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Animist @Animist_ Tulsa, OK

dalton | they/them | BLM | 21 | rapper | engineer | beat maker | 1/8th of @wearesaros | DM 4 INQUIRE$ |

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i’m all for people talking about politics but treating politicians like they’re celebrities is so fucking weird to metwitter can’t go a week without idolizing a politiciani watch them while making beats. i just like looking at itin the last 24 hours i’ve watched like 18 hours of minecraft videosthe mix thru my speaker sounds terriblecloser @chrismfchinn what @ianinthewater imma kms4K
Retweeted by Animist @its_achille @Veeapollo LETS GOOOOO!!!! 001 OUT NOW BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE Buy here: Cover art by @Veeapollo i hope you en…
Retweeted by Animistthe sample jus made me bust a nutnext month ☝🏽
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@ianinthewater monkey paste @ray_gurrola @WeAreSAROS @TrillWalton503 atleast they’re talking to me 💯 @WeAreSAROS @ray_gurrola @TrillWalton503 oh haha thank u saros. u flatter me @shonenultra @itsApollosHarp @WeAreSAROS i appreciate it ❤️both @itsApollosHarp and @WeAreSAROS collectives have been killing it with recent drops!! much love to those involv…
Retweeted by AnimistI’m excited to announce my debut album “Azul” will be releasing Feb 19 With production from the amazing…
Retweeted by Animist @Cno2J @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo it actually scares me how okay you are with this because that means if given the… @Cno2J @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo he actually did something bro what are u talking about. he manipulated and got nu…
Retweeted by Animistdoing verses for $80 until june spread the word tho 🤩🌎👀
Retweeted by Animist @DHLdon @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo u really don’t see a problem in an 18 year old doing that ? @DHLdon @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo in what way is their life getting ruined forever ? just because i want the perso… @DHLdon @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo “obviously that wasn’t right” then why tf are y’all defending him. it’s weird th… @flyinglotus @DHLdon @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo i think there’s a difference in dating and using your platform to persuade 17 year olds to send u nudeswow this is beautiful saying both... so when do i get to sleep ? @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo please think about it then. your attitude builds complacency and allows breathing room f… should start using this one @TrillWalton503 @Jedos_ a flower can’t grow without a little bit of sunshinesunshine by @Animist_ and @Jedos_
Retweeted by Animist @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo you’re making excuses for a pedophile. you are actively defending what he did. what in t… @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo so you’re “pretty sure” that attacker said that the victim forgave him. you’re not takin… @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo why are you showing forgiveness when u aren’t the victim ? you really think u have the r… @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo i really hope u get help @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo if u really don’t see the problem in what you’re doing let me explain. you’re letting it… @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo i know you’re defending someone who’s over the age of 18 asking a minor for nudes. i don… @NickEnaigbe say lessthis was meant for the priv @midairbandit @kidkyros “animist laid in bed and watched minecraft videos for 4 hours this morning” @midairbandit @kidkyros @animistupdatestap in ! NEW PROJECT BARCOTICS OUT NOW ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS ‼️👇🏾
Retweeted by Animist @jakeRH99 @childisflamingo you’re a fucking weirdo. ur 21 and defending this type of behavior. wouldn’t be surprised if u do the same shit @Q_Prodigal @skorwhy @WeAreSAROS we love y’all too ! always an honor to collab wit y’allNah frfr tho to echo what @skorwhy said...I love y’all @WeAreSAROS the mutual love and respect we have between our…
Retweeted by Animist @blandbutfunny cause the pitchfork review wasn’t written by a white critic @golden2thagrave what happened ?navy blue on instagram today 😂 @bearbeare ?bad bitches did damage to my mentalthis is my favorite video of all timegood morning reveal every tuesday night got the siifu feature????? Saros taking off fr
Retweeted by Animist @bigflowersworld would* @bigflowersworld that wools be dopestaring at the ceiling telling myself i want this more than anythingHYPE
Retweeted by Animist @playyboimarti this is the only way i can fall asleep and how i went to sleep the past 6 yearsreleased this beat on apple music. it will be on spotify soonish probably idk @IoneIystar_ @lifeofjuliann BRO WHATanother one 📲
Retweeted by Animist @Kehlani thanks, ur not bad urselfyou prayed for this and don’t even realize it’s in front of you
Retweeted by Animist @Veeapollo @ray_gurrola lmaoooo @Veeapollo @ray_gurrola i think ur overpaying the man @ray_gurrola *crickets @PEACHISAMYTH soon ! @ray_gurrola that’s gonna be $1k for the animist placement @ray_gurrola but fr i got the most recent one written to and it’s gonna be on my debut sometime this year @ray_gurrola u think imma rap on one of your beats ? AHAHAHAHA @Animist_ You sitting on two of my beats rn
Retweeted by Animist @numbmoi @ray_gurrola mannnnnWe may have got it
Retweeted by Animist @checktherhyme1 the tape would cause the packs i send out i don’t charge. just artists i wanna work withi like sending out packs the only problem is a lot of beats get lost cause idk if the rapper gonna use them or not… @jackiescan 😂😂 thats fr what they always say @C__Mischief imma send a pack to u and then beat tape @jackiescan when they fuck up splitting the swisher u know it’s going downhillwhat should i do
Retweeted by Animisti rlly got like 3 projects worth of raps sitting in my notes @skorwhy also shoutout u, i’m super excited for this tape u and ded abt to drop. both of y’all been killing it @skorwhy ❤️❤️Shout out to SAROS man everyone in that mad pleasant
Retweeted by Animist“honey wake up, it’s time to work on music until 5 am”i swear i always get motivation as i’m bout to sleep @jackiescan ❤️ keep up the good work bro1 of the best compliments ive gotten 🖤 @Animist_
Retweeted by Animisteverybody dropping and announcing stuff really got me wanting to drop again. february looking kinda nice tbhGo get that shit!!
Retweeted by AnimistAll the beats are from me on this project
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