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This latest episode of @90sBabyShow has to be my favorite. You guys need to get high more often cause the conversat… @90sBabyShow me trying to figure out tems wipe ratio @mattsaspire Dyingggggg 😂😂😂
@WANIWONDER I think her dying is too cliche, but not surprised if that happens or she disappears. Appaz her dad was… @AnnieDreaXO Dreeeaaaaaa🤤🤤. These are fire 🔥 @itsarifitz Yep 🤚🏾 @OyinkanA @RuPaulsDragRace We have too wait ohh. But I think India is telling the truth
My 4 year old did the #dontleavemechallange 😩
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@Keisean @FullCourtPUMPS @rockAndrho see your peopleTalking to my mum and she still calls movie sex scenes “smooching”😂😂“You told her on your life you wasn’t fucking other bitches. Let’s roll nigga”
Retweeted by Anjie.Og @loriettadv @Saweetie She looks like Olivia in the second pic from @OliviaHas2MomsMy ex is a tease. I should unfollow but I’m enjoying the torture 🤦🏾‍♀️
@juiciestofjays I’m in all black can I still come or I have to change ? @OgundipeAbolaji @ghanarofive @MooreMensah @jeremiah_nnadi Both of you are agbayas 😂 @TheMMB_ The reason why it’s a problem to “free the tits” is cause our baby feeling fat sack on our chests have bee… @TheMMB_ If we come back. It’s “free the titties” for all women from now on and women are the ones who get socially… @The_Nenye Present ☝🏾 @sheybass You have entered one chance 😂 @FullCourtPUMPS Lonely still 🤷🏾‍♀️ @jadeadoesntcare @501Flame Yeah she is a model too.A flying shark, the most 2020 thing you’ll ever see
Retweeted by Anjie.OgMe: Ride my face, I know what I'm getting into 5 minutes later:
Retweeted by Anjie.OgMy child is going to get the sweet 16, the chill 18th birthday that most likely going to be a trip, maybe not a 21s… a fifth and tenth though.As my birthday is coming up I’m just thinking of all the land mark birthday I ddnt have causw my parents ddnt get why I should have one . @iDoBeCraftinTho 😂😂😂I can’t go clubbing with people like this. Just be making me look like all I can do is the makarena 😒 KOLO WHAT ? 🤰🏾🔥
Retweeted by Anjie.Og @Fafi_s @Mazzino_Z He sometimes sounds like a kids the murmurs stuff under there breath when mumc has just shouted at them @YagazieEmezi What happens when transformer blows and you don’t have light for 2 days 🤦🏾‍♀️ @TasteGrass So you’ll just be growing a whole ass human in the corner of your house like a house plant 😒 @nayomiii_ Why did it look like you were legit floating at 0:04 . Oshey stepperI think @ChuckieOnline was thinking of Melissa fordFam, I fuck with Saweetie.
Retweeted by Anjie.Og @Kanta_kumoru @TheMMB_ Let us see @TheMMB_ face now. Please @TheMMB_ Looook at my fine ass cousin ohh. Only 12 days older than me and she used to act like she was my mother
@ozzyetomi That’s a cute kid. 💜 @TheMMB_ No we ain’t asleep and we know what you mean 😂
@The_Nenye Yooooo!!! I say this all the time and people don’t get it . Like the bicep 💪🏾🤤. And you don’t even have… @g_miclo @NAO_SEYCH Found out recently that’s she is Steve Aokis sister @FullCourtPUMPS Loooool this is me. I usually skip the “yolo” and “life is short” part @unicasaito Danm!!! I thought the second picture was Jessica Dime from love and hip hop. 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
@PearlThusi 2Let’s settle this 🤔
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@madeleinemua This is going to be @FullCourtPUMPS and bodii soon
“I was brought on earth to live an authentic life and to live my truth and I don’t have to accept your truth as my…
Retweeted by Anjie.OgCreatives deadass have days, weeks and months where we have little to no inspiration and feel like giving up on our…
