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@EerSteel @Variety Have you spent any time around aspiring actors? A lot of them are poor as hell and have to work… @EerSteel @Variety See, again. That is an opinion. You do not enjoy reading celebrity interviews. That doesn’t mean the celebrity is stupid. @EerSteel @Variety And them not struggling or knowing what a normal person goes through is also just in your head.… @EerSteel @Variety Saying that most of them are dumb is making stuff up. That is not a fact, but a feeling that you… @MikeDrop66 @keoskey @AndreuRubies @X_gamer_kid So you can get a PC for the low, low price of twice what you’d spen… @TMevo22 @RV_Fanatic @XboxGamePass Yeah, but there will/should be an influx of actual new players. So hopefully the… @HannibalQHam @ee_flanders @girlsreallyrule How about you share some examples of Biden being transactional. Shouldn… @breisel_ @everybodywant11 @Variety My purpose was to point out the difference between the Biden and Trump campaign…
@JoshAnimator What are they gonna do? Sign a law ordering everyone else to be gay too? @sugardaddyspark @Variety It’s almost as though I were joking. @ballmatthew @cartoonbrew The CG Lion King made about a billion and a half dollars. That’s quite the fraction. @thederek6_9 @Variety Kirstie Alley was the mom on Home Improvement. Scott Baio was on a show called Mork & Mindy. @nicejustin69 @Variety Is that not enough?!? @ChocolateReyes3 @NFLonFOX @Verizon They made it to the conference championship last year. @xtina_fighter2 @EerSteel @Variety And I got blocked. For... some reason? @xtina_fighter2 @EerSteel @Variety But Trump oversaw major tax reform. Why would there be loopholes that benefit rich people? @xtina_fighter2 @EerSteel @Variety Why wouldn’t it? @DragonEmpress4 @pcseidcns @everybodywant11 @Variety Yep, talking about emotions as though they’re a bad thing that… @oyasumiotsukare @jenand @Variety Sorry about that, I honestly wasn’t trying to bait anyone! It was just a miscalcu… @EerSteel @Variety Do you realize that you’re just sort of making shit up and presenting it as fact? @EerSteel @Variety The bulk of Trump’s base didn’t go to college at all, yet they sure don’t hold back when it come… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety I live in California. I like it. @DragonEmpress4 @ppbutt6 @everybodywant11 @Variety I’ve seen so many people make this point and it’s annoying anyti… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety Right, but a pandemic like covid happens about once in a lifetime. Kinda why I said it. @DragonEmpress4 @pcseidcns @everybodywant11 @Variety Nah, I’ve met liberal women. They’re all smarter than you. @DragonEmpress4 @ppbutt6 @everybodywant11 @Variety Yeah, thinking for himself is the reason they put a 5150 on him... @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety Haha It’s such a terrible analogy that Trump himself used it countless times.… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety And you think swine flu is on the same level as covid? @dioncj356 @Variety Hmm. You telling me that my obsession with celebrity is the reason Trump got elected sooooorta… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety I like that you think our country is the greatest on the planet, but also think… @dioncj356 @Variety Okay, fine. I’ll answer your question that has nothing to do with anything I’d said. Yes, I th… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety He didn’t close the country down to travel. He banned Chinese people. Others st… @dioncj356 @Variety Do you see that you’ve assigned a point of view to me? Why do I have to defend a position that I didn’t take? @LoriHyrup @Variety Lori, have you ever attempted a sarcastic tweet only to have it blow up in your face? I know I have. @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety What? How many people do you know who’ve died during the pandemic? @dioncj356 @Variety Are you for real? Celebrity endorsements being important to me (by the way, they aren’t) is no… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety Now you’re starting to understand why Trump washed his hands of the whole thing… @dioncj356 @Variety When did I ever say celebrity is an indicator of good governance? Why are you arguing a point… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety You are treating a conspiracy theory as fact. I don’t get why people so easily… @dioncj356 @Variety You know, this’d sting a little more if Trump hadn’t tweeted out a Jon Voight video less than 2… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety It is hundreds of thousands. That is a piece of verifiable information. Just be… @forsythdanoh @Variety Yes. @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety By precautionary steps you mean, what, his travel ban from China? Are you awar… @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety Are we not able to cite the insane death toll as proof that his ideas were bad? @ChrisDuhFallBoi @Variety I know, man. I was just being silly. @Hurricane0073 @Variety Yes, I agree with you. Trump doesn’t need celebrities, he just really cares about them. @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety Which of Trump’s ideas for combating the virus are your favorite? @DragonEmpress4 @everybodywant11 @Variety Wait a