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@40yoMoomer Made it 🥵 @batkaitom You should @AC031151 Just happy to see Johan here 😌 @yuujiiiss Nice 😼 @yuujiiiss Balls in my face @animegg6 Never heard of it @DekuNarusegawa DefinitelyIf there was a list of worst anime’s to live in, Parasyte has to be at least top 5 @VioletsRailgun Doing great 👍 @RedEyedAngel589 Yeah at this point I’m just gonna post whatever, anime is 7 years old if you get spoiled sucks to suck @VioletsRailgun I used to play it 4 years ago @TobitoKaisen The people who answer it are worse then the ones who ask @SlashBeuh You down horrendous, I respect it @shinigamispace 😔 @Los1492 Just go to his account it’s just all questions 😭 @omar44720127 No I mean they act like one just asking questions 24/7 @hulkgamerxx A terrifying sight…Legit a straight up bot 😭 @WillSimpsRin @VioletsRailgun If you mean Parasyte then yes I am @MaseresuAki @VioletsRailgun Don’t lie you do too @VioletsRailgun I wouldn’t mind if she sucked me with her vacuum @0swaldo1019 I usually watch sub and yeah I’m really enjoying it 👌 @RileyKizu Mf so desperate 🤡 @BasedLuffy56 Honestly that doesn’t really bother me at all @VioletsRailgun Zazan: “I’m the queen of this world” Fietan: “Ha bitch please” @Klaziks12 DO IT @W4YVANGEL Watched the first 5 episodes so far and it’s been incredibly interesting and dark @endisobjective I feel bad for everyone who lives in that world @VioletsRailgun My goat @BMLegacy_ Yes @VioletsRailgun LMAO that’s what I’m saying ☠️This is so disturbing I fucking love it @TomTerminator11 Interesting, I should get to YYH soon
@batkaitom LETS GOOOO @Grid_Glxy 🖕 @Grid_Glxy BUM @Grid_Glxy NOW @Grid_Glxy ME @Grid_Glxy ANSWER @Grid_Glxy Right? @Grid_Glxy Me @Grid_Glxy Answer @Grid_Glxy Gonna @Grid_Glxy You @Grid_Glxy Far? @Grid_Glxy So @Grid_Glxy Been @Grid_Glxy Day @Grid_Glxy Your @Grid_Glxy Has @Grid_Glxy How @Grid_Glxy Way @Grid_Glxy Either @Grid_Glxy But @Grid_Glxy About @Grid_Glxy Talking @Grid_Glxy Are @Grid_Glxy You @Grid_Glxy What @Grid_Glxy Know @Grid_Glxy Don’t @Grid_Glxy I @str6fes Your second W ever @thatalidon Blessing your kids fr @Spoticus12 @Luminus3_ The manga does continue, not just that but there is planned to be even more but the author i… @ITsRAZA6 Knuckle is like 10th for me, understandable he was great too @VioletsRailgun I’m listening loud and clear @trentislivin Imagine not @YuriPursuer He’s too amazing to be on this grid @rod_flare This show gonna be crazy 😭 @Los1492 As long as Meruem and Gon are top 3 it’s a W 👌 @Happygumpjoby Sub, unless I hear the dub is great I just watch sub @VarietySB Crazy how Leorio solos him 🤡 @VioletsRailgun RIP BOZO 😂😂😂👎👎👎 @TobitoKaisen Totally made for children 👌 @da_steex If so then sign me upFirst 20 seconds. Off to a nice and pleasant start ☺️ @ItsJoshawott My mom don’t even have TikTok on her phone lmao @JourneyDbz Well you should cause it’s true @ItsJoshawott My mom uses Facebook 💀 @notcjounin Yessir, him and Knuckle are the sleepers of the CA arc @witniino He was always at the top 🗿 @TrulyKaito I would say Knuckle is probably 11th for me @sagesofsixpaths I would say he my favorite from the phantom troupe (minus Chrollo) @SuperSaiyanBlu9 Yessir wished Kurapika got more spotlight though @FurkiJow No not that, I just don’t have him over these 9 @FurkiJow @pain_DS2 Ty 😌 @FurkiJow 🗿 @BenjiLovesAoT He’s underrated imo, loved when he was on screen @Raeven_LoL Pitou is 10th @NexPcy Not here 🥶Here is a 3x3 of my favorite HxH characters (In order 😌) @ceo_itsuki I’m unknowledgeable who is the one in the bottom left 🗿 @LukaZer0 Damn nice @VioletsRailgun Damn get ready bro once you get to the second half of the arc is when shit gets down @VioletsRailgun Where you at 👀 @jawi3113 Gm 😌 @Murkthemayor Thanks bro 😌🙏 @thatalidon I’ll like it, though I haven’t seen Gintama so I can’t relate with it 🥶