Retweeted by Anjie.Og @FullCourtPUMPS 😂😂😂Heard the song “Ajala” by @imanseofficial for the first time on Friday and I’m obsessed. I understand the Yoruba pa… @theylove_guapoo @foreverLboog Yo!!! Courage the cowardly dog scared the shit out of me as a kid😢. Especially this thing ⬆️ @VvadaA_ @ToniVerse Dkm 😂😂😂 @DenolaGrey Morning you Adonis is a human being 🙌🏾 @muhammadzannah @waxzyy_ @DenolaGrey And clearly you have succeeded in eating the data . So you can go now @kashm0ni @rayarchwood @BITCHlMMATHOT I was looking for this comment. I think it’s more of an ego trip than the act… @HouseOfHiliyah It’s @kreptplaydirty from @KreptandKonan @youngbullJG @arentyoukay @GabiLen240 Looll thats Krept from @KreptandKonan Uk group doing amazing for the culture…
Happy pride. Love unapologetically and wholeheartedly. Love my alphabet gang 😋. 🌈🌈🌈 seven deadly sins, updated: 1. Envy: Instagram 2. Sloth: Netflix 3. Greed: Amazon 4. Lust: Pornhub 5. Prid…
Retweeted by Anjie.Og @f0lake Please don’t let @Fr3dSantana see this. He already thought the wind turbines where fans to cool the earth @ItsallaboutJH @Oloni The "black" characters of the Cleveland show spin off were all voiced by black people. this w… @ItsallaboutJH @Oloni That’s not what I said. You can’t tell me what I “think”. I just said it’s not necessary @GloriaTumane @kedouuuu Shit we did for fun as kids, is what we are dying at the gym for as adults 😭. Skipping to a… @GloriaTumane @kedouuuu The crazy stuff you do as kids cause the concept of fear of hurting yourself hasn’t hit ye… @DJO215 @PeterGriffinAcc @mikehenrybro well if you think it was mocking black people, it would shock you to know th… @p_oseid0n @Oloni i agree and too a certain extent when seth decided to do the spin of "Cleveland show" all the cha…
@Oloni It’s voice acting. I really don’t think it is necessary for him to step down😒.Bro I’m crying 😂😂😂😭😭
Retweeted by Anjie.OgWhen Scholars join the ‘don’t leave me challenge’ #dontleavechallenge #Dontleaveme
Retweeted by Anjie.OgYa levis put crack in this I’m convinced 😭
Retweeted by Anjie.Og @JustinMonet_ What kinda if question in this. That’s Lola monroe @CeeHawk Why does she look like tiger woods? 👀
@BuzzFeedUK I honestly don’t think she has to resign. This is a dumb reason to quit. @TheMMB_ @don_nxld I hate both of your guys 😂😂😭😭😭
This is so sad, man. I really feel for her. (from reddit)
Retweeted by Anjie.Og @comedian_tunjii Loooll she should be on wildnouts “breaking up is hard” segment 😂😂😂 @MaleekBerry Yooo!! I was literally telling my friend how I miss you. Please hurry up and drop I want to dance and get in my feeelingd small @ZanaGee01 @MsBeenIt_ And he would wash her underwear 😂
This thread has finished my life 💀💀
Retweeted by Anjie.Og @sheybass I think it’s when you are boredNever forget the mission.
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look at this handsome ass nigga i just came across on that clock app... who??? who let him be that fine??
Retweeted by Anjie.OgI’m ___ ___. Been ___ ___. Still ___ ___. Will forever be ___ ___.
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@OfficialNubia @FollowMilli @ffineeasss This took me out 😂😂😂 @Gynoirphile Ohh ohh !! I totally see the influence, I get it and appreciate the experiences you had in them big as… @tobilou Dad needs to come talk to his counterparts here cause it’s not like he has two heads 😒. @Gynoirphile What’s up with the big ass shoes ? 😂😂 @Swopes This is me eating and minding my business just watching the chaos . Still me today 😂 since somebody said “tradition ain’t shit but peer pressure from dead people” I’ve been seeing shit differently😭
Retweeted by Anjie.Oghappy first fathers day @temiAlchemy. I think you would enjoy this, since you have been loo… to shitpost but i watched this and was like “who tf would say 10am?” and my h*sband said “me”
Retweeted by Anjie.OgSouth Africans know how to catch a vibe 👌🏾👌🏾
@Mazzino_Z 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @FullCourtPUMPS @LoveQueenBee @medinah_monroe Danm Mandy!! Give us a break 🔥🔥🔥Beyoncé's #BlackParade — in celebration of Black voices — available now on all platforms. 🖤 • Apple Music:…
Retweeted by Anjie.OgYOU SURE DID 😭
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