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@ohlalola AHHH GET IT BABY
@YulinKuang have you started trading yet?! @meghantonjes She Scorpio she savage @YulinKuang 100% this!! especially in industries (coughdigitalcough) where there's no real basis for what numbers m… @juliemarienolke thank you so much for being in a vidjeoooooo! @shelby_young yo this was so good @MysteryGuitarM Hope you're fully recovered!! :)New video - I don't want kids featuring the hilarious & talented @juliemarienolke @Manzinat0r Duuuuuuude @MaggieLevin wow gonna have to reevaluate our friendship
@MaggieLevin @HotYoungBriley !!!!!!!! @HotYoungBriley !!!!!!! @leahnanako HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAHHHHH!!!! @Timpson hey loved Housebound!! excited to watch come to daddy x @CamelToad dude this is so cool!
@amberci YOU ARE, STOP MINIMIZING MY FRIEND'S TALENTS @emotimo Hey guys! I'd love to talk about the Spectrum ST4 on a Dana Dolly for a music video. Contacted support but… therapist asked me what my skincare routine was & I've never felt more radiant @DinoRay 👋 @scottderrickson And his finances, which he dropped on Friday 🙃
@amberci @MichelleMacedoM @melissamacedom you are the one who literally looks up the exact temperature on any given… @Radrappy @TroyBakerVA @ZehraFazal @lberzins_voices @chriswyldest wahhhh love this show! @Manzinat0r MANZI UR BODY IS ART!! 🔥 @Manzinat0r Of course! Artists gotta stick together in these 🎵 unprecedented times 🎶 @Manzinat0r Congrats bb!!! Will sub immediately to support & be inspired @hankgreen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @MaggieLevin If I was meant to live, I'd have been born a doctor with a complete, comprehensive knowledge of medicine
@mattmusic14 thanks so much! :) @amberci Hahaha this is true. Also my god did you hear Congress screaming a million times last night? I finally rea… @hankgreen 🥺 @Marc_Haimes Thanks Marc! :) Hope your dog is enjoying how much you're home in the apocalypse @amberci I'm reading this as "I hate working for you and I want to warn the world never to do this"
@hankgreen @TaylorLorenz but 24/7! @HuggetOut zing! @MaggieLevin I LOVE YOU & YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD & MORE @mikediva well I sent you a polo the moment I sent the tweet and you still haven't responded so WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, BITCH @gilly he's hired @gilly send a headshot @jakejameslugo Thank you!! @HuggetOut All the men are bad @mikediva I’ll polo u and u can respond in 4 weeks @beckandwoods It was! And then the doubt crept in @charley_feldman Can’t wait for my hazmat hug @mediavandal omg what did i do to deserve this mode @amberci thank uuuuu, love uuuuu @johniadarola I'd love some feedback when I have a draft that's ready! :) @Traveler_A113 oh this comes with years of self-doubt about being able to write a feature on my own without a writing partner 🙃 @moth Thanks Tim! I may take you up on that for draft 3 :) @ro_cketships THANKS FOR THE CAPS LOCK BB GIRL @Massawyrm's first scifi horror feature 🕯️
@MichelleMacedoM @DaRealChrisCo @JP784 AHHHHH
@Polyalert what. @impawna unfortunately we did not get renewed. but there MAY be a table reading of s2 episode 1 that we're working… @gabydunn @bigmouth AHHHHH CONGRATS YOU DESERVE THIS!
Wow. Thank you Peter for speaking up about this. It's disappointing, but sadly not surprising that these kind of se… @MatthewACherry THIS. when she screamed "YES YOU ARE!" to her daughter claiming not to be perfect, my entire childhood jumped @matthewmercer 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @SuzyNakamura EVERY SHOW I'VE DECIDED TO WATCH - YOU'RE IN IT - I'M ON THE SUZY TOUR & LOVING IT - WHERE IS YOUR MARVEL SERIESWe're 100 days away from Election Day and there is too much at stake to sit this one out. Now's a good time to make…
Retweeted by Anna Akanatwo garys, locked in an eternal struggle, pursuing each other across the globe forever.
Retweeted by Anna Akana @GPBmadeit love Julia!!
@chescaleigh 100% this
@amberci I see u out there in the birds of paradise connecting with yourself & shit 🥺❤️ @MaggieLevin you're the egirl goth girlfriend the internet needs @doddleoddle I am available to dance in your next music video @MaggieLevin What an amazing human @OnePerfectShot 🥺♥️Proud to have been an executive producer on this amazing short!! Please check out BLOOD MACHINES if you haven’t alr… @OnePerfectShot THE. BEST. @melissaFTW This is the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me 🥺 @johniadarola @AOC GOOOOOOOOOOOOD @melissaFTW thank you melissa! I feel like I could have definitely conveyed more terror of the offscreen element, b… @amberci I'd join you in the hot tub but I'm worried I'd drop my laptop in there and lose all the progress i've made on the script @JasonTheX @mohalyak my brand @Massawyrm KNEW IT WOULD BE WHISKEY! Cheers! am dancer @amberci AND -- we both filmed a video and ate burritos. so @TheTeshTube but which one is me @Massawyrm congrats!! question: what is the good stuff? @amberci to be fair, you are doing the good work
@MaggieLevin yup, constantlyHere is my full response regarding Mr. Yoho and the culture of misogyny that inspired his actions. I am deeply app…
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@MysteryGuitarM ...... what @amyleesuits my friend made it for me :) @iwant2btheollg sorry~ she's not coming out for a second @Jozenith31 @MichelleMacedoM blockedCan't wait to perform again 😩 video! I left a date 30 minutes in
@YulinKuang i need a YA novel about this romance with obnoxious appearances from canary + eloise @YulinKuang What an Aries thing to say @msdanifernandez whoa i have a photo so much like this, thought it was me for a sec @chuyalcohol azula & zuko, babyyyyy @MaggieLevin t e r r i f y i n g
@Manzinat0r ♥️ @YulinKuang (heartbroken that I can never have a sorrel pesto rice bowl again) @YulinKuang how about some moldy sqirl jam? @YulinKuang can we please pair up on this cause all I want in my actor life is to someday (1) talk in a transatlant… @johniadarola By k flay @robinshoots Leo, babyyyyy