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Former comedy press//press photog. Horror/Ska/The Clash junkie. I like to combine song lyrics with horror movie gifs. Used to interview famous people.

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@Tubcat3 🤣🤣🤣 @angiebulkeley Don't Fry For Me Argentina #BakerySongOrFilm
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” Bulkeley @sentientveggie @AppleMusic No, i scanned these tracks from my own Cds. @Charrlygirl I thwarted them this time!
“I see you’re bummed out…let’s change that. I got balls, I got plushies, I got squeakers, I got ropes…there’s bound… @jsfinalgirl What’s wrong with people?? @IainMacCallum2 Haha it’s a line from Teen Witch 🤣 @Jeanna350 @St11ches Hahah now that makes sense! I love it too! @Jeanna350 @St11ches Ohhhhh they really were! @areucrazy Holy fucking hell. That’s maddening.
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” Bulkeley @Jeanna350 @St11ches Holy crap I miss those! @mattstandiford @AppleMusic Me too. @mattstandiford @AppleMusic Yeah, that’s what has me so bent out of shape. These are my CDs they aren’t letting me play! 😡😡 @mattstandiford @AppleMusic (And they’ve successfully been uploaded into iCloud, so I wonder what their excuse is) @mattstandiford @AppleMusic I own the actual CDs this music is on and uploaded it into my library. So I actually do own it, the dicks. @LPizzle Aw that blows!! It seems to be the only place you don’t have to rent it. @LPizzle I’m watching it on the xfinity streaming app (it’s On Demand via xfinity)! @LPizzle Doesn’t it?? @Kellimaroney I should be thanking you! ❤️It’s not even a geographical thing! It won’t let me play my Archers of Loaf tracks! Thanks a lot @AppleMusic!!! @angiebulkeley I got good news and bad news girls. The good news, your dates are here. The bad news, they're dead.
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” BulkeleyExplain yourself, @AppleMusic. This is a file in my library that I OWN. is @bellesglasgow suddenly not authorized to play, even though I purchased loads of albums in the past? I mean,… time I watch the beginning of this, I always yell, “Sirius!! The brightest star is Sirius!” 🤣 @SpacePotatoZero Hahah yeah, I can relate to that!#NowWatching Night of the Creeps #ComfortHorror @Pattyd2011Pd 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @NosferatuVK @YouTube Oh I know! Cole’s is the original, so I didn’t feel you were doing that at all ❤️ @NosferatuVK @YouTube I’m partial to David Rose because my great uncle played piano for him ❤️My Heart Belongs To Daddy via @YouTube @jpmcmedic 🤣🤣🤣 yes!!!My “I don’t feel entirely comfortable going to shows yet because the whole COVID thing” has turned into “I don’t wa… Night of the Comet Because when life gets you down, a little @Kellimaroney is a good remedy. was i just vehemently defended @LibertyMutual to a complainer on FB was akin to someone who has insulted my do… they renovated the exteriors of our buildings, they extended my patio so it hangs over a fucking dirt hill, le…, defending my patio from the landscapers’ leaf blowers @bolekaja1001 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @sentientveggie Ummmm….the use of lead paint? I mean, it might take awhile to kill him…but… @KatalinichKaren Hahah oh I still have the place barricaded 🤣🤣 @bolekaja1001 They’ve taken their sweet ass time so much that my “woohooo I have a leaf blower but live in a condo”… @SLayton82 Hey, I heard that! @sentientveggie Well, it’s kind of like vampires. You have to invite it.Yeah, landscapers…come out with your leaf blowers after it’s rained all morning. @SLayton82 They just do it half-assed 🤣Glaze Runner #BakerySongOrFilm @sentientveggie She didn’t dare him, though… @angiebulkeley 🎵 Girls Just Wanna Cook Buns
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” BulkeleyNothing Else Batters #BakerySongOrFilmKnead You Tonight #BakerySongOrFilm @BadHorror 🤣🤣🤣 @angiebulkeley Since U Been Flan
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” Bulkeley @angiebulkeley 🎵I would bake at 500° and I would bake at 500° more
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” BulkeleyI Can’tFight This Filo Anymore #BakerySongOrFilmAll My Muffin’ #BakerySongOrFilmEclair Independence #BakerySongOrFilm Knead To Talk About Kevin #BakerySongOrFilm
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” BulkeleyWe’re Not Gonna Bake It #BakerySongOrFilmCannoli You #BakerySongOrFilmReturn of the Living Bread #BakerySongOrFilmMaking Puff Pastry Out of Nothing At All #BakerySongOrFilmI've been so busy with everything that I forgot to announce that THE INSOMNIAC: SPIDERS was an official selection o…
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” Bulkeley @alioop326 Also @alioop326 I told myself this morning that I don’t have to prove myself to fucking anyone, after realizing I was tr… you hear “Braaaaaaaiiiins”“I bet not one of you knows who John Donne is.” #NameThatMovie @mattfoster2010 If it weren’t for his sheer size, I’d think psycho harasser neighbor was trying to set me up 🤣I’m fairly certain at least six of you know what my next comfort horror movie is gonna be. @mattfoster2010 It’s not that taxing - gross, but not difficult! @mattfoster2010 Exactly!! Man, when I had two dogs I schlepped around two bags every day. It’s not that difficult t… @StevenBrodie17 Oh my ninjas don’t ring the bell - they leave that for the “Overtly Obvious UPS Drivers” 🤣It’s funny how I’m the only dog owner in this complex who is ever seen carrying a poop bag. Why do (some) small do… @StevenBrodie17 Usually I get a notification that it’s a certain amount of stops away…went upstairs for something a… saw an ad for “fajita pasta bake” and every bit of Italian in me wept. @leftarmisme It’s comfort horror alllllll day ❤️Pro tip @StevenBrodie17 Yeah, I’ve never had an 8:30 am delivery before!#NowWatching Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) @Tubcat3 🤣🤣🤣 sometimes it’s not very bright. It will insist I meant something entirely different!Amazon just broke the record for earliest delivery ever. Impressive! @Some_Horror_Guy @jlwallen I never ever noticed those!! @jlwallen @angiebulkeley THE PRINCESS BRIDE - check out all those Christmas decorations!
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” Bulkeley @Brian6Goodnight Good morning Brian!! Happy Monday! see you, Mr. Follow-Me-to-Get-me-To-Follow-You-Only-to-Unfollow-Me.I spent way too much time last night complaining to the dog that Roku TVs don’t have the voice-control option.Other than Die Hard, what film, that is not directly centered around Christmas, do you consider a Christmas movie?
Retweeted by Angie “2-AF-PT” Bulkeley @jlwallen The Conjuring 2 @Diadia72 I love her!!! What a beauty! @CrazyRalph1980 Good morning!! @Nee_goddamnit @ClerkHorror @Combatw67073811 @JMikeMorbid @Chronopasta1 @MMortemm @mrdrprofspooky @ollieisyms Happy…
@PeterPo37583892 I’m so sorry to hear that 😞 @Pattyd2011Pd ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗 @StevenBrodie17 He really is ❤️ and thank you! I plan on it! @Pattyd2011Pd But it’s so fulfilling when it’s done ❤️ makes it worth the pain. @StevenBrodie17 I feel bad for him - he was so good while I got stuff done, and now I’m too sore and tired to play… @mattfoster2010 Thanks Matt 🤗 @Pattyd2011Pd I took on too much. My problem is, when I start something (like moving furniture or clearing out junk… much, in fact, that my entire body is sore. Why do I do this to myself when I know the weather is about to kick my arthritic ass?I have gotten more done before noon today than I have lately in a typical week (work days not included).