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@jsim0 Oh, my God. That is so sweet, Josh. I wish it existed here. Truth is I had to create it because even back in… @everythingloria Yes! @chantelacevedo Acevedo’s #Musequad.If a mask mandate is an infringement of rights, why is controlling a uterus a function of government?
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoEstamos matando la Pequeña Habana con demasiado “desarrollo”. La PQ que amo, cada vez más solo vive en mi novela, L… are killing Little Havana with too much development. The LH I love is increasingly only alive in my novel, The C… Wright
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoI am excited for this partnership with Disney across all of its platforms to elevate Black and Brown directors, cre…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado“Yo, Ennio Morricone, he muerto”: la conmovedora carta de amor y despedida del compositor italiano
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As a landlord, I support eviction moratoriums and rent assistance during COVID. But if governments are going to sus… #ficciones #crónicas #entrevistas #escritores #periodistas #libros #conversacionesnocturnas ¿lo escuchast…
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@KarinaGidi A él le da lo mismo. El dinero lo ha convertido en un blanco privilegiado.Ugh... Not now, Sir, we have problems already.
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado50 years ago was yesterday. Wooow.
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @unpoetaloco @SrdelosCielosHD @netflix Oh, George. I’ll do you one better... a former lawyer translated as un abogado formal. 😣Ah yes, my new home lol.
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@AriCisco @BooksandBooks will order them for you. Contact Raquel Roque there. She knows them all.also - listen to Bowie For this is not America, sha la la la la, sha la la la la, sha la la la la
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoWe don't talk enough about what a great artist he was.
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoPara algunos #CharlesWilleford es el padre de la #literatura de #Miami y para otros otros el del nuevo #noir. ¿Qué…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @AriCisco It has come to that. You’re so lucky to not be in Florida to see what’s happening with people defending t…én es Fabián Gutiérrez, de secretario de máxima confianza de Cristina a arrepentido en Cuadernos
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado¿Dónde están esas novelas? No hallarán mejores lectores que los jueces de este primer ciclo. Si no terminas nada, n… @anjanettedelgad
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Check out the inaugural issue of @mqr_tweets MixTapes! Endlessly grateful to @evagbo for giving my beloved Dolore…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoEl sello editorial cumple cinco años y lo celebra con un premio de novela. #SEdPremioDeNovela Tienes tiempo hasta e…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado#checkitout 👇🏼
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado😭😭😭 "gorgeous small heart explosion" : LOVE you, friend!
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado“Backstage del sueño Americano” #coralgables #gables #miami #alleyway
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoGracias por compartir @jorgecarrion21
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @naidasaavedra ¡Y a mí! (Me pasa mucho.) 😣This group of badass @vonavoices writers/thinkers. They’re brilliant, creative, generous, funny, strong and so damn…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoThree days until #MUSESQUAD is here! Time to choose your muse;) What kind of inspiration are you hoping for today?…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoEl historiador @eliaspino advierte que está en marcha la destrucción de la República, no sólo por los intentos del…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @chantelacevedo Wow. Wow. :( @camilopino Buenísima idea, Camilo. Es una manera de conectar más a los que ya hemos leído. Tengo mil cosas que vi… @luisito1607 @Vinny19933 @wsvn @luisito1607 is exactly right. @NPR Hey lets put our opinions aside & ask more, like why she feels that way? Is it b/c she's brown & maybe people…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado"I started to realize that even though I'm American, and America's the only place that I know, I don't feel like th…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoPresident Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have repeatedly attributed the increase in the coronavirus cas…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoVietnan is proof you don’t have to be a wealthy island country to conquer #Covid19. Vietname shows you just had to…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoI’m not gonna ‘we told you so!’ Herman Cain, who’s being treated for #COVID19 after attending a rally maskless. I’…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @MayorGimenez I’ve been in the ER at Jackson Memorial for the past 7 hours - for a blood clot not COVID - and the a…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @MayorGimenez @SFL4Hillary We need a lockdown. I have pre-existing conditions and have been locked at home since Ma…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @MayorGimenez You either do a full 30 day lockdown of everyone and let the virus die and no one else can spread it…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @MayorGimenez Why the nightly curfew? Does covid-19 only spread at night?
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoThey gonna literally do everything but give @Kaepernick7 a job. Next week they're gonna sell Kente cloth jerseys.
