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comics witch, teaching artist with @aaww. MOONCAKES w @suzusaur, 3 ogns w HarperCollins upcoming 2021/22/23. repped by @LindaRandom. tweets and opinions my own.

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Major genre fiction organizations that don’t currently accept graphic novels as qualifying work for membership!
Retweeted by wendy xu @ C2E2 B-17!Look, obviously I’m biased, but some of the best work in genre fiction today is comics. You don’t keep your award…
Retweeted by wendy xu @ C2E2 B-17!Major genre fiction awards that don’t recognize or have a category for graphic novels in the year 2020: what gives?
Retweeted by wendy xu @ C2E2 B-17! @halleluyang HE IS THE WORST HIS CATCHPHRASE IS HONK HONKi’m reposting this bc i hate him honk honk"hey wendy" i move to the island and this bastard is waiting for me at new resident orientation i stg @JeremyWest @JeremyWest NO NO NO NO
i’m down in louisiana for a work retreat!! forget when the tin man came to read
Retweeted by wendy xu @ C2E2 B-17! @honey_child i have half a mind to call the mayor & yell at him every time i have to fly out of here @JamesTheFourth the stress it took to get here!! i almost had a heart attack!!la guardia is possibly the most cursed placewild how we study catullus in high school latin when 90% of what he wrote was dick poetryUM A CHINESE MARTIAL FANTASY WITH LESBIANS?! @danarune OMG I DO NOT!! BUT CLEARLY U ARE PSYCHIC @Claribel_Ortega Mooncakes & GHOST SQUAD!! so much good magicWOWOWOW MOONCAKES in the SCHOLASTIC CATALOG!!!! my 8 year old self thinks i'm the coolest ever. thank u for showing… @Claribel_Ortega @MariaStout IMAGINE @Claribel_Ortega @MariaStout omg stealing this for my records 😭
@Kate_Farina OHOHO 👀👀👀not now but possibly in the next few months i'd be keen to do a few commissions here & there for authors' preorder… at the bubble tea shop was like that drink matches your sweater and i was like so it does! has a baby to make his boyfriend stay lestat: absolutely shocked & surprised when the kid grows up to hate… does it take so long to drydoing watercolors like are there so many hot vampires in THE BEAUTIFUL i'm ANGRYit doesn't matter if you're the worst artist in the world & if you're using stick figures or different colored high… u wanna write graphic novels do yourself & the artist a favor & try sketching out at least 5-10 pages of layouts…!!!!!! you guys worked so hard for this!!! @definitelyvita there are literal tears rolling down my face nEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I LAUGHED THIS HARD🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️ @RianSygh happy bday! this may as well be a drawing vampire
it is a truth most universally known that if you eat a bodega sandwich you will inevitably end up smeared with cond… @HNewlevant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @kurestinarmada def been there 😂 regardless tho im just like it's fine to just be professional & not get into perso… @kurestinarmada RIGHT like i don't want to give strangers more reasons to feel like they know me when they really d… should be ashamed of their accomplishments but to ask ppl to put it into a narrative means that by way of st… @TazzyStar literallyoop 👇🏼 path for a lot of ppl can be paved by trauma that they really do not feel like disclosing & that strangers don't have a right to.i'm sorry but this is an open invite for a violation of boundaries & another way to reframe a narrative of privileg… @bluedelliquanti please tell me this zine can be purchased as an ebookAnanth and I are cutting down on conventions this year so if you want to pick up books from us, our shop at…
Retweeted by wendy xu @ C2E2 B-17! @thomdoodles i love your work! such wonderful botanicals— the vegetable drawings too are 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍😍 @cxorlando of course!!making my one & only c2e2 print-- remember, you can only get it with a $10+ purchase at my table!
your business does not come at the expense of ppl's lives & honestly speechless at the bullshit i saw on here today, an entire country's ppl in the middle of a health crisi… @oheysteenz shit ur righthe's coming to c2e2 with me @oheysteenz @suzusaurJFJKSKSJDJDKAKJSJSJAJD I GOT A 3D PRINTED TERRY SHIN FOR A BELATED XMAS GIFT FROM MARCO & KAT IM SCREAMIGN need you all to watch "kantaro: the sweet tooth salaryman" on netflix because it's about a publishing salesman wh…
@cyrusparker @suzusaur GOOD!!! so glad <33 @joviellety MY EYES ARE SWIMMING WITH RECEIPTS!!!love 2 b a fulltime artist doing taxes. glamorous indeedBEETLE AND THE HOLLOWBONES is one of my favorite 2020 graphic novels-- i was privileged to read an advanced copy. i… talks about all the different types of intimacy we can experience, and how we can focus on giving…
Retweeted by wendy xu @ C2E2 B-17! @derickant i hear it!! keep on trucking ♥️ @runwithskizzers OH MY GOD!!!!!! OH MY GOD
@EthanMAldridge OMG CONGRATS ETHAN!!!!! this is incredibly well deserved. @LoriMLee OH! @An_Aria_Blooms omg 😂i wanna write a witch/vampire hatemance tofu as an oatmeal topping... inspired @LucyKnisley i love ALL OF THESE!!!happy valentines day!! ♥️ @ThaoLe8 just finished the first one but im so enchanted by how charming and cute he is!!!! @ThaoLe8 CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT IT ?!?! OMG @Fumi_chun WE DID & IT WAS GLORIOUS!!! @lainitaylor wow omg she's so talented!! @cyrusparker @ladybookmad GOOD!! those are my fave!! also cyrus... you should have said you were a prowrestler!! richard LOVES wrestling 😂 @ladybookmad 😂😂😂😂 i hope u guys liked it!! @GenePark please gene may i have an update on nugget the catthank you for everyone who came out!!! there are a bunch of signed copies with bookplates & bookmarks tucked away i… ate so many skewers & still ordered more fhskkdjd's-a me & an Amanda!!! at THE STRAND!!! 30 mins till our event!! 😍
armand is deeply relatable @ladybookmad oh my god 🙈🙈🙈 @ettubrody oh gosh 😭♥️ @ashposton thank you Ash 😘 @recitrachel thank you rachel! i’ll also bring some to c2 if you want a set ❤️ @swinsea sarah!!! thank you so much, i hope you enjoy it ♥️♥️finally get to share the Mooncakes bookplates i drew last year!! suz came up with the names of all the books 🥰🥰!! and i brought treats for everyone coming-- bookmarks & surprise bookplates! know you're 22 lestat it's ok also never said this lestat. of vampires (i'm so angry) @vvolvesmouth oh i'm so sorry taylor <333 i wish you all the luck in this! @Kristopher_Kam thank you <3333 @Kristopher_Kam omg thank you ToT any kind of tea drink and chips is much loved <3 @Kristopher_Kam YAY! come out with us after!TOMORROW!!! TOMORROW!!! @JesnCin I MUST KNOW!!!!!is troy bolton a prototype himbo @Claribel_Ortega thank you i will write Terrible Party Vampiresthis was very cute & i enjoyed it a lot!