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The right: OMG you can’t talk about Barron, he’s just a kid Also the right: let’s think about Barron’s sex life be clear, he still *has* to be removed — it would just be nice if he went to prison too. In the meantime, consi…’ve talked about this concern for awhile. When he leaves office, he’s going to be even more of a national securi…
Same tired defense from Trump’s team, meanwhile the House impeachment managers laid out a compelling argument for r… @lisamurkowski guys, gotta stop there for now! I’ll go back and answer more ASAP. Thanks for the fun, as always! @melbarb89 Just the country, no big deal. 😌 @NoMaDDH That would be my best guess — he’s already used a fake medical excuse to get out of going to war, and he’s… @mom_cadet @RepSwalwell There’s still a rumor that they’re looking at more articles, but nothing has been confirmed yet. @suezinvt @Angry I’m honestly not sure, but at the very least, I would expect Roberts to have a tea conversation wi… @TolenRebecca It’s an interesting thought, particularly since he had dinner with Rudy and was urged to leave the country the night before @floramcg7 There were always only 4 endings to this: - he resigns - he’s impeached - he strokes out - we vote him… @SweetSyrenn If he’s acquitted without a serious trial, he’s going to be emboldened and the last months of his term… @HeyElenaC Essentially — have you seen how sedated he’s been in public? @Roseamund Disagree. He’ll resign if he gets a non-prosecution agreement. Then he’ll declare victory and probably s… @StacyLoveLife Worse, and we flip the Senate. @BeagleForPres That speculation has been there for awhile, but I disagree. Him being acquitted is a temporary worst… @CocoDaBear The reports are definitely legit. Did you see the WaPo article today describing his tirade against the… @Dtrenk The same way the GOP Senators who voted to impeach Clinton for obstruction are pretending like that’s not a… @stowns1981 That’s been the way I’ve thought things would play out for awhile — there’s almost zero chance the GOP… @Keysfins Everyone is doing much better, thank you for asking! @milczy @tjmurph9 ❤️ @11demo11 No, I don’t think so. The FBI isn’t going to be part of a coverup for Trump or Barr. @CreechJeff The concussion symptoms were evident to the administration the day after the attack. Using the justific… @cynnara The cool thing about Rand Paul is that nobody really cares what he thinks. He’s been a contrarian forever,… @ikeinla Wherever coronary artery disease and debilitating dementia fall on that scale. @VegasMel I did. Hard to watch, but much needed. @kshimm72 We’ve known that Trump supporters aren’t going to believe any evidence for years — we don’t need them to.… @11demo11 We discussed this a little bit on my Patron only AMA on Wednesday — if they want to call Schiff as a witn… @lbsmith Can confirm that I am in zero pictures with Lev! @Studio_Michaud Sure are — as soon as we take the Senate. Vote in November, bring friends. @CryptoJaythe1st He doesn’t have the votes to push it through without witnesses. That’s why he’s trying to cut acce… @J_square_2 @Jdwelly25 If he survives the impeachment trial. The amount of damning information that is coming out daily is pretty impressive!Alright guys, here we go! Ask me anything, I might even answer! 30ish mins, gogo!Oh well that’s not at all suspicious for Hyde too. I like the death by a thousand cuts strategy. Keeps them on their toes evidence is delicious. No wonder Nunes suddenly remembered Parnas. Barr was hanging out with Giuliani at DOJ, huh? The Deep State didn’t exist — Trump created it. is the first page of a five page letter in which the lawyer for @DevinNunes threatens that Rep Nunes will…
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@Pravduh15 Number of volcanoes that guy has climbed: @CarenaAK 🤣🤣🤣🤣Oh, his Trump socks are also stupid. I got that too.The only thing I got from this video is that he should clean under his couch’s going to be really interesting to watch Ken Starr argue the *exact* opposite of what he did here. The Dem reb… is one of those times I really don’t like being right. Trump’s failed North Korea policy unequivocally makes… Ken Starr vacillates more than Susan Collins, and Sean Hannity is the only person who still listens to Dersh…’s minister of propaganda weighs in. This almost broke my irony meter. the administration lied last week when it said there were no casualties????
