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6’18 YRG

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Y’all was really saying lil pump and smokepurpp were the best rap duo ian forget @moaningstarrrr HeyyyyI hate fat hoes!! Seriously!
@fbgwayne @k2spritebeans Song so fye @lherealchieff O end or no end @3000mal Yea @YourRAGEz @YourDEAFF @PontiacMadeDDG @all_1k Tell em dad 😫 @3000mal Srry @imisspopsmoke Pierre nutted on da beat @YourRAGEz Cap @YourRAGEz Shut the fuck up... @citgostar Where’s the lie @hoesndtattoos Song slapsYou need some “Bitches” bro😭😭😭 @amnaredd Hey (6’17) @ovocartier Lowkeyyyyy @imisspopsmoke @grandwizardcn Aint no way
@joebuddensmama @Akademiks L bum @Akademiks Tell em ak @baddieshmaddie Strawberry @bihdiscolin @yeezusyhristII @ovocartier @bihdiscolin @ovocartier Eat dick n die bum @bihdiscolin @ovocartier U literally garbage as fuck dont ever @ me again pussy @ovocartier Im the best in the gc on god no kiz @1700mal Luv scars chrome heart tags 7am @1700mal 🤬 die @1700mal U copied my @ WTF ! @YourRAGEz @Ronnie2K @KingJames @adinross Damn he just like you @YourRAGEz @Ronnie2K @KingJames @adinross Tf wrong with brohow tf u like men and women and u still single? i guess ur bi-yourself 😭 @imisspopsmoke U trash tho @1700mal First W
@lherealchieff U literally garbage @imisspopsmoke Top 1*** @YourRAGEz Wreed be homeless with no food and got 8 kids, bro u worried bout the wrong cream pie 😭😭 @tayksintern Ea their best btw the way @tayksintern No cap @moaningstarrrr Yo @lakesheezy W but when future uzi coming oit @mirczn Im the goatReal talk y’all bots wouldn’t understand 😎💪‼️💯💯💯
@mulatto @YFNLUCCI Hey
@YourRAGEz Whos yallmfs be like “i got such good music taste” whole time it’s just travis scott 😭😭😭 @drippyxdrank @INTERIORPORN1 ?????? @WeInHidingRn neat ass websitejust got the call RIP bronny @fbgwayne Goat show
@YourRAGEz He cuter den you @syruhhhh Proof @moaningstarrrr Hey lmao @ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA Jaylen the one that gave them a chance tho 🤨🤨🤨 @yoppawontmiss Luv scars > @DonCannon Hacked @DonCannon Ill kill u @fbgwayne They garbage asl heat in 5 @YourRAGEz Olynyk smacked dat bitch
@LILUZIVERT Drop? 😁 @gwuapperr Spidermam 1 @k2spritebeans Uzi future maybe maybe maybeSpiderman 3 is overhated and is fye asf idc idcWhy do these look like they were made on the bo2 emblem creator 😭😭
@4gramsindawood @Harmzv_ Never done this @glizzyfan Miami nice ion see them beating the lakers tho @glizzyfan 🤨 who beating themwithout a doubt the most slander ive seen on here since 2016 Finals
Retweeted by 👾 @hoesndtattoos No clippers lostMarcus Morris told Paul Millsap in game 5 when the clippers were up 56-40, to "get ready to go the fuck home". The…
Retweeted by 👾This man is going to be an NBA champion before Chris Paul you hate to see it 😒 @hoesndtattoos Bangers* @hoesndtattoos Boo 🍅🍅 @YourRAGEz @CashNastyGaming TALK TO EM JOSHY 😜😜😜 @shankscloak @bihdiscolin @SpaceSkulls @SBT445 @4gramsindawood @LilxWhatever @grandwizardcn @k2spritebeans Clippers traded more first round picks (5) for Paul George than field goals he had tonight (4).
Retweeted by 👾 @SpaceSkulls @SBT445 @4gramsindawood @shankscloak @LilxWhatever @grandwizardcn @bihdiscolin @k2spritebeans @WeInHidingRn @k2spritebeans @SpaceSkulls @shankscloak @LilxWhatever @grandwizardcn @bihdiscolin @Certified4PF @SpaceSkulls @shankscloak @LilxWhatever @grandwizardcn @bihdiscolin @k2spritebeans @Certified4PF @6ixint @Saweetie I love u @bihdiscolin No @hoesndtattoos 😐 i hoop almost every day @hoesndtattoos No i need more @bihdiscolin Crowder packed his shitJIMMY BUTLER @krispyyy02 @furrydestroye13 @ExtendoBans Ratioadding “but y’aII not ready for that conversation” does NOT make the shit deep 😭
@ash_kaashh U only ride the starters? That’s good to know because over here at YRG , all the members here are start…
Retweeted by 👾 @LilxWhatever @grandwizardcn @bihdiscolin @k2spritebeans @Certified4PF @6ixint @yoppawontmiss @imisspopsmoke @liltecca @chatniggah DOLLY YESSIRRRRR @bihdiscolin Who tfShe said she’d rather have sex than talk about politics.. so I told her BIDEN👋🏼 @jozuintern 21 verse was nun special 🤨 @imisspopsmoke 🔥🔥🔥 @yoppawontmiss I see me 😊 @YourRAGEz No it isnt bitch @UziisHair @tamazightj @akademiksintern 😭😭😭😭💆‍♂️ @2900mal @sadmango7 Damn 😭😭 @tamazightj @akademiksintern