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Hot Emma @anicegreenleaf Nr. Lucozade Thermometer

Spaniels, Nabokov, Shostakovich, Gil Grissom. Feels in italics, thinks in CAPITALS. Costly burden.

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@ToTheHappyNone They’re like a cross between Richard Yates and Anthony Powell, I think they’re very likeable @ToTheHappyNone LOVE those books @tinycharlotte72 @robpalkwriter @il_cagnaccio HOIST BY HIS OWN PETARDDDDD @KatyaTaylor @jntod Yes although the shifts eg to Dora I loved the way they did it @il_cagnaccio @tinycharlotte72 This is AMAZING CL @DanceyFrancy I think I see you as an exact mutant cross of those two @rblandford “Mate did you see any baklava? You couldn’t just nip back and check?” @rblandford Still a sign the waters had receded so same difference @Gargarin The dude whose birthday it is has been pretty sanguine but I was glad to make it slightly more festive de… @il_cagnaccio @RolandBates12 @robpalkwriter @HowFashionating His signature MOOOOVE @Gargarin My friend who was too ill to come texted “they’ll be reminiscing about this next year” and she is right @svejky @jntod You are forgetting Muppet Christmas Carol my friend @EddieLongbridg3 Line dancing has all these numbers they shout out, it sounds like that!! @EddieLongbridg3 Did you get the calling from line dancing this week muddled with your arsenal notes @EddieLongbridg3 EDDDDDDDIIIEEEEE @il_cagnaccio @robpalkwriter @HowFashionating Pretty sure Rob’ll have a few in there. Jen doesn’t even know where it is, shes that nice @il_cagnaccio @robpalkwriter @HowFashionating MY “Hidden” folder is CHOCKA @il_cagnaccio @robpalkwriter @HowFashionating Youre sweet but this is tip of the world’s biggest iceberg @GreeningPoet @jntod I know, now I really want to read it too! @davidclewis No no! Definitely not. But thank you xThat time we played birthday crazy golf in the pissing rain and then had to eat cake standing on the pavement aroun… @jessf_white Is it Dutch biscuits? It’s so familiar @robpalkwriter @HowFashionating @Andr6wMale I cannot unsee that @LouiseBrown I think the challenge with ole dickens is always to get the characters as crazily unreal and exaggerat… @RolandBates12 😭😭 @RolandBates12 HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @pressfuturist Yes I am just down the Piccadilly line! Or a bike ride away x @suesjoy I definitely don’t read all day but thank you x @RolandBates12 Oh gosh so I watched it thinking “isn’t it amazing how we imagine artists have good hearts because t… @jntod Oh how interesting! It was fascinating to watch this alongside Enola Holmes which has chat to the camera and… @RolandBates12 YES @designhist @TheEsteemedFox How do you know they’re not all the same dogWHHOOOOPPPP, David Copperfield, that was very very enjoyable!! I especially loved all the weird little meta bits 🖤 @pressfuturist Wow, love the sound of this! How nice to know what it IS you are working away on @fenlandgent I totally thought that was his surname, that is literally how little I know!! @BenignSyphilis Spotted earlier @fenlandgent I’ve googled RHP who I’d never heard of so at least I’ve learnt something @fenlandgent Lolll @fenlandgent I’m for pale grey @judge_jen @johnmitchinson @i_am_mill_i_am @mungo2434 @BacklistedPod @Andr6wMale 🤣🤣♥️♥️ @fenlandgent @Frankandstan Omggggggggggggggg @jododsley I actually really like that one of the fake tree with the real trees!!! @jododsley SHIT @fenlandgent Plus, THERES A NEW KING OF CARDIGANS 👑 @samuel_mcqueen I KNOW RIGHHHHHT @fenlandgent Thierry over ScottMy current football/cardigan hierarchy.
