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Ėgg @animegg6 Old enough to drink in the US

we all have our opinions, good vibes required 🤙🏻

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Doc is trying to take his challenge to goWho paid danny green 😐I love basketball
Literally the best part @OverallMugiwara 🙋🏻‍♂️this guy @AnimefanJ11 Strawberrys @shelovesluffy You too my g @shelovesluffy After work im probably gonna play skyrim and do laundry @friendlychimera Hey it happens, great episodeAnd we’ll respect his privacy and space during this time. When he’s ready, we will embrace our brother with love an…
Retweeted by ĖggGood morning, watch what you want going wildrt if you're older than twitter
Retweeted by Ėgg @friendlychimera Season 1 was kinda meh but seasons 2 and 3 made up for it for me @friendlychimera Fruits basket had me going through it @SangenshokuJr Nothing too good, nothing too bad very neutralMe when I see football and anime fans beefing:
Retweeted by ĖggHome from work early, i dont know what to do now, this never happens @friendlychimera Glad you like it!
Thanks to @Quiet_Warrior99 for inspiration @shelovesluffy Right here sword @TheAnimeAthlete Not wanting to go to work but you know how it is @TheAnimeAthlete Good morning morning my friends, enjoy the moment, watch an anime that was recommended to you @3V4NGELION Hello drawing- no clue how to draw something *draws a single line that perfectly does what i want it to* Me- im Pic…
Good morning! Have a nice day ahead 💛
Retweeted by Ėgg @shelovesluffy Pain @AnimefanJ11 Code geass isnt for me @Quiet_Warrior99 Either 😂Imagine being younger than one piece cbm22 years ago today One Piece first aired! What's your favorite straw hats moment? ☠️✨
Retweeted by Ėgg @shelovesluffy You’re gonna make a comeback, i feel it @shelovesluffy No way
Retweeted by ĖggGood morning, lets hype pur favorites series while not putting other ones down @Quiet_Warrior99 Thats a good one tbh, gimme like 2 days and i gotchu @Quiet_Warrior99 Its like my bones are frozen or something give me drawing inspiration, but not characters, im not great at drawing characters i tend to draw things/objects from animeThat awkward cold were you cant get warm no matter what @TheAnimeAthlete 2012?!Without revealing your age, post your favorite video game that came out the year you turned 12.… revengers
@RoyReadsManga Same!! @AnimefanJ11 Shes close to the top for me @RoyReadsManga Anime and non-anime @erichimmelheber @NBAonTNT Yikes, thats pretty bad @erichimmelheber @NBAonTNT What did they do? @moc_dude A sixers fan unfortunatley @shelovesluffy Hello intimidate me @ShamsCharania @PokemusPrimal 26 🤙🏻 @MarkusManaka This one morning party people @Hisoka_X_Illumi Aside from rimuru yeah @shelovesluffy @shelovesluffy Its getting colder, you dont need the window go with AC @shelovesluffy Whats wrong with the window? And which oneNgl the cast of slime is pretty great all around @TheAnimeAthlete They apparently just dont want to see yours @shelovesluffy Who can
Lemme know @kellyjez1 Its probably the best anime ive watched IMO, some people think its slow but i think its real goodMight need to get on thats steinsgate rewatch soon @lnvxted You dont have to go outside to expand your horizonsGood morning, expand your horizons todayIdk about y’all but to me if like 10 people say the same anime is underrated, to me i dont consider that underrated anymore @JustSomeWiseGuy I just did!Josuke is already pretty great @friendlychimera Well thats good! @friendlychimera Its okay i dropped it once two
@sonofkojiro Do you?Finished slime last night gonna start jojo pt 4 today @shelovesluffy Folding laundry watching slime @erichimmelheber Both are just as heavily underrated, there is no bad choice @erichimmelheber Well underrated is pretty obvious so i wont say deca dence Underrated: barakamon Overhated: MHA masterpiece: steinsgate @erichimmelheber 1. Agree 2. Agree 3. I see the argument
@__Poke___ I disagree respectfullyWhen the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that aren’t actually goats part 3
Retweeted by ĖggGood morning, enjoy life today
@friendlychimera @shelovesluffy Pretty stressful lately, people are just irritating here @shelovesluffy @shelovesluffy I havent even watched gintama and elizabeth is one of my favsGoats that aren’t actually goats part 3 morning, watch something someone recommended to you are sleeping on sakugan and it shows @shelovesluffy Its something that i put off putting out into the world for a while now, i know it comes as a shock @friendlychimera Im sorry to disappoint time, I’m not actually an eggWhen people color manga panels/their own drawings how do you know where to put shadows and how dark to make shadows…
I got mad respect for the people who consistently post anisnd or even consider doing it🤞🏽
Retweeted by ĖggMade it to 600, y’all some real ones @shelovesluffy That is true @__Poke___ No way @shelovesluffy 🤙🏻Ayo one more, pretty please