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Ang Murphy @AngMurphy8 Switzerland

Wigan lass. Windsor voter. Happily living in 🇨🇭 with my gorgeous 🇿🇦🇬🇷 geek. Former business travel consultant.

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@colinrtalbot Watching the Italian news channels back in March/April, the only activity was shopping and that's stu…
@colinrtalbot I believe it's because political ideology is a globe and as the far left can stray into some far righ… @DrewLawDesign Mine is 'Dinner with Mrs Tiggy Winkle' (sorry for the terrible photo) @DrewLawDesign Curse? 🤔 But it's the Empress Maria Theresia, possibly the most beloved woman in Austrian history an… @sturdyAlex Says Brendan "there should be riots" O'Neill. He really inhabits a parallel universe.
@DrewLawDesign Did mine again in lockdown. @DrewLawDesign FrancoisMan - he'd be able to fart the national anthem backwards and in tune. 😉 @DrewLawDesign Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles @King4ADay_UK It's based on the off the shelf app that many other countries have been using for months. You give fa… @aplaceinthesun @jonnieirwin Absolutely love the property they chose, and as you've said before, it had "a proper pool". 😉 @StuartHumphryes Don't be surprised. Many people don't realise how old colour photography is, and your gentle approach to it is inspiring. @pjdrummerman @JeremyVineOn5 How can a famous journalist who's worked for The Mail on Sunday, The Spectator, The Gu… @clarke_nil Question: Why are you supporting what he said when you're wearing a mask in your profile photo? Makes f… is roughly 11494 Euros per Brexit vote leaving the country. Just with that one bank.
Retweeted by Ang Murphy @Thee_Roxy_Cox Mark Francois? @Castillocub @ChrisWalmsley5 @MaryMarydavies Reminds me of my dad. Hard as nails but always stopped to say 'Good day' to the faeries. 🙂 @MikeStuchbery_ Croglin Vampire is always a good one 😉
@imageplotter Looking lovely Chris. Very pretty and a cute cut. Just had my OH taking my photo for passport renewa… @russellhoward My mate 'borrowing' all the For Sale signs on his way home and planting them in the front gardens of… @DrNobody8 No because Champagne is a geographic designation. Vineyards is California and southern France aren't eve… @StThrobber @JuliaHB1 @AldiUK Perhaps they were delivering food to people who are isolating. Many such helpful grou… @JuliaHB1 That's not a very big branch of Waitrose. Why not pop along to Tesco or Asda before getting so worked up. @B1rdSteve @WillzThoughts Awww! What a pair of beauties! 💕 @DrewLawDesign How much is Priti Patel in love with the PM? @deharpham @DrewLawDesign I will never, ever understand what possessed him to behave in this way. Still find it gobsmackingly ignorant. @DrewLawDesign Second choice... Dirt - Iggy Pop & The Stooges Play that over your video 😉😂 @DrewLawDesign The Love Cats - The Cure Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith @DrewLawDesign Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix Have you seen the way his fingers move on the fretboard?!!!! 😳😜😂 @B1rdSteve @DrewLawDesign Second thickest to Mark Francois 😉😂 @DrewLawDesign I have 2 questions: 1. Who is the 1st MP I've formally reported to their party for breaching their p… @Castillocub Ooo I do like your ring (how wrong does that sound?!! 😂) What is it? @hobbitoncentral ...-Portugal-Saudi Arabia-Slovenia-South Africa-Spain-Switzerland-Uruguay-USA(some states & territories) @hobbitoncentral 2) Dozens of countries have functioning track and trace apps including: Australia-Austria-Belgium… @justin_ng Good luck with the new place. @justin_ng @redballoonsue @CCrollick I feel your pain Justin. We had one prospective landlady tell us "I expect the… @Castillocub Thought there was only one ginger in your house 😹
@andreajenkyns Formal complaint made to under The Social Media Complaints Rules 2018,… @andreajenkyns @Conservatives Please look into the social media activity of this MP under the Code of Conduct for P… @DrewLawDesign I personally prefer a smooth grain. For me, it’s simply nicer to polish. Through a mixture of wax an… @tommo515 @DrewLawDesign The question was about government corruption and the opposition aren't, by definition, in government. @DrewLawDesign 7 but only because there's far worse. @DrewLawDesign A Message To You Rudy - The Specials
@DrewLawDesign Quark, Strangeness & Charm - Hawkwind @DoctorPete -10 Living proof that libertarians cannot and should not govern anyone other than themselves. @Splodgehappy @DNewtonC Golden Retriever and Weimaraner @surrey_femme What is that? Even though I can see the Lindt factory from my living room window, my favourite milk… @DrewLawDesign No ta. Love bananas. Can't abide anything banana flavoured, particularly anything milky. @JaydeXXXXXXX @ranvir01 Seconded @imageplotter Wonder if he still dabbles with the Columbian marching powder. His C4 News interview with Ciaran Jenk… @imageplotter Isn't she Cameron's ex? 😉
@DrewLawDesign American Girl - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ...and a classic cheesy bit of Euro Disco from when I… @DrewLawDesign Thank dog for that! Thought you'd put it in the blender for a moment. @Castillocub @AdamHuckerby2 What pussy wouldn't be scared of a milk snatcher?!! 😼😹😹 @Castillocub @AdamHuckerby2 @ooAjCoo This photo is of the Geneva demo last weekend. Note the American QAnon flag top left. A few days ago, QAno… @ooAjCoo Personally, I'm angry. Don't feel shame when the event has been highly organised and orchestrated by a gro… @colinrtalbot Over here in 🇨🇭the police have been doing random house visits to people recently returned from high r… @ooAjCoo I spent years 'disinfecting' my OH from Icke's 'theories'. He's been away spreading his rancid ideas in pl… @SallyR_ISLHE @MailOnline I'm surrounded by countries where the rate of infection is rapidly and undeniably increas… @Kashmann10 Good morning to you too. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. @mrossiou @JMPSimor The whole thread is genius on Jessica's part! 😂 @tomhfh @JMPSimor Face it Tom. You've been served. No point digging that hole any deeper. 🤣🤣🤣 @JMPSimor @tomhfh 👏👏👏 One of the greatest slam dunks I've ever seen . Thank you Jessica 😂🤣🤣 @DrewLawDesign Fed the birds. Topped up Mrs Tiggy-Winkle's water dish- she's a recent visitor to our garden. Coffee.
