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If you're struggling to convince the people in your life why your travel plans are the right choice for you, this p…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAF @RachaelCampey "A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them." – Victor Hugo. All the… it possible to enter that remarkable travel-like mindset without ever leaving your hometown?
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To our friends in the UK: please cherish, protect, & continue investing in your healthcare system! Once Big Pharma…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFWe’ve chosen 15 celebrated places—from Machu Picchu to Pisa and Provence—that are worth the trek. Take a look.
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My week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Likes. See yours with week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Likes. See yours with week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Likes. See yours with Experience - What does it mean to you?'ve been pondering what the term Travel Experience means. Here's a blogpost where i where some travel stories & my… budget will only last as long as you planned it to last. Here are five ways to make sure you never run out of…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFLive hygge, be happy.
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#Ad Paid and presented by @Oppo. We’ve all had those days where it’s just too hot to move...
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFWatch Sunsets, not Netflix 😍
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFThis is a profoundly moving start to the day
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Stay warm out there.
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAF"Northern Lights" The aurora borealis in Southern Iceland from a winter trip back in 2016. I'll be back in a couple…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFThese are just a few of our favorite wild places. Where are yours?
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFIceland 🇮🇸
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFWhat makes us happy? These places may hold some of the answers.
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If you’re reading this... You will be successful... Don’t quit.
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFToday marks 6 months since Sophia left this earth. How could this be? While the weight of grief lessens over tim…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFFour experts on cheap travel share their best tips for maximizing value while vacationing
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‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFme realizing me going back i have to change to bad habits my life or else cause idk im a goner…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFLet’s all remember there’s still good in the world....and science is awesome!
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFThis young man is severely colorblind. They are studying colorblindness in class. The school principal brought in s…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFWOW. @coldplay has decided they won’t go on a world tour again till their concerts are carbon neutral. Besides comp…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAF"It’s my favorite place on the planet, there’s no doubt," says National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen.
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@redarrowslover Thank you JoJo
*NEW POST* How To Register On IRCTC Indian Railway Site As A Foreigner so you can book trains in India like a local…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFLet the adventures begin.
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFLong term travel isn't for everyone — and that's okay.
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFTravel photography on Instagram can often feel pretty predictable. So we asked our editors to share their favorite…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFThis fever has affected me a lot. Sore throat, dry mouth, headache, body ache, leg pain, nausea, loss of appetite.…
"To me, volcanoes are the most tangible phenomena showing that our planet is alive," says volcanologist Arianna Sol…
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Women in traditional leadership roles, but also those using their platforms to shape the way we understand the worl…
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KiteBoarding off Capetown, South Africa 🇿🇦 So Cool! 🏄🏻 #KiteSurfing #Wow #TuesdayThoughts
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAF @lovinglonewolf #respect Megz. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Christmas in Vienna, Austria 🎄
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFIt indeed is a moving experience! #natgeo #natgeotravel #travel #travelexperience #nature I think that before everyone goes away, there should be a class on how to properly behave in a hostel 🙄
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFThe is very very very very essential!! #backpacking #travel #hostel #etiquettes a trio of tales from female adventurers who love the sea—and what they learned from venturing into its blu…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFLaguna Beach, California
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFIn the #Galapagos you get cacti growing right on the beach. A pretty incredible thing to see! #travel #Galapagos
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFThe best mornings include howls, grunts, and kisses 🐺 #ThursdayMotivation
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"Turning Away" Humpback whale in the Johan Petersen Fjord, East Greenland #photography #wildlifephotography
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@bernabephoto @ArchesNPS Oh this is just spectacular 🙌🏻✨Fooling around yesterday evening in @ArchesNPS #Utah #photography
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFStep away from the Nordic nation's trendy streets, and you'll find snowy mountains, icy shorelines, and winding roa…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAF @NOMADasaurus @GoPro I think the sea lions and the both of you have a connection! 😄🤙🏻Someone called me a fraud and said they've "saved" more people than me‼️ First of all, if you're counting how many…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFA Haiku for Meghalaya: A cool breeze kissed me A light peck on both my cheeks Then she flew away. #Haiku #travel teach me to love myself, please? I literally feel so inadequate sometimes. All the filters and makeup in th…
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What you lookin' at? This sea lion was a great poser for us. Definitely keep your distance. These guys are not fr…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAF"Steve, I blocked the toilet again" 📹Imgur user frocharocha
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFDreamy sunrise in the tropics
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFSometimes what you need most from New York is a little change of pace.
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barber : what'll it be ? dog : just make me look like a good boy barber : i gotchu (missfancyfunk/lawrencethebarber…
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My week on Twitter 🎉: 7 Likes, 3 Retweets, 3.49K Retweet Reach, 1 New Follower. See yours with week on Twitter 🎉: 7 Likes, 3 Retweets, 3.49K Retweet Reach, 1 New Follower. See yours with… week on Twitter 🎉: 7 Likes, 3 Retweets, 3.49K Retweet Reach, 1 New Follower. See yours with… biggest fans this week: mOQIl, AccTravel, theindiatrail. Thank you! via
Taking care of others can be so rewarding! It can even help our mental health It's important to set boundaries tho…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFLondon, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 via: mylondonfairytales
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAF"Two weeks out of every year during the winter solstice the sun sets directly behind this sea stack," writes Your S…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFWhen you do things from your soul You feel a river moving in you, a joy. Rumi
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFThis article is just another reason why Airbnb isn't what it used to be. The author has stated that Airbnb has yet…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFSkip the crowds in the City of Canals for the surprises of these destinations.
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Me cooking the food I bought with all the “EXPOSURE” I got from working for free. 🤤
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFi am independent - i need no one also me:
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFHappy Halloween everyone!
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Want to give your social media account a little refresh? Have a look at our FREE Social Media resources page! Her…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFMany long-term travelers will face the travel slump at some point or another on their trip...BUT here are the two e…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFI'm a #GP 10 yrs ago, I could refer a patient to see neurology within 6-8 weeks Currently, my patients wait 9-12…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFBIG ANNOUNCEMENT in today's post! Here’s the super-secret project I’ve been plotting and planning for years!
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFIt gets tiring just connecting with people on the internet, it’s time for us to meet IRL from now on.
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFwhere do you see yourself in the future ? me : (Jess Thomas FB)
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#MHCrisisAngels #MentalHealth #PeerSupport
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFIn India's “abode of the clouds," the interwoven roots of living rubber trees have offered safe-passage to traveler…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFI disclose my history of mental illness pretty up front on dates (I don't outright say it but ppl ask after I tell…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFHappy Ningol Chakouba - A social festival celebrated in Manipur to strengthen the bond between the wedded daughters…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFIndia 🇮🇳 is the first nation in the world with trains and a station (in Assam) that runs on solar power. Bravo Indi…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFShared my #1 recommendation for solo travel with @SeekerTravel!
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAFIf you’ve ever: - cried yourself to sleep - taken the day off work because you can’t face leaving the house - wi…
Retweeted by ANIKET SARAF#Pamukkale is in western #Turkey and and a marvel of nature with its mineral-rich thermal waters flowing down white…
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#Mentalhealth & #Mentalillnesses aren't interchangeanble terms. Below is the link to my IG post where I elaborate o… is a really helpful blog, especially if one is just starting out their life in full time travel. Give this a r…
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