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i will add that this is about people going missing on land. on water, the first 12 hours is even more critical, whi…
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @bensolosmiles I'm sorry Chantal 🥺It's about talent Ben. Imagine being so pissed a strong black woman is portraying batwoman. There's a word for it. @luci_MAD_ YOU'RE PERFECT FOR IT @spideyshumdario I'm sorry Karo 🥺 @luci_MAD_ If there's ever a live action she-ra, permission for you to play Perfuma @luci_MAD_ 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @Juzoer Sure thing 😏😏Want mensen van kleur in Nederland doen er niet toe he? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 PSje.
Retweeted by αɳja🦊snelweg blokkeren, doodskist met Jesse Klaver erop, raadshuis binnen stormen, hekken omver rijden, minister die naa…
Retweeted by αɳja🦊LUIDER TIM!!! @Juzoer *FLIRTING FUCK @Juzoer He do be flieting with you at thos4 😆 @Juzoer He probably just smirk and raise an eyebrow at you and then laugh when you have another breakdown 🤣I have to work today but my upper arm is still being a bitch. This is going to be fun.Exposing this tweet to matt 🤣, prima. Maar moet ik voor mensen die dit soort dingen uithalen nou respect hebben? Ik dacht het dus ni… they find Naya Rivera. She wrote this 6 days ago
Retweeted by αɳja🦊naya rivera is not santana. shes a mother of a 4 yr old boy, she's a daughter, a friend. shes SOMEONE. no matter wh…
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @ohhicutiepie Exactly what I've been saying 😔since when the hell did p0lice investigations stop just because it's NIGHT TIME???????????
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @ohhicutiepie They paused the search until first light hits 🙃The fact this person keeps claiming shane is being investigated while the lapd/lasd and Shane's attorney's already… my god do not spread fucking lie about an investigation being opened just for clout that is disgusting. This is serious.also: read the room. don’t tweet about the glee “curse” and don’t tweet your fancams. show some respect.
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @tvobsessed20 As far as I can remember they've searched here after dark sometimes as well. 🤷🏻‍♀️ but still, it does… everyone knows the first 24 hours are crucial in a missing person's case. The longer you wait, and this hurt… is the search for Naya Rivera being suspended until tomorrow?? These next few hours are critical to her safety!!
Retweeted by αɳja🦊
Retweeted by αɳja🦊some of the love victor cast umm WHY WE WIN LIKE THAT
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @panda_138 @ShirmirArt But aren't like the first 24 hours crucial to find someone 🥴The fact they stopped the search?! If there's anything I know, the first 24 hours are crucial to find a missing p… up to this news is fucking scary. Please let Naya be okay. @IAmCalledJack Me trying to convince you that your the best friend 🤣
they are the cutest together idc idc 😤 #lovevictor #venji
Retweeted by αɳja🦊Anyone who doesn't love Leon CAN NOT BE TRUSTED 🥰 left upper arm hurts 🥴H-How- @sourwolfmalecx 😭😭😭😭 @IAmCalledJack Indeed they do! I hope they'll be best friends forever like you and me! 😊 @lav_malec1951 My chaotic gay sons @sourwolfmalecx YEEEEES FINALLY 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @Juzoer Wait you chose? I just picked up the entire boxRENEW LOVE, VICTOR YOU COWARDS @pattonoswalt Hey, you leave Michael Lofthouse, CEO of Solid8, alone! Just because he, Michael Lofthouse, CEO of So…
Retweeted by αɳja🦊Could everyone PLEASE stop sharing this video of Michael Lofthouse? He’s the founder & CEO of Solid8, a tech compan…
Retweeted by αɳja🦊I'd say this is almost an accurate picture of us. @IAmCalledJack isn't just a significant part of Dean's past (the one who gripped Dean tight and raised him from Perdition). He…
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @_IAmCastiel You can tell me if you like 😊Just been doing some sims 4 building 🥰Detective Pikachu is still superior. @IAmCalledJack Oh my god YES!! I could never say no to those eyes 🥰Imagine supporting an abuser. Big fat yikes Heard probably thinks she's going to win because she's a woman lmao @AylinDodogan They were so cute omg 😭2 Months Vs. 7 months
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @AylinDodogan They could never recreate something as iconic and original as het huis anubis was 🥰Het Huis Anubis >>>>>>> House of AnubisMen can be abused and in a toxic relationship. There's a shit ton of women who are just as awful and don't deserve rights.Amber Heard's career deserves to be non existent. Better yet, lock that abusive piece of shit up. @panda_138 You deserve it 🥺🥰 @piendean Meanwhile Icarus: do I smell BACON?! @_IAmCastiel Yes. You look adorable 🥰Sara should read that thread with her panphobic statements lmao.Bisexual people do not get to decide what someone else's sexuality is. Point blank period.!!!!❤❤❤ @luci_MAD_ My issue here is they get off on it bc they find it hot? They've taken their weird wincest shit to jense… MENTIONS IS FULL WITH LOVE FOR @panda_138 AND HER POSTER IT'S WHAT SHE DESERVES
@skieskat @panda_138 He be like: *takes poster* I hope you printed another one because this is mine now @panda_138 THEY'RE GOING TO LOVE IT SO MUCHErine and I being dramatic and then there's Ayshi lmao (@lav_malec1951) will say it now. @panda_138's will be stolen by Matt at the con bc he wants to keep it himself IT'S THAT GOODWe are going through some shit.
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @panda_138 BUT NOT THE FINISHED ONE 🥺If you ship wincest and make any excuses as to why fictional incest is okay: @CasIsLoved Doesn't matter what they think. They'll never be able to break their bond or Jensen's love for MishaI love you, Misha. I mean, honestly, it's from the bottom of my heart that I say that. ~Jensen, 2014 I love Misha.…
Retweeted by αɳja🦊 @panda_138 👀👀👀👀👀Wincest and bronlies think they own jensen and jared, think that they're besties with them and that they get to dec… and bronlies will forever be crying about misha being their friend but they will always lose @IAmCalledJack You're going to love it 😊 @DWImpala67 @_IAmCastiel @IAmCalledJack Always 😉 @IAmCalledJack You're welcome buddy! One of my favorite is the caramel popcorn. So good 🥰 @DWImpala67 @_IAmCastiel @IAmCalledJack Can't have a movie without movie snacks am I right? @_IAmCastiel @DWImpala67 @IAmCalledJack But you look really cute 🥺 @IAmCalledJack They're called kings for a reason 🥰 @Juzoer Yeah that's fine! I do have a busy work schedule but we'll make it work 😊 @Juzoer A ZOOM DATE IT IS THEN @Juzoer Do you hace Zoom 😃 @Juzoer *realizes she has an Android* 😳 @Juzoer When's our FaceTime date 😏 @ErineDst HAHAAAA @ErineDst HAHAAAA @IAmCalledJack They are! Especially since it shows a lot about lions and their personality! The fact they can recog… @IAmCalledJack He is going to be almighty one day! I am obsessed to watch videos of people raising lion cubs and t… @IAmCalledJack!!!