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoI am SO TIRED of the @NFL with all their blackety black acts of insincere symbolism while continuing to IGNORE the…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoFree our brothers, sisters and siblings! ✊🏾
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoY ahora, a leer Las experiencias de @TheAntonioAdo. @camilopino Es que la pasé muy bien con tu novela. Ahora tienes que escribir los periferales: Instituto postal tele… tu novela #cremaparaiso, querido @camilopino. Creo que lo único que me gusta más que !@#$%& son las últimas…
@kenyonreview Yes.(Espero que no la "suiciden" y termine su vida en la cárcel) Ghislaine Maxwell, Associate of Jeffrey Epstein, Is Ar…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoYa casi se me acaba Crema Paraíso, @camilopino. Estoy en Alemania comiendo perros calientes venezolanos con limonad… que los premios made in Spain (los tres mas importantes) siempre los ganan escritores que sacan libros por es…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoEl sello editorial cumple cinco años y lo celebra con un premio de novela. #SEdPremioDeNovela Tienes tiempo hasta e…
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La editorial @suburbanocom cumple cinco años y lo celebra con un premio de novela. Plazo hasta el 15 de noviembre.…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoCan’t believe I wasn’t actually following @Gabino_Iglesias before. Apparently, everyone I follow has a following an…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @fabyjosaphat 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️🥰🥰😷😱🤣😂😅😉🌷❤️often, writing feels like using your hands to cry.
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @anjanettedelgad My talented and beautiful accomplice, you !!❤️❤️
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I had the pleasure of reading this beautiful piece by ⁦@carlospintado74⁩ before it was published. So happy to share…
I really really love these visual poems by @Eloisa_Amezcua
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoIt’s my triple quinceañera birthday today! 😅 So go preorder #MuseSquad (out next Tuesday)!
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgadothe morning light always hits Plath’s letters like this and it freaks me out for a sec every single morning
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoI hate everything so much.
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoLeo este texto de Federico Vegas sobre Crema Paraíso y me digo que ha valido el viaje. Que la novela conecte con un…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoYa me han llegado comentarios sobre algunas cosas que dije en este podcast 🙈🙉🙊
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoCuando el humor político cobra vida. Están matando la sátira entre otras cosas.
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoJACKSON, Miss. (AP) -- Mississippi legislators vote to remove controversial Confederate emblem from state flag.
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgadoso, poets, are we ready to dismantle the contest as the primary publishing model yet?
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoYou buy a place and start moving in and this happens. What do you do?
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgadocolonizers are like: here is my opinion about a place where i've never lived & to which i am only connected because…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoAbdellatif Laâbi (trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith)
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado“For you writing is a sort of prayer begging life to keep visiting you. So if you write it is because you are still…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoTHIS IS HAPPENING NOW
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoMurió Linda Cristal, la actriz argentina que triunfó en Hollywood a través de @LANACION
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Aclaración: NO hablamos de fútbol!!!
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @marianallanos Chantel Acevedo, Cuban-American, and my middle grade novel MUSE SQUAD, publishes this July 7th! With…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado⁦@FridaGhitis⁩ writes: “The European Union is preparing to reopen, having brought the rate of new infections to a s… will never not be excited to talk about this book, this cover or this author, who just won a SECOND Pulitzer Priz…
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado45 top-notch recommendations for readers of all persuasions
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@jaketapper What's your concern level now, @SenSusanCollins? How about you, @lisamurkowski?
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoGood Lord. Per this story, POTUS was briefed and NSC discussed in March that per US Intel, a notoriously violent…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoI took my Rapist, Brandon Pavlock to court this morning, he’s been harrassing me since I was 14, I’m 21 now. I won.…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoBREAKING: Judge orders migrant children in detention centers released due to Coronavirus outbreaks.
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoPlease wear your masks. Please.
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoToday would be an amazing day to arrest the killers that murdered Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoCheers to @jaquiradiaz on your TIME debut. Your essay ‘We Have Always Been in Crisis’ is stunning essential reading…
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoThe RNC is really going to bring thousands of people from all over the country to an indoor, in-person convention in Florida in 7 weeks?
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoWtf?
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoLos #escritores salvajes y trans de Hernán Vera Álvarez: vía @hypermediaed y @HVeraAlvarez.
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Hace unos dias tuve el gusto de conversar con @aliciacivita sobre Crema Paraíso (@alianza_ed) aquí les dejo la nota…
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Journalists File Bias Complaint Against LA Times, As Editor Promises Change
Retweeted by Anjanette DelgadoMaking America Sick: The world is putting America in quarantine
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado¡La remerita de los conciertos! 💥💥
Retweeted by Anjanette Delgado @KaliMaFaja Amazing, beautiful news. Congrats, Kali. @blondieflowers Gracias, Carolina. :)I read Patricia sigue aquí by María Mínguez Arias
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