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Guard dog extraordinaire: His relaxed demeanor says, ‘Just show some ID and we won’t have any problems’ but his eye… @HowDareYou1966 😂Sigh. I don't have time but I really need to write about these racist white politicians who continue to smear Rev W…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁I’m sorry republican congressman and former Senate candidate described historic black church as the bed of what now sweet jesus @Waitin4Change25 @AlexandraErin You mean you don’t believe that these are the days of miracle and wonder or that th… @wenhardy can confirm. @so_treu 😄 @AngryBlackLady I don’t have time to become the water. I’m just gonna swim.
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @Nickgb Lol @AngryBlackLady This was the entire plot of a recent episode of That Show, where the main character is all about ma…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady Lol basically
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @HuchHouse Nice. Lol @AngryBlackLady I have a Psych joke—you’ve probably heard it both ways.
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @StorySlug 🤔🤯“What stands in the way becomes the way.“ Really? Why not just go around @WEKetchum HahahahaJedi Masters be saying shit like “what defines the path becomes the path.” Has anyone ever sat them down and been… @AngryBlackLady The river bit got me😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady This just validated voice tweets for me I laughed so hard
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady “My name is Melania trump. I was born a black child...” Me:
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady Lmfao you are nut job but I love it! 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂🤩🤩😬
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady I lost it at the poor black child
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @daciatakesnote @ANSFreeman @DWilliamsmh Christmas cookies are what you make of them. What becomes the cookie IS… . . . hurt you?
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁I’m really exploring the voice tweet space. NEEDS CAPTIONS THOUGH, @TWITTER😂😂’s no excuse for me. be like: @ReignOfApril 🤣🤣Where’s doggo. #SpanielDayLewis’m already calling my own tweet underrated 🤣What if two flew over the cuckoos nest? Think about itIt’s going to be called ‘Becoming Best’ and will be a Slovenian translation of Michelle Obama’s book forget that the inventors of insulin thought profiting off of it would be unethical and sold the patent for a single dollar.
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @EwaSR I found one in the new Spider-Man game, where I turned into a patio heater for no apparent reason.
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @PanicMixi I‘m trying to learn to let those feelings of inadequacy go. Fact of the matter is, I get stuff done when… @LauraCEStewart My goal is to multitask. Turns out you can get quite a bit of reading done while you’re waiting to respawn @LauraCEStewart I’m literally smoking weed and playing Xbox 😂 @Wolfrum Clarification: I hate when ugly mean things pop out of the groundSometimes I think about what it must be like to live without ADD. To just remember things. To get things done. To c… forgot I even sent this tweet. Mission accomplished. Sometimes ADD isn’t so badI hate things that pop out of the ground. I quit playing borderlands because I got pissed off about the threshers lolThe way I keep shrieking when one of these rodents of unusual size pops out of the ground. Every damn time. 😂… @marchimark @Gilliunion 😂 @MollyJongFast @QuadCityPat @AngryBlackLady I have an Edgar Allen Poe joke that everyone is just raven about.
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @simon_r_katz Hahaha ok you win @coyotedancer @SmashAllFash whattttt. I didn’t know about this. Yikes @QuadCityPat lolI have a Tippy Hedren Joke but it's for the birds
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @1littleBIGMOUTH (this one made me chuckle)I have a Psych joke—wait for ittttttttt have a Godot joke, wait for it.
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @simon_r_katz Perhaps not lofty but definitely age-oldI have a Dorian Gray joke, and same. @thetrudz @SilkOne 😂 I’m in. @MatPDouglas LOL @slowdawning @Kathmandu513 Seriously @Kathmandu513 well why didn’t you say so?! 😂😂 @txvoodoo @Wombat7272 Yeah I feel like there’s certain things that you should just never spoil ever. For anyone. Li… I’m in. Good answer @txvoodoo lol I can’t promise anything. I don’t know where this gif countdown journey will take me! @Gilliunion lol need is a strong word. But applicable to some shows @TommyATX Mute all related words! It will help!I haven’t watched the Mandalorian. I have no real reason why. Do I need to watch the Mandalorian? @AngryBlackLady He wouldn’t though. He say how he knows more about fucking off than anyone, that he’s the best at f…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @thetrudz I was re-watching breaking bad several years ago, and someone came into my mentions specifically to tell… days to go. @atima_omara @jentrification @ljoywilliams @nytimes Had no idea that she was pint sized like me. @Endurance97 😫I just cackled so loudly 😂😂 @Wombat7272 Yeah there’s definitely a time period that you can reasonably be mad about spoilers. 😂 I think a show t…’m tired of the trump show. If I had money, I would pay trump to fuck off.worst things, even. are typos worse than spoilers? I say no. Tough call though. Fortunately I have ADD so I wil… @thetrudz because I hold you in high regard and they should too dammit. LolllllY’all gotta be a little more careful about dumping spoilers in people’s mentions. It’s honestly one of the worst… @thetrudz lmaoooo I missed this yesterday. Honestly I felt like telling everyone who was still skeptical about Sch… my god go away Warwick on Twitter is what we all need right now.When you’re playing Super Mario Odyssey on assist mode and still keep dying 😫😫😫 I hate those handsExample #394937 of how the mainstream continues to just accept voter suppression as normal and erase the nearly imp…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁The participation trophy of elections. Also, you realize that as we speak Georgia Republicans are trying to change…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁me on twitter
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁Hahahaha sweet mary. They cannot be serious THE L. JESUS
Can Gen Z and Millennials please tell me why you’re always saying “SCREAMING” or “Yelling”? Why are you shouting? S…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @ljoywilliams @nytimes so great. 😊Woke up to messages that me and my girls were in the ⁦@nytimes⁩
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁The substack bros continue to embarrass themselves. @Wolfrum LolWelcome to the Rogan Greenwald Taibbi Yiannopoulos McInnis Kaus Gabbard Tracey Scahill Bruenig & Bruenig Experience…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁What the op-ed pages of the New York Times needs is a white nationalist who understands how trump voters think, and… Jones is lost in the sauce. Republicans have been on a voter suppression rampage since Shelby v. Holder in 2013… are both ill-informed, as is the OAS preliminary rpt (which I hope they will update). If it was perceived as go…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁A federal appeals court has rejected President Trump’s latest effort to challenge the election results. The 3rd U.S…
Retweeted by 🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @alertbydusk 😂😂 @AngryBlackLady Yeah, church was super weird because we spent most of it leafing through the Bibles crossing out all the pronouns
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