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Post an OOC frame of animation that will seem fine, but with context will emotionally wreck a person. don't understand what studios accomplish by showing surprises and spoiler scenes in trailers for films. All it wi… @NickTheIrken Welcome to winter. Where it's buttnumbingly cold and it's hard to get warm.For today's review, we're going to take a look at Blue Sky's sophomore film that focused on robots. It's still a fu… Disney Animation Studios released the first poster of Raya and the Last Dragon and also announced the first tr… @lily_pad_thai Happy birthday Lily!
A new poster variant for Wish Dragon was released that confirms the film will be released sometime next year in Chi… Emperor's New Groove will always have my favorite use of the shoulder angel and devil in a film. It's simply hi… @ElioToons Yes! Absolutely! This was the first Winnie the Pooh film that came out and it hasn't aged a bit!The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh really is such a splendid animated film to watch as its simplistically and c… @lily_pad_thai Awwww.....this is so adorable Lily!!!!!The antagonists Laika has made really are creepy and I love them. @NickTheIrken Sorry to hear that you had to limit your movie marathon. Life sometimes sucks if it gets in the way o…
@tommmoore So gorgeous.One animated film I'm really excited for next year is the DreamWorks film The Bad Guys. The reason why is not just… @NickTheIrken Man, I have no idea how you can make art THIS amazing. It's crazy how much you've grown since you've… a reminder that Over the Moon releases on Netflix on Friday. It's the next new animated movie of the year comi… love how tense the crossing the road scene from Toy Story 2 is. The one element of this scene I love most is how… @NickTheIrken Wow. I think it might've actually broken you, Nick. And keep in mind, I know you've seen some weird films and stuff. xD @NickTheIrken Oh boy. That's certainly interesting. xD @Crimson_Mayhem_ I'm eager to see your take on Toy Story! @Amikko_Creator I'm not reviewing it, don't worry.I don't know what's the weirdest fact about that Bobblehead animated film. The fact that Cher and the director of B…
@StormTheArtist It's also from the guy who made Foodfight too.I really want to thank all of you guys for all of the love and support. You really are all amazing and I have no id… @sp_2233 You stay up too late and your mind can shut off and go to sleep in an instant. It's happened before. xDHave some gorgeous concept art from Dumbo. @Crimson_Mayhem_ It's also funnier when you realize that Disney wanted to make a Wizard of Oz film after Snow White… Trick Moon trending really shows that people are exceptionally disappointed the short isn't getting turned i…
@blue_jetpack Sony Pictures Animation. @sp_2233 I'm extremely disappointed too. Maybe one day we'll see get picked up as a show, maybe on another network.… @Crimson_Mayhem_ A reason why they never made it back when Walt was alive is he thought people couldn't tolerate hi…'m still really excited for Connected whenever it's gonna come out. It's easily one of my most anticipated animate…'s a pencil test of the opening scene in The Emperor's New Groove. It's some fantastic animation to open up one… @Toon4Thought I barely remember Legends of Oz: Dorthy's Return even though I know I watched and reviewed it, and th… @sp_2233 It was really crazy. Everything was down for an hour and the website wasn't back to normal for almost two… @WhiteBearCommu1 The award ceremony that honors the best in animation.It's been announced that the next Annie Awards to be held in April will be held virtually rather than a full-on pre…
Twitter sure acted strangely for an hour. and the Tramp really is a real charmer. new animated show from Titmouse was announced for CBS All Access called The Harper House. It will star Rhea Seeho… @miyanoai I watched the film again, he untied it after cutting the rope though offscreen.The animation of the supernova scene in Treasure Planet is seriously amazing. This whole sequence is easily one of… final teaser trailer for Soul was just released. What else can I say that I haven't about this film? It looks l…
Some first looks of new animated Nickelodeon shows debuted on Variety today including first looks at Big Nate and t… Bros. Animation has announced that Tony-nominated director Alex Timbers will direct the Wizard of Oz film, T… has announced that they have expanded their partnership with award-winning animator Jorge Gutierrez. This m… @AngelBa62983017 Actually, it's not. His last animated performance was Happy Feet Two.Sony Pictures Animation has announced they are working with Hair Love director Matthew A. Cherry on a new animated… @Angelo_Lorenzo There's a reason why. Both films were based off the art of William Joyce.I'm amazed at how well the animation in Robots has held up. For a film from 2005, this animation has aged like fine… @RiseFallNick I swear I just finished watching the film only half an hour before you tweeted this. Talk about coincidence. O_O @sp_2233 Amazing drawing SP! I am amazed at how you can really nail art styles just like that!I'm sad to hear that actress Conchata Ferrell passed away at the age of 77. While most will remember her for her ro…
How to Train Your Dragon is a combination of perfect ingredients. Even though the story has been told before, the a… @MisterCoat I agree with your points on director's cut of films. It usually depends on which film you're watching.… @AlgenIsHereLOL I still haven't seen Home on the Range believe it or not. I'm gonna get to it soon so stay tuned. @JayTrexe That's so good! Love the use of colored pencils here! Makes it look like watercolors!For today's review, we're gonna take a look at what is often called Disney Animation's worst film. While it's not g… love how crazy the animation in the mad tea party scene in Alice in Wonderland gets. The animation gets crazier a… @RiseFallNick I'm really see it again! I loved it so much when I saw it last month thanks to a TIFF… Docter sure knows how to make visually stunning animated movies.
