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award nominated comics witch. teaching artist @aaww. MOONCAKES (oni press), 3 ogns w HarperCollins 2021/22/23. agent: @LindaRandom. tweets & opinions my own.

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@what_eats_owls oh my god 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @what_eats_owls GGJDFJSDFJKDLSJDKFSDSF <3ummm why is the merciful crow by @what_eats_owls one of the best YA fantasy books in the last 5 years?
It's #NationalBirdDay so let's show our friend the pigeon some love!
Retweeted by wendy xu @shannondrewthis HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again 😂) to one of my favorite people!! i hope you have an amazing day & you get t… @jennyyangtv lmao fuck i could barely sit through the video, that was so hard. hit too close to home..🎵🎶 oh my, what could this be another myco-kitty 🎶🎵 🍄🪴 hanging out @Radrappy no wonder our sense of what "teens" looked like as kids was screwed up! lmaome watching power rangers as an adult
i see @gildedspine clearly just PULLING IDEAS OUT OF HIS BUTT @Claribel_Ortega did not get the chancla enough!!!!!every day this man wakes up and chooses clownery. @TheNedBarnett ♥️♥️♥️ & ahhh isn't it an amazing book!!!! @shanhorandraws 🥰🥰♥️ @BreeLundberg thank u!!🌱 @owlyjules OMG THAT IS TOO CUTE!! @robochai there are consequences for being wildly inappropriate regardless of your age & they will hopefully unders… @robochai i have my notifs set so i only see replies from ppl who im mutuals with. sometimes i will comb through re… mandrake kitty... inspired by reading about the interconnectedness of fungi & plants @alizabees you always have such good worldbuilding!gran'ma goblin's kitchen (from my book)
Retweeted by wendy xu @batsabatsabatsa @reedicule @Akitron ok this is so smart... i went on the site and screamed "A HUNDRED AND NINETEEN DOLLARS?!" out loud lmao
@baby_ajumma thank u bb!! <3 @chootalks to be a squirming thing in a pram...little brother
Retweeted by wendy xu @adriofwands thank u adri!!!! @alexisc_art thank u alex!! @amandonium thank you amanda!! ♥️♥️ @kikuhughes thank u kiku!!!Might I present to you 199 million year old, fossilised, Yanliao flora?
Retweeted by wendy xu @kate_lingley thank you!!! ♥️♥️ @SophiaJay42 thanks Sophia!! <3 @megsauce aww happy bday adam! this looks like a great time! @heymolls thank you molly! <3 @AlyssaJennette thank you! @LindaRandom omg linda... this gif... 🤣 thank you! @loanloan thank you loan!!! i'm so happy to see you enjoying pre-launch and i hope everything goes well for your book! @emilyriesbeck thank you! @Kristopher_Kam thanks Kris! hope we can all hang out again soon! @teaberryblue thank you Tea! <3 @MattHTaylor thank you matt! @mmmlysaght thank you maeve! <3 @TheNedBarnett thank you sir! @cindypon thank you auntie! @DELTAHEAD_ thank you iasmin, miss you! <3 @TeeEss thank you TS! @_smromero thanks Shelly! @ill_iterate thank you Anne!
@gildedspine thank you my love!!! <333 @EachStarAWorld thank u bb!! @liNzee__ ahahahha thank you Lindsey! @nilaffle thank you Nilah!! <33thank god for the rewind function on switch online i stgforget hollow knight super mario 2 is the hardest platformer fjdkadlsjfkadsljfsLJKDKJSLF @regeener thank you!!!! <3 @markmywordz thank you Mark!! hope all's well at home & the office! @niv_tales thank you Niv! <3 @MinoritiesinPub thank you!! @horrorwine thank you friend! <3 @sendaulas thank you!! i miss you too <333 i cannot wait till the plague is over and we can all hang out again! @asunnydisposish thank you jenny!! @bombus_vagans thank you!!! @TaraOComics thanks Tara!! ♥️♥️ @shaunadraws thank u shauna, happy birthday to you too!! @dumplingowl thank u jade!! unwitting teen fashion icon 🤣 @kurestinarmada 🤣🤣🤣 thank you!!!! @clementeworks thank u zach! @whoaitsjoan thank you joan!! @Nonvieta thank you Sam!! @sawdustbear thank u shing!! @PlinaGanucheau THANK U BB!!!! @McFlyCahill90 thank you marty!!!! @ajamaicanpatty 🤣🤣🤣 dad graphic design... @vaxtorino thank u vicky! @runwithskizzers thank you!! @MrPaulBae thank u uncle paul ! @margotwood thank you margot! @backthatelfup thank u tris! @mariekeyn thank you marieke!! @kyla_aiko thank you kyla!! @what_eats_owls THANK U MOLLY! @normajeanesays TY LOVELY NORMA! @amandashih thank u auntie!! @letsgoayo thank you darryl!! @eunicekimwrites THANK U EUNICE! @TheDesignerGeek thank you lady!! miss u! @breebird33 omg ikr 😂😂😂😂 @KatWithSword thank you Kat! @LoriMLee thank you Lori! @Claribel_Ortega thank you!! ♥️♥️♥️ @vvolvesmouth thank you taylor!! @elevenafter thank u Jam! @PhantaNoir thank you!! @EthanMAldridge thank you ethan!! @KateElliottSFF thank you!! ♥️♥️ @ryanlecount thank u Ryan! @cupcakeandy THANK U ANDY!