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@NewKidInTown47 A shooting outside the WH isn’t a distraction. USSS agents don’t shoot for fun.For those of you who missed it, Trump started his briefing, there was a shooting outside the WH, so he was removed…’s not often the American people get to see the Secret Service in action in real time.I’m shocked! Who could have seen — Oh, forget it. of these locations are unacfuckingceptable Barbie: “By comparison, if we want to go back to President Obama, the American Recovery Act during the…
Everyone realizes that Trump’s executive orders: 1. Are probably unenforceable — in fact, they explicitly give St…, that was quick. Not even a full week in and 9 people tested positive at the Georgia school in the viral pho…
Imagine watching the country for the last three-and-a-half years and thinking, “yeah, I wouldn’t be able to vote Bi… awhile since I’ve done one of these, but as the news cycle ratchets back up in insanity, I’m going to try to d… guys, gotta stop there for now! I’ll go back and answer more ASAP! Thanks for all the fun, as always. ❤️ @BookWorm33333 I hope he’s RBG’s replacement. 😉 But, I really don’t know if he would want that to be honest. He se… @JozelleW That’s a good bet, because if he doesn’t resign before election night, he almost certainly will to get hi… @floramcg7 Sure, as soon as he leaves office I’m sure. They’re still saving that for the medical resignation if they need it. 😉 @realhoustonray Tonight’s postmaster general stuff, and Macgregor (Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Germany) hands do… @BeagleForPres Also: They’re going to be *really* disappointed when they get to Goverment and find out Q doesn’t really exist. @BeagleForPres That’s a really good question. If I see one more “they’re selling kids on Wayfair” post I might lose… @LolaTaco55 Basically. This entire thing was Kabuki theater — the GOP was never going to come to the table withou… @elcarlsson99 I see several Biden strengths: 1. He’s been there, both on the legislative and the executive sides.… @SoHacked If he sticks around for the election, I’m quite certain he’ll try to delegitimize his loss no matter how… @Tamaraciocci It probably backfires, particularly because Rice didn’t even request Flynn’s information to be “unmas… @Tamaraciocci The most obvious problem I see here is Rice. Say she gets the VP nod. Barr pulls a Comey — for the… @kshimm72 I have a feeling that whole presser was to block some of the coverage of what the Postmaster General did… @ArmyGurl1999 I don’t know that it was all by design, but they couldn’t have orchestrated it much better if it was.… @NpdAnalysis I think we are in for many October surprises, but I also think folks are largely tired of Trump’s shti… @Stealthgirl21 It definitely helps. But it doesn’t do anything to make me worry any less about what Russia plante… @AltAlexanderHam I would argue that the folks a POTUS surrounds themselves with are as — if not more — important th… @AltAlexanderHam I think people largely misunderstand what a POTUS does and doesn’t do. As far as the day to day op… @PhotoCassidy As far as Trump not making it to November: Losing is the only the second worst thing that can happe… @PhotoCassidy Bait and switch makes sense to me, particularly with Pompeo’s rehab tour starting and the lack of pre… @maspchalmers Her health is vital, though I don’t know about for the outcome of the election. I’m more concerned wi… Had enough of that shit. Alright guys, here we go! Ask me anything, I might even answer! 30ish mins, gogo.