second... are you NOT being sarcastic? @KoalaHidden @Sarcastiman1 @Variety You say that as though Trump has any ideas. @TheChivGaming @Variety Time will be the ultimate decider. Twenty years from now, nobody’s gonna remember the Marve… @ConceptGoesOwO @Variety She sure rang Trump’s. @chqtter @Variety They were huge a long time ago, but nobody really cares about them now outside of nostalgia. In… @AMERICA69992827 @Variety You gonna sit there and act like Trump doesn’t try to leverage any star power he’s got at his disposal? @IloatheMAGAts @jenand @Variety It actually makes me happy to see so many people rush to put me in my place. I just… @AMERICA69992827 @Variety The people who pretend not to care about it. @Sabres1026 @Variety Those same people seem to like it when the parrot says something they agree with, though. @ChrisDuhFallBoi @Variety You might be a little too old. They mostly appeal to today’s youth. @senchi3_ @Variety Yep. The Sony Baio. I think they were real popular in the 80s. @Cucacota @Variety That was by choice. @Hurricane0073 @Variety I guess that’s why Trump tweeted out a video of Jon Voight yesterday. And why Scott Baio sp… @livininthereel2 @jenand @Variety I know! I would have been out 36 dollars! @drepsx3 @therebel2077 Haha You sure you know what accolades are? @drepsx3 @therebel2077 So this holiday, they’ll have a choice between a PS5 or Xbox. Do you think that a Halo fan w… @drepsx3 @therebel2077 Halo was a launch game almost 20 years ago. Ever since it’s just been an Xbox game. Therefor… @jenand @Variety I woulda bet every dollar I have that everyone would know I was being sarcastic, but I guess my tw… @drepsx3 @therebel2077 What if I want to play Halo? @klgrube @jonvoight @realDonaldTrump Absolutely! All of Hollywood’s biggest, most relevant stars are on the Trump Train! @drepsx3 @therebel2077 Oh my gosh, are you seriously this dense? There aren’t zero games! @drepsx3 @therebel2077 Haha I’d love to know how it wasn’t “on topic.” You sarcastically said people don’t care ab…
@everybodywant11 @Variety @JonSmit95824977 @Variety You should look up sarcasm in the dictionary. @drepsx3 @therebel2077 I get that PS5 has more exclusives at launch. But really, do you think that the type of game… @drepsx3 @therebel2077 Exactly what I said in my previous tweet. We know that Xbox, with all of its new first party… @Variety Big deal. Trump’s got some star power in his corner too. Do the names Kirstie Alley or Scott Baio ring any bells? @PS_MasterRace @XcloudTimdog The only way you’ll play Bethesda games on PS5 (aside from those that already had deal… @drepsx3 @ksmith447 @therebel2077 @TWTHEREDDRAGON Except your argument is that launch is so very important, and you… @posoem @DebbieSVA @MariaBartiromo @SenRonJohnson @FoxNews @SundayFutures So, did you actually read this article? @drepsx3 @ksmith447 @therebel2077 @TWTHEREDDRAGON I’m know that I’m going to want to play Halo Infinite, and I’ll w… @throck_jonathan @DialgaMarine @Romudeth You answered your own question.
@Jmlluna23b @FPSsicks @mobeydic @TigerCA123 @PressStartKofi Haha Yeah, Sony’s very own corporate report isn’t to be trusted. @Baddmannz @Juan68878833 @TigerCA123 @IGN Use your words. I don’t know what you’re trying to convey with that. You… @Baddmannz @Juan68878833 @TigerCA123 @IGN Wait, you’ve been an Xbox fan since 2005 but now, when Xbox is about to l… @skrubpub @PluckyDux @_XboxNews Yeah, but that’s sort of exactly what their business plan is. You won’t have an Xbo… @Ruddy1522 @_XboxNews They may not know “Bethesda” but I bet they know Skyrim or Fallout or Doom or other Bethesda games. @Firebirdies @PluckyDux @_XboxNews Skyrim is one of the most popular games of all time. You think a ton of people a… @skrubpub @PluckyDux @_XboxNews So, if you’re playing those games on PC they suddenly aren’t crap? @godofradio @HillStank @CatchABrother I know. That’s why I did ask him. Remember? My tweet was a reply to him! Then you showed up. @godofradio @HillStank @CatchABrother Give me a break. @godofradio @HillStank @CatchABrother In the tweet that kicked all this off, the guy said “they” want to abolish th… @godofradio @HillStank @CatchABrother @myBurbankNEWS I mean... it was only two sentences. In the first, I said that… @godofradio @HillStank @CatchABrother @myBurbankNEWS So you picked one line from my tweet, ignoring the overall poi… @godofradio @CatchABrother Yeah, but it’s not up to you to decide what I said. I never said that nobody ever had an… @godofradio @CatchABrother Can you maybe explain to me how this makes sense as a response to what I said? I’m sayi… @godofradio @CatchABrother @myBurbankNEWS And you think a handful of signs is indicative of how most people feel?… @DatHertz @sanjagauthier @audreycnn @CNN I didn’t call you a name. I did say you were dumb, but that’s not a name,… @sanjagauthier @audreycnn @CNN So what? Are there any tests that show positive and end up NOT meaning little? Not… @CatchABrother @myBurbankNEWS Have you taken the time to actually try to see what most people are advocating for? O… @DatHertz @sanjagauthier @audreycnn @CNN Dude... that’s not how they test for pneumonia. The things you’re saying…
@DatHertz Holy crap you’re dumb @DatHertz @sanjagauthier @audreycnn @CNN So, even if you’re totally wrong, you can just say “No” and people will think you’re right?