@TracymOshea Edinburgh Fleshmarket? @Thee_Roxy_Cox Done luv 😉 @IanDunt Exactly! 👏👏 If they led by example... 😂
@SarahLudford Or the Swiss system where the lowest level of insurance is Telmed, which is phone consultations, and… @AlexInAir With countries beginning to demand recent negative tests as a condition of entry, that needs a swift ret… @miffythegamer She's one of those people whose gob flaps away without switching the lights on. @StigAbell Imagine having any one of them as your boss, yet they're running a country 😳 @mags180 @DavidGauke Over 60,000 people would disagree with you if they could. @DrNobody8 @egm974 😂🤣🤣 @colinrtalbot An impressive harvest. @DrewLawDesign "“But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man, and so is Lola.” - The Kinks “You can check out anyt… @ShallBeFree7591 @allisonpearson @djganners It hasn't passed peer review, been analysed or published in a journal.… @Shayan86 The Swiss govt are onto them, particularly after Q US flags were seen at a demo in Geneva last weekend an… @TJ0055 @Shayan86 Says the fool who retweets Denise Welch 🤣🤣🤣🤣It might prove too difficult for QAnon followers to camouflage their beliefs and solgans given the pride they take…
Retweeted by Ang Murphy @allisonpearson @djganners But on this particular subject, she couldn't get her research published because it was f… @kamranpasha @allisonpearson No it shouldn't. Where I live, the list of vulnerable people includes pregnant women. @allisonpearson I live in Switzerland, where the list of vulnerable people includes pregnant women. I've known 3 pe… @manzanotti @sjwrenlewis @colinrtalbot @DHSCgovuk It would be horrendous. Living under a private health care system… @manzanotti @sjwrenlewis @colinrtalbot @DHSCgovuk Good point well made. I hadn't thought of it that way, but with t… @nocturnalslug @marcusjdl Exactly. I've worked in the gambling industry. I've seen the good and the bad side of it.… @edwardthenb @marcusjdl How is it 'bad'? If you want to fix governance, you go into government. If you want to make…
@colinrtalbot @DHSCgovuk What appalls me is the cynical use of 'NHS' as branding to encourage trust in a personal d… @marcusjdl If you're going to fix something, far better to do it from the inside out. @Iovelifeanimals You can never assume when you're following a limited diet. When I went veggie 40+yrs ago, there we… @IanDunt Your book's on sale in my favourite local book shop, Orell Füssli ZH Kramhof, a few steps off Bahnhoffstr… @Iovelifeanimals Plantbased would include plants which some vegans choose not to eat, so i'm afraid that you'll alw… @asphodelmoon @trenchf__t @Iovelifeanimals And they won't because they're central focus is vegetarian. Veganism ha… time he saw himself in the mirror.
Retweeted by Ang Murphy @Mylastrollo And so many English citizens realising it's the best thing they ever did.JORDAN 🇯🇴 — Passengers arriving from #COVID19 “high risk” countries such as UK and USA are required to wear a quara…
Retweeted by Ang Murphy @IanDunt But are they going after him with the venom as when they went after May? @colinrtalbot There are so many rumours that he's not enjoying the job and wants out. He's essentially a lazy perso… @DrewLawDesign Genuine conversation: Me: "I always wanted to find a special perfume that became my signature scent.… @DrewLawDesign Which single released by The Beatles had the B side 'I Don't Want to Spoil the Party'? @DrewLawDesign Dan Jarvis or Lisa Nandy. People keep pushing Dan to run for Labour leadership, but he refuses becau…