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@ShawnMendes @shawnfoundation @ChipotleTweets Lol. I have several bowlsOrnithologists say this bird is houngry @woolie @Theophite Link please @hedlike_a_hole I’m so happy you’re about to experience this. It’s really something else @mood_probiotic LMAO @cwrightmd @Theophite Yes! The underground ones with water are so cool @hedlike_a_hole This channel youtube videos where the guy makes knives out of like seaweed @misterpostsman @jcpenney Getting my penny sucked150 ppl who went to college with this guy signed a letter labeling him a sexual predator. there were a total of 300…
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)This economist's last major paper argued that the very existence of Naloxone worsens opioid abuse and was immediate…
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Marilyn manson voice: the beautiful boaters the beautiful boaters (aahh) @CallyGingrich Lets see his hogMore like Christ Tiegen, the way her suffering at the hands of trolls mirrors that of Our Lord
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They changed minimum wage and now store hamburger costs every dollar in my wallet. I'm crying for 1,000 years.
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @sailorsocialist Ice cube tray! That’s such a good idea @NikkiHaley @standamericanow Cant wait to face this reality thx luv @sailorsocialist Lol that’s pretty cool. We have a cat who sometimes eats way too fast and then throws up, might ne… @sailorsocialist What the hell is the cat thingJanuary Jones and I do the exact same things
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)You can put fried eggs on leftover chinese food and then several days later put fried eggs on leftover thai food #LifeHackNew religion just dropped
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Trump should have one more go at pence. Finish the jobHey @matthewstoller why did you stop talking about Josh Hawley?
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Now-ex WV lawmaker who stormed the Capitol has history of harassment at an abortion clinic. His constant vitriol to…
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)If you have ever interacted with my tweets please destroy your phone
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Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Those 3am cable commercials about patenting your invention are really smart for targeting the hard working guys who… Twitter Friends, I'm going to make 2 gray-violet shapes for long arms this weekend. What are you all going to do? Have a great weekend.
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @bad_takes 🙏63yr old maga lady googling jimmy dore while listening to ariel pink @ChuckGrassley Speak on it kingI figured this out when i was like 6 but congrats to Europe nonetheless is dying: Who is vaccinated:
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@CHHNDLER There it is @trrvvb @MyPillowUSA Mfw the storm is comingScrolling through the @MyPillowUSA feed and it’s almost all insane election conspiracies sprinkled with a couple ma… btw @Dimi @FinancialTimes LolBREAKING: Some 6,000 workers at Amazon's warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., will begin voting on Feb. 8 on a groundbreaki…
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Retweeted by mike (getting worried)this is like looking at cave paintings
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @kenklippenstein Took me a sec @DaveMcNamee3000 Oh wowMatthew Modine looks like Ted Danson dressed as Keith Richards
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Hustle never sleeps🙏 president's lawyer, who is working for free right now because the president is mad at him, is posting screensho…
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @colbydroscher Every day, as far as I’m concernedAndrew Yang will restore your foreskin
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @Rob_Flaherty @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse Give me $2,000 rob @herraero Pagliacci: but doctor, I’m on a sea shanty diet.. I see food and i shant eat it Doctor: im severely depressed. LolNot my problem’ best work is behind them. don’t expect new innovations or bold flavors any time soon
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Propose it started How it’s going
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @spiritnght Just like nana used to make😋Everybody knows the best way to help poor communities is pay them less moneyThis man will face eternal hellfire. Lol @ciatradwife I love when they do thatbabe what’s wrong? you unpinned your thirst trap
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)when dudes rock it does honestly make me smile
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @Mike_Pence You’re capitalizing random words btw @SecPompeo 🚨Fake news
disneybounding as park security and telling mickey he must move with me to a safe location
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Pig on pig violence @longbeachblvd 🙏maybe..... but maybe not..
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @HunterDoradea 😳(Waking up totally drenched in sweat) where’s hunter.WaPo reports that Secret Service agents detailed to Jared/Ivanka had to sometimes go to the Obama's or Pence's to u…
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)The funniest photo of all time was taken two years ago today
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Found the single greatest divorce announcement of all time
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Dr. Harold Bornstein, who as Trump’s doctor attested that he would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to th…
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Very funny to me that the president paid so much attention to twitter that his banning has collapsed a small indust… @ambinate Great time to buy9 tweets into his thread about banning the president of the united states jack drops a bitcoin hashtag🤙Imagining jack making long threads for all my boys who get banned shoulda bought greenland
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Alpha behavior again.. troubling @voidhowler I am awarding this claim four pinocchios as you bought me a beer one time.
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @oldfriend99 I might try this myself some time, if that’s okay with you @jayleophillips I’ll be the judge of that.
@HeheWaitWhut Was this before or after trump pardoned him lol @HeheWaitWhut xX~Da JuNk BoNd KiNg~Xx#ad I'm loving @RealLunchables new rewards program. It gives me MAJOR perks! Plus one of YOU can win free groceries…
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Today they cancelled president Trump and sea shanties.Please stop asking me about politics. We all see it.
Retweeted by mike (getting worried) @capittalism Thank you for being an allyGuiness World Records will soon be confirming my record for most pieces of pork extracted from pork fried rice at o… should live in one big tower in the middle of the ocean
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Just kidding different when it’s not a tweet @christiancieri4 🔮5 years of "fuck your feelings, snowflakes" and now all these MAGA guys are begging for everyone to be nice to them
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Sendai Aquarium installed ehomaki-shaped pipes last , and the resulting photos of conger eels squeezing through the…
Retweeted by mike (getting worried)Just found some panic buttons. Weird