@Christi48923564 Gaston also tried to kill the Beast and throw Belle's father into an asylum. That's pretty nasty if I'd say so myself. @Heinsenberg2008 The Horned King in The Black Cauldron is probably the biggest example for me. He doesn't do anythi… @animewatcher78 Not really. An antagonist is a character that opposes the goal of the protagonist. A villain is alw… thing with film villains that I hate is if they're considered evil but don't really do anything villainous thro… @AndrewKaiko It's real. @dtoons_news From what I've seen and read, yes. He probably isn't involved with this show.Disney Channel has greenlit a new cartoon from Dan Povermine called Hamster and Gretel. It will focus on a young g… @Knuckles020 @OOCCouchGags Yep! @lily_pad_thai I saw it thanks to a TIFF screening and it was amazing. Best animated movie of the year so far. I really recommend it. @lily_pad_thai Wolfwalkers. It's an animated movie by Cartoon Saloon. @Andiironda Yep!December is gonna be a good month for animation. @NickTheIrken Animation and movies mostly.
@sp_2233 I KNOW. ABOUT TIME! DECEMBER IS GONNA BE A GOOD MONTH FOR ANIMATION!After a year hiatus, it's been announced that the second season of Hilda will finally premiere on Netflix sometime… new clip of Animaniacs just dropped and it parodied the introduction scene of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. I'm… car chase climax of One Hundred and One Dalmatians has always been one of my favorites in animation. Also, seei… years ago today My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic debut on TV screens. This little show really ended up becom…
Netflix Animation has announced they are planning to try to make at least 6 animated movies a year. That really see… has announced they are making a documentary about how Soul was made remotely during the pandemic. This is som… @lily_pad_thai Congrats Lily! You deserve them!One thing I love about Bambi is that despite how cutesy Disney tries to make it seem, it's actually far more mature… @NickTheIrken I don't mind Doritos, but I greatly prefer Ruffles.I really love how gorgeous the backgrounds in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are. These were painted with watercol… love how Inside Out perfectly encapsulates sadness in the film, both literally and metaphorically. This scene is… @MikeIsAHuman Back to the Future was one of the films that really sparked my love of film and led me to really want…
Over the Garden Wall is one of the most beautiful pieces of animation ever put on television. It's such a beautiful… @Heinsenberg2008 I actually like Bolt so I don't think the premise is stupid.You remember that scene in Bolt where the pigeons talk about adding aliens to the show and then at the end of the f… @NickTheIrken It looks like so much fun! The animation looks amazing!Netflix has announced a new animated action series called Blue Eye Samurai. It's about a mixed-race master of the s… Ghost and Molly McGee looks like so much fun from what I've seen from the New York Comic-Con. This animation lo… @VictorWatchmen It's a reference to Eisenstein's film Battleship Potempkin. There's a famous sequence called the Od… Beauty and the Beast, there's a moment in the scene where the villagers attempt to attack the castle where a bab… often wonder why the cleaner scene from Toy Story 2 is often cited as being one of the most relaxing scenes in fi… @cutthroatmutt She was and Nolan was one of the people who voiced her. @WallgrenR I knew that as a kid and it was a little shocking. Not nearly as much as finding out that the same actre…'m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Jeanette Nolan voiced both Widow Tweed in The Fox and the Hou…