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For the last week and a half, I’ve been greeting fellow Korean friends in person with a handshake, hug, and gently… up, Seattle cinephiles. The 2020 Seattle Asian American Film Festival is going down this week, February 20 to… want to let you all know that one of my favorite movies, BEST OF THE BEST, is currently streaming free on… years! post by Rachel Pak, Policy Communications Associate at the Tahirih Justice Center. in peace, Kellye Nakahara Wallett.
This week, the state of California will formally apologize for its role in the wartime incarceration of Japanese Am… @silkyd67 Been a fan for 20 years!
Read this thread and watch Little America.
This subtle “fuck you” from my local pho shop is *chefs kisses*
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On this day, 19 years ago, I launched the very first iteration of Angry Asian Man. Thanks for joining me on this jo…
"If you're from China, I need to know." Sir, you don't need to know a damn thing. San Fernando Valley, a middle school student was bullied, physically attacked and accused of having the coronavi… you met @karencheee's Hot 할아버지?"Asian Americans who built and sustained the audience for two decades paved the way for Neon to distribute 'Parasi…
@houangm Ooohhhh, name names.Laotian and Hmong refugees are preparing to face a possible increase in deportations, in part because the U.S. gove…
Retweeted by Angry Asian ManRelatable content. case you missed it, on the latest episode of @TheyCallUsBruce, we talk to our pal @geneluenyang about basketball… hail 2020's costume drama king
Retweeted by Angry Asian ManThen can we please just leave it alone, once and for all? at 11am PT / 2pm ET love to @TazzyStar and @ZahraComedy. And @Quincetessence! @DinoRay Who will play the guy who plays the guy who plays Data?
@diepthought @laurendyee UGH so much talent in that photo! @holasmitha @helloyummyholic Already a fan.Parasite cookies. Amazing. By Judy Kim: @mikerelm If the "Jessica, Only Child, Illinois, Chicago..." tune isn't already perpetually stuck in your head, thi… Parasite gets the @mikerelm remix treatment. (HEAVY SPOILERS.) Choi Fan Club. you’ve seen or experienced discrimination, racism or xenophobia connected to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, T… part of the #Bonghive means going "all in," which I, @angryasianman and @JustinCChang all gleefully did. KPCC…
Retweeted by Angry Asian ManAnd the winner was Soban!
What the heck. @originalspin We just talked about this. I remember I couldn't go to sleep that night, I was so pumped. @kberlandi @originalspin @ParasiteMovie Not a bad way to go out. @jean_yoon When she thanked her parents in Korean? My heart burst. @LizAlps @theyoungilkim Basement guy definitely got the glow up. @whoisgarylee Definitely up there for me too. @theyoungilkim That's definitely my number 4.Standing with Parasite crew, I got congratulated A LOT. Lol.
Retweeted by Angry Asian ManTop 3 Moments in Korean Pride, A Personal List: 3) 2002 FIFA World Cup 2) Kim Yuna's Gold Medal at the 2010 Winter… late night K-town eatery will the #Parasite crew end up at tonight?I don’t know why, but I just had to call my mom to talk about Parasite winning Best Picture. We were both in shock. #oscarsOH NO THEY DID NOT JUST TRY TO PUSH THE KOREANS OFF THE STAGE. LET THEM SPEAK. #OscarsI am Korean. I am crying. #OscarsTHERE ARE A WHOLE MESS OF KOREANS ON THE OSCAR STAGE. #OscarsParasite is the first foreign language film ever to win Best Picture. #OscarsPARASITE. WINS. BEST PICTURE. #OSCARSI know Korea reveres Bong Joon Ho, but have they officially recognized his hair as a national treasure? #Oscars @cristela9 I predict he will win Best Actress.I can't believe that Bong Joon-ho didn't win Best Actor.
Retweeted by Angry Asian Man“Thank you, I will drink until next morning” is the most Korean thing to say in an #Oscars acceptance speech.Sharon Choi, MVP. #Parasite #OscarsBONG JOON HO. BEST DIRECTOR. YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT. #OscarsAnd the Best Parasite Parasite Parasite to Parasite. #oscarsI don’t think it’s too early to predict that The Irishman is going to be completely shut out tonight. #oscarsUTKARSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE #OscarsUh, Eminem. Okay. Just think, we could have been watching Hello Peril performing “I Punched Keanu Reeves.” #OscarsBummer. I was reeaalllly pulling for WALK, RUN, CHA CHA. But I’m so happy for Paul and Millie Cao’s journey. Watch… only thing to say about the Original Song category is that none of the nominees are “I Punched Keanu Reeves” fr… to all the non-Parasite winners in all the non-Parasite categories. #OscarsParasite is not going win ALL the #Oscars, you guys.PARASITE! Best Original Screenplay! South Korea’s first Oscar! 1 down, 5 to go. #OscarsKelly Marie Tran is a treasure. We must protect her at all costs. #OscarsWhoa. Did not expect this international version of “Into the Unknown.” #OscarsHair Love! Congratulations @MatthewACherry #OscarsWho is the Asian subway hamburger dude in the Postmates commercial?Winner. can confidently say this statistic will hold for another year. #OscarsBest Supporting Actress. Miyoshi Umeki as Katsumi in Sayonara (1957). Actual Asian. Supporting Actress. Linda Hunt as Billy Kwan in The Year of Living Dangerously (1982). Not Asian. Actress, Luise Rainer as O-Lan in The Good Earth (1937). Not Asian. Recitation of This #Oscars Fun Fact: More white actresses have won #Oscars for playing Asians than actual As… heart swells.This is, hands down, the coolest crew of the night. Deep bow. #Oscars @vsoe @LoveBoatTaiwan Valerie, I LOVE this photo.
@thumbelulu And Zhao Shuzhen -- "Nai Nai" -- won Best Supporting Actress. But she wasn't able to leave China to att… Farewell wins best feature at the Film Independent Spirit Awards! Congrats to @thumbelulu and Co.! SAT. 2/22! Asian AF Presents: Voltron And Friends! a new monthly improv show with special guests @LaurenTom9000
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i have conducted some groundbreaking research
Retweeted by Angry Asian Man @TheyCallUsBruce @originalspin @geneluenyang Shout out to @briflys.In Episode 88, @originalspin and @angryasianman welcome back acclaimed graphic novelist @geneluenyang. He talks abo…
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Short answer: racism. @alisonwillmore Last week, I attended a "special screening and breakfast" for Birds of Prey. Cool. It was bagels. F…
Look who I ran into, roaming around my ‘hood. #okseeyou! FRI. 2/14! Love is in the air! 🥰😍💛 Celebrate Valentine's Day at @ucbtny w/ guests @rianjali, @fareeeezy,…
Retweeted by Angry Asian Man @thetzechun @LouisOzawa Ouch!The groundbreaking play CAMBODIAN ROCK BAND is now running at the @SignatureTheatr in New York. Listen to our 2018…
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2020’t make it to Costco, but Din Tai Fung definitely happened. And there was no wait! #SuperBowl
My #SuperBowl plans: shop at Costco and then eat at Din Tai Fung.
@dumbfoundead (I thought it was Yo-Yo Ma.)For the record, not every Asian guy wearing glasses playing the cello is Yo-Yo Ma. This is Ben Hong of the Los Ange… @arune @jenyamato Fast & Furious Presents: Han & DK @arune @jenyamato Holy shit.This guy just called me a “dumbass chink” and knocked my phone out of my hand as I took this photo. On Brannan and…
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