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rt if the black writers at the nytimes are why you have a subscription
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Running this put Black @nytimes staffers in danger. In solidarity with my colleagues who agree.
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i love this interview w writer, poet, performer, librarian, collaborator and friend Shanekia McIntosh (in convo w a…
@JonServiette Dude ur hastagging these as riots get tf outta my mentions and do some work on the internet yourself @JonServiette “This fund is managed by Albany racial justice activists Amy Jones and Clyanna Lightbourn” it says in…
Thinking about how John Berger donated half off his Booker prize $ to the Black Panthers (the other half funded a p…
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free all wisdom
These 9 seconds!
Retweeted by Zia Angershe screamed as she watched the airbnb she can see out her back window get its THIRD changeover of the WEEKcuomos a piece of shit so is every for profit lab/cliniceven if i end up not having it i'm just telling u to remind u how inept gov + health care system is and that were t… new york has nothing under control ive had a fever for 2 week, one neg test (gov), one that was "tainted" and…
@cinematrans every sunday i would leave my dorm and drive to my dads to watchpls hun i need this friend watches scarface every night, purchase ur thongs at tjmaxx type photo
let ur friend iron ur hair in the dorm room, then u bring them to ur parents for pasta fagoli type photoi know they exist i just need to seegaga is italian american and i;m like show me u at 19 black underlid liner, 14k gold italian horn, secret nipple pi…
2020 plans v reality meme
@sbodrojan the power of a book in one hand n ur dads in another
2020 havent tweeted about mike and alans new album because i can't get over it and i probably never willearly ashley connor
Fine I’ll say it we are gonna try to watch the whole original film, me and Ashley and Deana and whoever else wants… first film (anger, 2018) Afterwards we do this... zoom watch of [redacted] with my bffs and collabs [redacted] and [redacted] Ten tickets remain, nine donated ones for those who can’t afford (dm me). This is the last for??? @marflukebill Absolutelydarlng sorry 2 report ur quarantine cut is very lenu goes to nationale first yr vibes
If you want to donate a ticket so someone else who can’t afford can see here is the link at 2pm EST MY FIRST FILM “ticketed” live stream. Read the directions twice, screenshot everything. Byyeee be working now, starting in twostandby for livestream - trying to figure out what it says it's not avail
All sold out but a handful of donated tickets remain for those who need to be careful w money rn, DM me or… @BARFH She’s not wrong @frynaomifry In the year 2000 I was watching mtv and the video for yellow came on. My dad walked into the room, gaw… Anyone has the energy to ad lib for 2 + hrsJk i will not let that anger take hold of a good thing but please stop assuming each show is from thin air and not… performance began with anger I had about the acceptance of corny coming of age narratives about little boys. And… implore u not to hold me to a higher standard than say any dude who has written and rewritten their script a thou… wonder if Sunday would be better? Slightly earlier?Please only answer if u are serious... Hypothetically if I did one more show tomorrow at 3PM EST (Euro friendly time) you wouldOkay so only a few tickets remain for purchase. Twelve were donated by some great friends and followers. I have eig… @swaffmoney Tyyyy!Every performance is rehearsed and every performance feels different it’s called @Chris_Osborn Lmao yes"flesh in dissent" is taken from Jenny Hval's song "Accident," music video by Zia Anger
Retweeted by Zia Anger @laurenwolkstein Tonight’s THE nightW🤗W avail again! give out those tickets tomorrow won’t delete the link cause I need to go to bed but Sebastian will close it up after 50. If you want to donate a… Night - Friday May 15 @ 9pm EST - “ticketed” live stream of MY FIRST FILM. Please read all the directions… am predictablelmao i've been listening to 2 @perfumegenius songs for like a year... waiting for tomorrow @misogamy @misogamy u did it @misogamy omganyone want to guess... rn... I'll let you in in 15 min
I haven’t smoked in exactly 3 monthsI knew is was gigliloa all along seen all the slots are filled. If u are interested in donating for future shows dm meit’s the future, sure. but, right now, @AngerZia’s is the only cinema that doesn’t feel like the past. sending love…
Retweeted by Zia Anger @solitaryparade @MEMORYpresents No worries just letting u know we’ve been trying as much as possible to make it avail to everyone @solitaryparade @MEMORYpresents Hey there have been early ones almost every day this week. I’m only human if I do more I will try @Abid_ism I fell off my chair with the basement revealIf ur someone who would like to come to the 9pm show tonight but $ is tight please dm me or @memorypresents for a d… tonight at 9pm EST there is a “ticketed” live stream that is already sold out (via @memorypresents mailing lis…'t worry i am sick of me tweeting tooFilled!also imo open captions are a great way to re-engage w the piece if you've already seen it! I had an amazing time wo… @scrapper_142 rip rehearsal labelGonna open up a few more spots to the MY FIRST FILM - Open Caption Live Stream - today (May 14) at 1pm EST. See the… finally unmute all survivor related words from my timeline 😏Filled a few more spots in the AMlmao, its tomorrow Thursday May 14 at 1pm. Always a messExcellent working with @AngerZia the past couple days to caption the many different elements that make up her truly…
Retweeted by Zia Anger @scrapper_142 i wish i knew howFirst 35 people to fill out the the google form below will get in (will delete when filled). This is a donation str… First Film - Open Caption Live Stream - Tomorrow May 13 at 1PM EST. Had an amazing time with @htshell who captio…
handful of slots remain... dont worry i will be done before survivor starts at 8 questions can be addressed to @MEMORYpresentsthats the link (i know it's sorta labeled wrong)... i'll delete it when we are filled up. this is a donation screening!!!first 65 people to sign up on forthcoming google doc get in. please slow down and read the whole thing once you sig… just under an hour and a half I am going to do a show (May 13, 5pm est)yes it seems there will defintiely be an open caption livestream 2morrow * *unless i end up not performing at all perjuring myself because everything is subject to change but their may be an open caption live stream tomorrow afternoon
Retweeted by Zia Angerrisking perjuring myself because everything is subject to change but their may be an open caption live stream tomorrow afternoon