driving through a poll…
Retweeted by GabrielleOne Nation Party and @wallabies both getting a belting last night was just pure joy for many of us "coloureds"
Retweeted by GabrielleWhen you hear a white person say the cops followed protocol or her boyfriend is to blame or any excuse for the offi…
Retweeted by GabrielleAka’s Boys! Ariki + Amias FaceTime my grandsons every day despite living less that 5kms away from them! Ariki was busy watching TV, only Ak…’t? I straight up DON’T trust them. @missyjack thank you!! ♥️ @BundjalungBud Wrong as fuck while in the wrong country.Lunch with my Mama! ♥️♥️♥️ in the shopping centre and a Blakfulla spots us, comes over to say hello, turns out it’s Andrew Krakouer, s… and set aside for future reference. Queen. someone’s gonna get #triggered
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@DrMLongbottom @nthqldcowboys Congrats to your cuz sis! That’s deadly! @DarcelRussell true god!!! @MelindaMann01 good go, that’s @BundjalungBud Uncle ☺️ @Utopiana Ugh, that song is gammon. #NotMyAnthemtg!! @BundjalungBud You better fuck off, good way brother! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂culture warrior?Well that knock off drink was exactly that, one drink, bed is looking mighty fine right now.Daughter sent me some alcoholic mineral water the other day, they’re pretty nice. So I’m having a knock off drink a… @Leesidge he’s proper shame that one. 😒Aka’s baby looks different every day! @BarbsMac2144 Deadly!!! ♥️Okay, finally finished work, chilling with India & Mary! ✌🏿 working, but mentally I’m here: @banoky you’re so bloody gorgeous! The rest of us just need to sit the fuck down now. 😔😂 Playing ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿 @yodaberg Say It is my jam!Still in heavy rotation ♥️ #NowPlaying @yodaberg oh I do!! And Ebz the Artist is another one I love!!Teyana speaks my love language, this song is literally me in love...❣️❣️❣️ me a minute to learn this...I stupidly kept giving people chances. Girl HAAARRRDDD! my finger in every genre today... #NowPlaying ✌🏿 @yodaberg @banoky yes video please!!! @banoky @yodaberg hahahahaha I love it!!!! @banoky shut up!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Ya girl over here drifting! Throwback no Thursday. of Australia’s fortunes are built on the violent seizure of land.
Retweeted by GabrielleKeep listening to Popcaan and I’ll pour myself a drink soon!! #NowPlaying "Ravin" by Popcaan on @TIDAL Playing...✌🏿
2020 definitely my Father, there’s a conversation about patience and forgiveness that we need to have. He had these q… @WendyMocke ♥️ audacity of white Australia, you fuckers have no culture outside of alcohol & snags on a barbie, stay the fuck… @DanielAndrewsMP , this is Kaurna Land where this tree is heritage listed. Simple. #DjabWurrungTrees
Retweeted by GabrielleSince #mutualobligations have been unpaused there have been 74,434 payments suspended by #Centrelink This include…
Retweeted by Gabrielle @ezrantsdaily same shit, different day! It chips away at your soul.I’m not Australian, Australia exists on my country. #NotMyAnthem💯💯💯’all got no balls, guts, spine or gumption @NRL. You’re fucking gammon! @maxblackhole it’s like a permanent state of being with me! 😂Gammon fcks. get mad about being mad. 😒 @dan_mi_sun @dan_mi_sun I’ve seen someone dressed as white privilege!This is why we need Blackfullas in positions to hold government to account! Yes sis!! @Malarndirri19
Retweeted by Gabrielle @MelindaMann01 sis, I’m proper cut here!! 😒
now I’m just here, annoyed and hungry.Well scratch that, she fucking forgot me. Remembered every detail of everyone else’s order and then forgot me. I take back my last tweet. @gotsthebug Oh wow 😮 @gotsthebug She spoils me, my children and my grandchildren. I hope I’m doing the same at her age!!! ♥️This mother of mine spoils me!! She knows I love the bacon & egg roll from my local cafe (The Coffeeologist, if you… @KenCrompton I get so anxious just thinking about it!Yesterday was a shocker of a day for me, so many reports to action and the system was acting like a bitch all day.… big boy! Lips reckon! ♥️, I feel protective of my good sis here, do I need to fight? It’s been a while, but I still got hands. @yodaberg And I cannot wait to hear all about it!! His big brother loves a yarn! Or, yes, he might be carrying a load! 😂😂😂Lol and then he went on strike!! 8 weeks old, what could possibly be that bad grandson? @MIKendrick94 @yodaberg Honestly both he and his brother have my heart. ♥️Hey @yodaberg my littlest love is 8 weeks old today; thought I’d share some 8 week old cheeks with you! ♥️! @sistercherisse true goddddd!!!!! @Taungaatua Lol had to check, I was wondering if she was from this colony!
💯 @yodaberg I’ll be cautious, I have too many family members with health issues, but I am keen.Jfc it never stops
Retweeted by Gabriellewith a cactus. policy don't give 2 shits about blak land... ⚫🟡🔴⚫🟡🔴 Our land be singing you all for hurting it.…
Retweeted by GabrielleWell MR. Top Shelf, this looks like top shelf cultural genocide. No respite from the violence of the colony for us. THE POLICE!! god 😒😒😒 live in a country that fines & arrests people for defending what is theirs and has been for thousands of years.…
Retweeted by GabrielleSettler nations will never ever fully grasp the spiritual & cultural importance of the land because their culture i…
Retweeted by GabrielleFlinders St Station - 166 years old - $100m restoration effort - forensic analysis to get the colours exactly righ…
Retweeted by Gabrielle💯💯💯 ON COLONISERS WE HAVE WORK TO DO: Taken from a comrade: “It’s literally the least settlers can do. 1: Call…
Retweeted by GabrielleThese checks and balances do not be checking or balancing
Retweeted by Gabrielle @TimSmithMP will you shut your mediocre hole?They’d have all returned to their own ancestral lands if that applied to us. 💯💯💯 a people’s religious sites is a hallmark of genocide. This practice is so common in Australia that most…
Retweeted by GabrielleThis is so wrong. This colony is intent on destroying us fully.
They better fucking not, just call that highway “Colonisation Way”. @TimmeeGrinham thank you! ♥️I’m so tired, restless mind meant I went to sleep at 330 in the am and woke up at 545 for work. I have important me…