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Thanks a ton to @larianstudios for showin us the game. Watch it if you haven't yet!
Retweeted by Joe Vargas @Stelzi79 @RandomMnky from anovos. @Gillymcjoe lol @155_andrew =( @Owen71836893 @blumhouse sweet thanks for the heads up!AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review The Invisible Man, a horror thriller from @blumhouse whose trailer pretty much rui…! CANDYMAN! CANDYMAN!!!! Our Angry Trailer Reaction! This Horror Classic is BACK! Watch as we summon HIM!…
OMG! Check it out! It's Finally been SHOWN today! @LarianStudios Baldur's Gate 3 looks AMAZING! Here is our Intervi… out our Partners Survival Servers! If you are looking for an awesome server company for a ton of different ga…, OtherJoe & Alex take on 2 Bosses in the upcoming Outriders game, a 3-player Cooperative RPG Looter Shoote… Board Games on YOUTUBE! AJ's Tabletime (Test Stream) - Chronicle X! A XCOM-like board game dungeon crawle…
Why did you tell me about your meeting with Kanye West @OtherJoe_AJS? Did you call him yet? @OtherJoe_AJS branching out to music now! Source:
Retweeted by Joe Vargas @jamesdax lol"SHEER F**KING HUBRIS!" - The Federation in Star Trek Picard. At this point in our Mid-Season Angry Review the show… GI Joe Tiger Rat fighter jet from 1988 was a clone of the Cobra Rattler - its pilot Sky Striker was even a clon…
Retweeted by Joe Vargas @DlodJordan Slander Cohen, lol. Does anyone ever respond in Trump's favor that isn't a Zealot who retweets all his farts? @raftelx @jeremypoissenot @ThomasBlackFire A few like this you just cant help or make them realize the world they l… @jeremypoissenot @ThomasBlackFire I'll do it for you. OMG EVERYONE RUN BERNIE SAID FIDEL IS… @jeremypoissenot @ThomasBlackFire Again nothing? No quote? Your tweet still does not have the quote. Can you please… @tylerrozwell13 I'm not sure I finished it but the trailer for this one seemed good. @jeremypoissenot @ThomasBlackFire Post the exact and full quote here and then his quote from the debate just now so… @Flyprdu Me and del are watching now! @PThrizzle As insane as Medicare? The G.I.Bill? Breaks for Farmers? Are you saying these programs are "Bad/Socialis… @Styx666Official @ewarren We need a logic check from you. Would you agree that if Trump brushed off the severity of… @Styx666Official @ewarren If I recall right Trump said the virus would be gone by April because of the heat. He eve… @StarlightSkyes lol!
Does anyone care about Altered Carbon Season 2? @ClockEnd95 Sure does @seanofky LOl ;) @JME_333 Which one? The one that showed Trump won amongst the "uneducated" (no college) bracket of the electorate?… Wow. Just wow. Where does this stuff even come from?! Pretty amazing. No wonder replies are a dumpster fire of… @templar114 No they wouldnt. Did you k ow the ultra Richard tax rate has been much higher? How high? Look it up, it… @ThomasBlackFire Did you read trumps direct quotes or just a name and threw up your hands and covered your ears? Lol. @doomkeaper @damphair1 If someone asks you if Education is good do you say it's not? What purpose does that serve?… @Malthael_Death Sweet, the ewok mode was dead. But it is an election year and I do enjoy discussing it on twitter. @ButtWorldsMan How does that matter? So you're saying it's okay if bernies president? Lol okay cool. @CUFarley8 Do you know what he actually said? Copy and paste bernies actual quote here, then I'll post an actual tr… @Joshua_Kuma Theres plenty of articles and direct quotes from Trump that cant be misconstrued, look them up. Here's… for everyone to jump on Bernie from the top rope on this last democratic debate tonight! They've got nothing t… pointing out hypocrisy when I see it amongst my more conservative peers. I still think Trump is easily re-ele… New Attack of playing a clip of Bernie from 25 yrs ago saying that Fidel did a few positive things for his ppl… News crew discusses EA Cancelling a 3rd Star Wars game, Sony Pulling out of PAX East & GDC due to Coronavirus,… News crew discusses the embarrassing failure of a Warcraft 3: Reforged at Dreamhack, a Borderlands Film by Eli…
Doubling Down on the WIG! lol! set photos! Woody Harrelson films "Venom 2" as Cletus Kasady! Check out all the latest photos:
Retweeted by Joe VargasAlso a Star Trek Picard Mid-Season Review and we are NOT Happy.Too many gaming news stories! Filmed 2 AJS News Episodes Today! @GenXJohnson @Zimvader10 @jwpatx1485 @Styx666Official That's a good point, I agree. If you want the freedom to pay… @Styx666Official Direct Quotes: and Public Record Sources. @Styx666Official Rightist: Bernie Sanders once said nice things about communist Cuba and the Soviet Union in the 19… @Mr345Hemi @ViciousSage My youtube and Twitch are for what you want. My Twitter is for my personal thoughts. If you want pure… @Negative_Senss I wouldn't get so offended about this concept. It was a ton of fun and none of us walked away think… @thegusbus99 @Extremejay2000 Except I don't.BEARS - BEATS - BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! In The Misadventures of OJ & Alex the boys take a look at "BEARS, VODKA, STAL… @Extremejay2000 We're doomed. People are just too easily manipulated, scared and not willing to do their own resear… @sedimaster How is that not the epitome of hypocrisy. How can you not see you ridiculousness of your double standar… @sedimaster You think bernie is out of touch because he has 2 small houses and a cabin after working hard 60 years,… @KILLASAURUSFLEX @Charalanahzard You are already here w/ your "hurrrr he's a commie!" LOL. Looking brain damaged. C… should never be forced to purchase the same game twice or pay for upgrades. Owners of #Cyberpunk2077 for Xbo…
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@thecinemasnob @doubletoasted_ Best Answer! @gookygox How those two won was the electoral college and the courts. The popular vote was ignored. Which is what t… @bluejaye99 @RustyTiberius Amen I wish more thought like you. Thanks man. @Iiberty_prime @RustyTiberius Yes. If he wins the most votes. Otherwise what is the point? Anyone leading the field… @RustyTiberius @CreatorDay Hmm sry bout that didnt think that would happen just wanted to retweet my response! @YoElSupremembo @Styx666Official @Estivel It's almost as if those arguements are the exact same arguements that a p… @YoElSupremembo @Styx666Official @Estivel God it's so hard to avoid engaging & letting you believe what you already… @draginol I know but I didnt bother linking ppl to the facts because theyd ignore it or dismiss it as lies anyway lol. *sigh* :( @RustyTiberius My beliefs are in democracy and if one party doesnt believe in the democratic process and rigs elect…
Retweeted by Joe Vargas @RustyTiberius My beliefs are in democracy and if one party doesnt believe in the democratic process and rigs elect… @XSkeletonCandy I'm already an Independent. @J_Abb_ Not really how the two party system works when it comes to the voting booth though in the U.S. in practice. Unfortunately.Also I'm not sure how my Republican followers feel about primaries but if the DNC manages to find a way to give a c… quickly devolves down to "You wont vote for the same party I do so fuck you" in the replies. I just want you to… fascinating to see the ppl who follow my personal Twitter who say "stick to games" "dont talk about" are usu… @TheQuartering Which part? That people dont want to pay more Taxes or that people want to become more Rich? @SeanHarcourt You dont really know my studied level on the subject do you? If you are being fair. You likely think… @abstractjwl @jweeks221 Right but that's assuming money isnt already being diverted from your current economic gain… if you dont want Bernie to succeed that's cool. Just tell ppl you dont want your Taxes raised to pay for Healt… @cryptostanley1 Will you be proving the quotes proving your point first? And will you be providing or looking at th… @AngryJoeShow lets be honest JOE He will never beat trump. HE is a Dirty Fucking commie. He will run this country…
Retweeted by Joe Vargas @EpicFuller So weak he wins right? I mean that's totally fine if you think hes weak I'm not going to argue with you… @Marshal91559195 @Lancair77 @DlodJordan Is that sorta like praising Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong-Un? Cuz Trump did bo… @Gabeli7426 @RAZ0RFIST It did? Which parts I'm curious? @BiscuitBasher What do you consider a commie? Perhaps your bar is lower. For me if he wants to end excessive tax br… @francisjarod Most people dont see Trump has done any damage. He will be reelected more than likely sorry to burst your bubble. @DMcG117 Yes I agree but was he the victim when the news was running w/ his character attacks on disabled reporters… @Raggmuffx3 Thanks for the listing the rest of the really weak lame ineffective attacks pushed against him so far.… @Lonewolf031 Nah hes not, only uninformed idiots and smear artists or indoctrinated tribalists refuse to do their o… @jojojuggernaut Are you from the United States? If so do some reading on the G.I.Bill for one:… @DMcG117 Yeah I can totally understand that. But at least in some of Trumps cases he actually did and said the thin… @RAZ0RFIST Meh joke for certain circles, but do you agree Warren would kick the shit out of Trump in an actual deba… to make Babylon 5's CGI artists feel better about themselves.
Retweeted by Joe VargasBernie Won Nevada, nice! Crazy since his party despises him. MSNBC hates covering him. Hes a Communist (he isnt) He…
Going to be going Live NOW with some @RocketLeague! Learn more about their #TwitchPrime pro… The Boy II could be WORSE than The Lodge and I gave that film a 1/10 cuz it pissed me off so much. THIS IS… finally got a picture with my doppelganger. Or am I his? Either way @JesseCox and I are beautiful
Retweeted by Joe Vargas @maltsphere @RAZ0RFIST LOL!