I just lost approximately 32 IQ points during that medication riff. No, he can’t issue an executive order to forc… treatments @AltAlexanderHam Yeah, shortly! Probably in about 15 mins. If this shitshow is still going on, I’ll turn it offHe has no idea what he’s reading. This is obviously his first time seeing the material his hair looks like he might have stuck a fork in a light socketA payroll tax cut doesn’t help people who aren’t working. Pass it on.Tom, please don’t insult the dead ferret on his head. just played hail to the chief at his golf club and I already want to turn this shit off @LadyColquitt True! That will start as soon as Sweet Potato Hitler stops talking. Or at least when he goes off th… Trump’s presser... that he’s now about 30 mins late to. Spreading the COVID and breaking NJ regulations… don’t think we’re buying Greenland guys is starting his image rehabilitation tour early, huh? Too late, Mikey: you’ll never be POTUS. million Americans - primarily Latino and Black — are at risk of eviction without a stimulus bill, and the GOP is… guys know the GOP bumblefucked negotiations on purpose to make Trump look “decisive” via executive action, right?Trumpanzees aren’t our desired audience. Forget about them, focus on independents. That’s how you win an election. It started before Biden was even the presumptive nominee, and it’s only going to get worse. I’m glad t… is having a really bad legal day. Thoughts and prayers. Judge rules House has standing to sue McGahn - Over 1,200 dead Americans yesterday - Still no stimulus agreeme…
@ArtVand18778583 Why not both?When you gotta do your hour a day of pretending to President but you really just want chickenTrump: Sleepy Joe has a hard time saying words Also Trump: thigh-land @erika_bower at this beautiful, beautiful map. Now, forget you saw it and vote like it’s the other way around. of us with functioning brains understand that the NRA is not the Second Amendment, but that’s not how it will…’m conflicted. The NRA is an awful organization with a lot of dubious funding. It *needs* to be disbanded, but t…👀 up this mess will take most—if not all—of Joe’s term. That’s why we have to do our part to make sure Joe…“It’s the White House in the dog days of August 2020, and Donald Trump—when he’s capable of a cogent thought that d… is absolutely nuts, @TwitterSupport. My account was locked for quoting and fact-checking Trump, and I was forc…
Retweeted by Angry StafferI agree with you. I took a lot of things for granted in the 2016 election. For one, I thought there was zero ch… reminder that medicine for profit is trash. Our government bumblefucked the pandemic response and put hu… @messquire23 “How do those in your profession even describe the past 4 years?” Basically the same way I do on Twit… @messquire23 It wasn’t that I disliked her. I still like her. Hard to explain in a Tweet. I thought she would eas… @Pugfrench2 No. Hillary won my state anyway. @Robby_Five Unfollowed for admitting a mistake I made almost 4 years ago? @swolps Trust me, I know. Why do you think I’ve been trying to hard to get people like me to vote this election? @mormonmombutnot I didn’t — I’ve told everyone that before. I voted for all of my state and local officials, but no… don’t think I’ve ever been more insulted by a question. 😉 Hell no, I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for… @JustinMarr12 @Catherine_md_ Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our planet and should be taken seriously
My lovely wife just said "Everytime they ask @JoeBiden about taking a cognitive test he should just say "Person, Wo…
Retweeted by Angry Staffer @CindyLooHooTwo Yep. Mine too. Benghazi and Spygate.Rice was a UN Ambassador, an Assistsnt Secretary of State for African Affairs, and a National Security advisor. She… @Catherine_md_ Ish. I’ve almost always been just right of center, but “center” has pretty much passed over me on… way, we’re going to make history; we’re going to elect the first female—and the first black—VP in November.… would obviously have a little bit more of a learning curve than Susan Rice, but she’s thoughtful, intelligen… adore Susan Rice. She would be the obvious pick to me from a “ready to take over on day 1” standpoint. She’s al… Biden’s VP search is reportedly down to Kamala Harris and Susan Rice. Slightly disappointed if Val is r…’m certain they have multiple October surprises. I’m particularly concerned with wherever Russia might have plante… @BMonastiere He’s quit everything he’s ever done when it got tough. It would be much easier for his ego to manufact…, you shouldn’t. Vote like the Republic depends on it. Because the Republic depends on it. @SpectorGeoffrey Same way Ford did with Nixon. It’s effectively a blanket pardon — it *shouldn’t* be legal, but here we areI’ve been saying this for months now. Of course, that won’t protect him from enterprise corruption charges in NY.… @Acosta is a great reporter. 2. This is probably the leakiest White House in history — of course he has source… @ALT_uscis Concur. Mini Angry won’t be going either.I’ve had several followers send me their school’s guidelines for reopening with COVID-19, and I have to say, we are…
👀 @luvph0bi4s I read an article that said schools in GA are making kids go in person until they’re approved for virtu…, Georgia?’m glad someone finally asked him this instead of just letting him blindly repeat lies about Obama. @PandemicMy @PhotoCassidy I’m also not an explosives expert — nor have I been briefed on this — but the deep red co… @PhotoCassidy The primaries looked like fireworks, but the secondary was definitely something else. It almost loo… @PhotoCassidy 100% not fireworksLiterally nobody says you can test too much. Accurate surveillance testing is key to managing a pandemic. Also:… Trump Axios interview is uh... Wow. Nice job by @jonathanvswan No ads necessary here, just push play and…*cough*RICO*cough* These damn allergies.
“This goes way beyond hush payments”👀