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New statement from @SenatorCollins on the Senate impeachment trial process:
Retweeted by Angry StafferThe Worldwide Threat Assessment is one of the most important hearings of the year, giving the public valuable (uncl… attorney 👇
Retweeted by Angry StafferNeighbor didn’t hit him hard enough, it increasingly doesn’t matter what McConnell wants — he knows there are enough GOP Senators who want witnes…, this is an Arby’s.’s a lot of perjury in one photo (AP) -- AP sources: In policy shift, FBI commits to informing states about breaches of local election systems.
Retweeted by Angry Staffer👀 is a really good fundraising video for McSally’s opponent, @ShuttleCDRKelly Shame on you, @SenMcSallyAZ — Ma… never thought I’d say this, but I ❤️ the GAO @aeroferret Because in normal times, the United States would take threats against one of our ambassadors seriouslyIt’s disappointing — but unsurprising — that Ukraine announced this investigation before State or DOJ. to imagine Bolton *not* testifying nowSo, I was skeptical of tuning in to Maddow tonight. I try *really* hard to avoid confirmation bias, but this interv… I was on the ground do their (Trump/Rudy) work. They knew exactly what was going on.If you aren’t watching MSNBC right now, you probably should be.
👀, this “first stage trade agreement” is a joke.“Today, we saw my dad take the first steps to fixing the shit he fucked up over two years ago.” Fixed your Tweet,… be fair they’re also dealing with the fallout of the whole stalking an ambassador thing. I feel for the career f… fear is delicious I would have liked to see that too. list. Schiff has been destroying their narratives one by one for months. Nadler handled his trials much be…, that’s it. It definitely wasn’t all the incriminating information that’s come out since she held the articles… doing Russian things 🙄 among us hasn’t gotten drunk and plotted assassinations in a foreign country? disclosure: Stalking an ambassador was not on my list of insane and unbelievable shit to come. This is absol… taxes: you gave your rich friends tax breaks High crime: you extorted Ukraine to investigate a political oppo… Amb Marie Yovanovitch calls for investigation after evidence reveals GOP congressional candidate & Giuliani as…
Retweeted by Angry Staffer @RepSwalwell This is good Twitter content.In the context of Trump’s “she’s going to go through some things” quote, this is seemingly even more ominous.It’s hard to view this as anything but a plot to kidnap and/or assassinate a sitting United States Ambassador. was the dumbest take of the day *before* the Yovanovitch news broke. move by Warren tying the farmer’s plight to Donald Trump. He’s directly responsible, and more candidates should be discussing it.I know Biden isn’t Twitter’s favorite candidate, but he has the best grasp on foreign policy and national security…’ll have more to say about this after the debate, but I concur: Holy shit. @byronesk Obama served in government before he was POTUS. I’m not sure I understand your questionBernie is so, so bad at foreign policy questions. It seriously hurts my brain.Solid answer from Buttigieg in thinking about future threats. I don’t know why Steyer is even on stage — no more P…
👀, convincing forgeries permeated social media, and are expected to be part of the GRU’s broader strategy for 2… clarify, Matt is correct here. I should have chosen my words more carefully — when I said “Podesta dump,” I was…’s no proof that any of the Wikileaks emails specifically were doctored, but some of Guccifer 2’s documents de… There’s also no telling what they planted for future use while they were in there. Remember, part of the P… breaking news all day, but at least it’s Friday. ...shit. Here’s a recap of some of the big stories you migh… @WakeDeacs He said he wants to hear from Bolton.See? Have at least a little faith in Romney. He didn’t come back to DC to be a Trump puppet.’re in court *right now* trying to do away with the only thing that’s protecting pre-existing conditions, you ta… for, planting, same difference, right m? Either way, Trump and Rudy are effectively working with the GRU…
Russia and Trump’s interests have a weird habit of being connected. “Hacking attempts against Burisma... began in…