Retweeted by Hot Emma @fenlandgent Hmmmm might have to argue with this @LizaD0Little @jpsmythe Yes although the crucial thing - I make them sometimes from a mix - is actually THE TIN NEE… @jododsley Wait what you can’t be doing beautiful conceptual diptychs?!!? This isn’t within the code of the bad nature photographers guild @Andr6wMale My hair looks so cool @Andr6wMale Hello from the CRAZY GOLF 😹🙄 @Laylaastley I bet he smells of twelve different perfumers @Laylaastley HAHAHAHAHAHMy heart @robpalkwriter Never not surprisin’ us @SimonGuy64 @RSmythFreelance Mostly this 10yo reads sci-fi and modern stuff so it’s quite sweet he’s reading this n…“This book has the greatest word I’ve ever heard for the sound of a very small thing dropping into water: Cloop.”Wind on the Willows feedback: “this SAYS it’s a children’s classic, but in the first chapter, it says arse TWICE” @robpalkwriter Me too. X @ReadingCorners Hahah. 1994 - I think she’s a bit Corrs @nicholasroyle Is he fetching you Grebes of the World @seventydys @KatyaTaylor @byers90 @WillWiles Bloody Ivan going on and on and on about the pic and mix @ReadingCorners It’s inCREDibly literal in its reading of the text @WillWiles @byers90 @KatyaTaylor @seventydys Hahahah @davidhepworth @WIYElondon Oh goddd @byers90 @WillWiles @KatyaTaylor @seventydys Yeah sorry. I did think about taking you out but then that seems sort of a scorch in itself x @WillWiles @byers90 @KatyaTaylor @seventydys SHSHSHSHHHH @WillWiles @byers90 @KatyaTaylor @seventydys Also you could get like - cheap plates and SINGLE knives and forks @WillWiles @byers90 @KatyaTaylor @seventydys My copy of Bjork’s first album, my copy of Kid A, both have Woolworths… @KatyaTaylor @byers90 @seventydys Intriguingly, I have noticed that friends up north and in NI still let their chil… @byers90 @KatyaTaylor @seventydys Bus = 11, in case anyone cares @byers90 @KatyaTaylor @seventydys I don’t remember any other shop HAVING pic and mix but think you may be loads you… @KatyaTaylor @seventydys @byers90 So glad it was you who wrote this x @EddieLongbridg3 Oh eddie you’ll make us all cry x x @EddieLongbridg3 Jeeeez Eddie!!! Can’t believe that @robpalkwriter Hahah yes they’re a bit innocent in the book! @MaudieStokes43 Hahahah ok x @ALuckyDress @john_self @The_PBS Either that or everyone really likes a natter @robpalkwriter I didn’t enjoy WOE that much. I mean who enjoys woe. But my two friends laughing at it probably influenced me a lot @drewgum Have only just acquired!! @john_self @ALuckyDress @The_PBS It amazes me how many great writers have come out of just a few counties. @robpalkwriter So much discussion of the shape of their boobs @robpalkwriter Is this a witches of eastwick thing? I read the book with two instamates a couple of Halloweens ago… it would be safe to say right now that I really miss Belfast @ALuckyDress So I bought two in @The_PBS and the other is the Colour of Blood which I think won or was shortlisted… O’Brian Moore Riley. So this was my first BM - a few people on Insta rate him so I dived in. A schoolteacher… @colourmehazel Actually it’s also a terrible title, putting off anyone who doesn’t know what that is (I didn’t) and… @colourmehazel No, not to me anyway. Xx @MaudieStokes43 Did really remind me of McLaverty - was it you who read that recently?? @MaudieStokes43 How long ago did you read it? It’s so small in its field of vision but so sad and awful. @colourmehazel I was doing really well having got rid of loads and being a bit sick about the number of unread. BUT… @colourmehazel Yes. It is the half term week off here and I’ve had a terrible week and bought about ten books and n…’ve read 58 / 120 by female writers - I’m pretty pleased with that stat.....It’s the 29th already dude. I started reading this last night and it is great in inverse proportion to the quality… @RolandBates12 It would have been mad tho n possibly also bad @ToTheHappyNone I have been slowly working through them with my ten year old and my gosh they are so detailed when… @ToTheHappyNone All human life is there