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@angdownbad @luvducki LMFAOOO @angdownbad @luvducki we have a 30% win ratio.... @texerino never @texerino no @luvducki @jvIiah @kittygirlhannah LMFAOAOOA NAHHH @yksruti STOTPPP @chick3nval CHICKENwhen evie tags me in roblox tik tok stories 🤭🤭
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WHAT THE FUCK @yksruti 🤭🤭🤭 @fearglcck i am downbad trey @805l6 omg hi liz @Naturres @Kezyyz u @chimmpp meall women do is be sleepy n have stomach problems
Retweeted by evie ꨄ︎ @urfavradiant hi adora imy @urfavradiant IT SSO GOOD @urfavradiant makes me want to diecry by cas hits so hard for what
Retweeted by evie ꨄ︎ @maybeeevirgo LMFAOAO just say issues atp😭😭 @ftmilfs LMDAOA @AX0REY LMAAO @sabers_irl THANK YOUUU @jacksonaliu @yksruti @yungcalc @presidentdove no im ur #1 supporter trust @jacksonaliu @yksruti @yungcalc @presidentdove just kidding jackson 💪💪💪 @roseuyrei @jacksonaliu @sayonfps ily rose @jacksonaliu @yksruti @yungcalc @presidentdove good @shadeiol no bc ur cool @yksruti bro does not take a hint☠️ @yksruti @yungcalc @presidentdove OKAYYYY GLGL @yksruti @yungcalc @presidentdove hi wanna vc @jacksonaliu @roseuyrei @sayonfps slay queen @konojpn more than 1k @yungcalc @presidentdove just from personal experience lmaoaoa its a joke tho @dreavalo ME I WANT U🤭🤭🤭 @yungcalc @presidentdove RED FLAG @saiisnthere YESS🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️ @jacksonaliu thats good keep it that wayguys with a lot of followers🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 @fearglcck LMFAOO @luvducki @fearglcck he knows i think trey is on my priv @DoLphinvalo man @luvducki @DoLphinvalo LMFAOO @fearglcck good
@kevvkevkevkev hi @jacksonaliu how tall ru @DoLphinvalo are u above 6'2 @luvducki AND DELETE TBIS @luvducki AFTER MY WORK SO IN LIKE AN HOUR OR SMTHTALL GUYS>>>> @luvducki imy @fearglcck @luvducki no its notIM CRYINGGG @urfavradiant THANSK YOUUUU🫶🫶🫶 @minbin_07 @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @Kezyyz HIIII HRU @luvducki FRRR @miinieie HEHEHEHEHE TY🤭🤭🤭🤭 @minbin_07 @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @Kezyyz hi minsomeone come get tbeir child pls bro is tryna curse me or smth @_sekiroo @Kezyyz @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @roseuyrei ????LMFAOAO @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @Kezyyz @roseuyrei ur my carry @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere @Kezyyz @roseuyrei LMFAOOO @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere @Kezyyz @roseuyrei STOP@THIS MADNESS @leorisjng ILYYYY @_sekiroo @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @Kezyyz @Nighty10k LMDAOO @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere @Kezyyz @roseuyrei ANTI VOUCH NONONONO RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ANT @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere @Kezyyz @roseuyrei STOP TRYING TO STEAL MY EGIRL @_sekiroo @Kezyyz @jacksonaliu @Nighty10k @saiisnthere LMFAOOO @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @Kezyyz @roseuyrei LMFAOAOSOOS @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere @Kezyyz @roseuyrei anti vouch @Kezyyz @jacksonaliu @_sekiroo @Nighty10k @saiisnthere i literlaly want to die hey @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @Kezyyz @roseuyrei LMFAOOO @saiisnthere @Kezyyz @jacksonaliu @roseuyrei same @Kezyyz @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @roseuyrei i dont @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu @Kezyyz @roseuyrei LMFAO JACKSON UR ONLY 16 SLTPTP @Kezyyz @jacksonaliu @_sekiroo @Nighty10k @saiisnthere i am so great @DoLphinvalo @Kezyyz @jacksonaliu @_sekiroo @Nighty10k @saiisnthere hi dolphin @Kezyyz @jacksonaliu @_sekiroo @Nighty10k @saiisnthere hey queen @chick3nval TY @1treyVAL thank uuu @jacksonaliu @_sekiroo @Nighty10k @Kezyyz @saiisnthere girl shut up @_sekiroo @Nighty10k @Kezyyz @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere LMFAOOO @Kezyyz @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere no @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere girl what do u want me to do throw a party for u or smth😭😭😭😭😭 @Kezyyz CONGRATS KEZ @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere congrats queen👏👏👏👏 anyways @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu remeber when u carried my iron ass @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere me and her both @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu LMFAOOO @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere ihy @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere jackson 3 acts is A LONG ASS TIME if u think ima be hardstuck that long ima cry @saiisnthere @jacksonaliu 💔💔💔💔💔 @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere yeah but if i hit ass then i wont get the buddy 🙁 @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere id cry @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere u think ima b dia 3 acts in a row???? @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere but its okay bc pretty pink rank @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere i already hate it here ik im gonan be hardstuck forver @saiisnthere LMFAOAOOAOAO @jacksonaliu @saiisnthere hi jacksosn @saiisnthere YOU WILL HIT DIAMOND THIS ACT