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Angel-Ho @AngelHo_Studio Cape Town, Western Cape

Artist | Cape Town, South Africa Bookings at Disk Agency- James 📧 Email:

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@kimpetras The big ones @thorrixon Lmao 😂 @jakkofheartss @AltMayo She’s right I agree @kdollahz Not if you had breakfastIf Spider-Man was from the Caribbean
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I've watched this video 810 times already
Retweeted by Angel-Hooh......... my god......
Retweeted by Angel-HoHER MINDNDJDKSKS
Retweeted by Angel-Ho112 is now the new emergency number to dial in South Africa, phasing out the old 10177. Dial 112 for fires, medical, or police.
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @GLENGUILHERME Uhm free the pussyYesterday was such a cute day no lie6 year old me in the mirror after seeing the baby boy music video
Retweeted by Angel-Hooverfamiliarity is my biggest pet peeve on twitter
Retweeted by Angel-HoSo @emiliegambade & I spent 11 days aboard THE research vessel, the SA Agulhas II & interviewed amazing SA researc…
Retweeted by Angel-HoI live in wonder of soulmate @MrTyilo and his drive to tell even better stories . His execution always considered a…
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@nakhaneofficial Ok this gif is sending me @nakhaneofficial Also lowkey I hallucinate on dog bar king crazy i know... but that’s the reality so i would apprec… @nakhaneofficial Guuurl the amount of dogs ib europe in restaurants is insane like im like did the dog see a ghost @nakhaneofficial My face me daily what’s the teaOk SO INSTAGRAM ALGORITHMs ARE FUCKEDMe picturing decolonization:
Retweeted by Angel-Hofr*nk oc*an doing ballroom and house and techno and whatever the fuck just feels like cultural appropriation fhjejf…
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @_LOTIC Yes Sis let the flow excited to hear the new materialazealia banks, a member of the queer community, has been doing this house and techno thing since the beginning of h…
Retweeted by Angel-HoYoODONTSMOKEWEEDOK @GLENGUILHERME WE LOVE YOUI hate/love the internet 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Angel-HoWITH A MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!??? Y’ALL ARE GOING TO GAG!
Retweeted by Angel-HoMy friends and I are sending 🎼 Rise and Shine videos to each other in the dms 😭This music video is not typical rapping to a camera, we’ve seen that. It’s going to be my entire mind on a platterAlso we have a crazy hip hop track that @rivermoon98 and I made coming out next month with a music video 👀SO I’m coming to America where everyone can understand english and I’m excited to perform my music for yall! Like l…
Damn Survivor is so good this season well all seasons but this one is fiyaSome healing frequencies for my spiritual twitter fam. ✨💕
Retweeted by Angel-HoI once went to a Grimes concert anf her fans pushed me from where I was standing so they could stand where I was wa… @JeffreeStar Im still waiting for Morphe to deliver my products and it’s been 2 weeks nowAn era!!!
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @nkuleymasemola I wanna seeeeeIm thinking of entering a drag pageant in Cape TownICYMI: @sandiblouse recently released his banger Ep titled "Re: Mx" which honours Kwaito music in all its glory 🙌🏾…
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @AthiPatraRuga Crazy no more luxurious lifestyle viewing on tv no shmo... 😭
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @kdollahz My pussy wetLondon!!! see you tonight at @KingsPlace with @PetitFlo 🌹
Retweeted by Angel-HoBack in home studio recording all my ideas from the tour and giving you experimental pop with Black diva vocals like Chaka Khan 🎤I SEE U – Imagining A Space For Freedom Art Exhibition -
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @HEEDIBOI 😰 this will be difficult
@nkuleymasemola We on the same hate train 🚂 choo choo @nkuleymasemola 😭 you still here SissiWent on grindr in South Africa and omg it’s dry af, take me back to Germany nowBack home from tour and all I want is whiskey and NandosIf your “new masculinity” doesn’t involve sucking d*ck I don’t want to hear about it ok we have all had enough
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@itseezy6 At the point where idcFolks claim to be OG allies of an LGBTQ movement they don’t know was white washed & that you still don’t know jack…
Retweeted by Angel-Ho🤣 @snixxjones And them talking don’t pay the rent so @femalefuturee WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING @snixxjones Yes and those people should’ve kept contactSo I’m leaving for the airport in 50 minutes, all I ask for is that no one takes off their shoes and puts their sme… for tour today! hope to see you all in europe this week 💘 15.10.19 - Berlin, Germany 16.10.19 - London, U…
Retweeted by Angel-HoWhen they start comparing you to people it’s because they don’t know where to place you... @cabyus Thank you for telling us, here for it @jaboukie Babe you’re not going to hellSo beautiful 😍 @desirexdesire Take it back i dont want it @desirexdesire Billy Porter busy?
Retweeted by Angel-HoSame @kelelam’s first pride march
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @desirexdesire Sista it’s like masculinity exists and i respect that but when does masculinity respect femininity a… @angelicaross @theebillyporter ANGELICA YEEEES 😭🤣💗💗💗💗🎼 IMPOSSIBLE! 🎶Things are happening every day! 🎶 Congratulations @theebillyporter ✨💫
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @EscaflowneClown @Neptonik_45 @GQMagazine @Pharrell PERIOD THAT ON PERIOD @Neptonik_45 @AngelHo_Studio @GQMagazine @Pharrell It should've been Billy Porter on that cover. This is erasure of Black LGBT. periodT.
Retweeted by Angel-HoShe me today at the world @Neptonik_45 @GQMagazine @Pharrell I’m sure he don’t give a fuck hey @saya_pj @DopeSaintJude And that it can be ALL THE TIME 🥰So people still get mad when you question what’s infront of you... So i should be spoon fed/ so i should just be co… @Neptonik_45 @GQMagazine @Pharrell Well yeah you’re right... I’m not here for itFuture Brown - Vernáculo ft. Maluca
Retweeted by Angel-HoNew Masculinity Issue lets go @AngelHo_Studio i doubt there’s any other way.
Retweeted by Angel-Ho @AthiPatraRuga @rivermoon98 It should be corrected, honestly I stan for it all... now i see it as Pharrell giving t… @AthiPatraRuga @rivermoon98 Okay he gay tho @Neptonik_45 @GQMagazine @Pharrell I live on Earth and this is the new masculinity so ima be critical about fashion…🎤🎤🎤 @AthiPatraRuga @rivermoon98 I don’t see it... tho new masculinity we gonna define an attributes of being heteronormative.....OKAY @aryu_jassika @rivermoon98 This moment tho, like what was she thinking it sounded like garbage 🗑🤕🤕🤕🤕 @nkuleymasemola *SUE THA BITCH* the shoot is giving me, make it fem for one photo but keep me in my element for the rest of the shoot @nkuleymasemola He needed a big ass hairstyle to go with that dressTHANK GOD FOR OUTSPOKEN BLACK TRANSGENDER PEOPLE @snixxjones 🤗 @snixxjones Ok I’ll do ducked wings 😬 @snixxjones When im back lets hangout 🥰 @rivermoon98 TAKE CULTURE BACKIt’s all an illusion- @Madonna Confessions On A Dance Floor Song: Get Together 🥰 @GQMagazine @Pharrell Man in a dress... groundbreaking @rivermoon98 😑 @AthiPatraRuga Im bamboozled