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i like a man who do what I say and shut the hell up @athennessy There’s no way… @002kx My gf everyone🐇🤍
Retweeted by @notsencti they ain’t ready for it 😈why are icks so powerful @jkwvn Down
@nhubitably Give her a bad rating @notsencti boy shut up u already a wizardjealous of people who can control their dreams/lucid dream, you get to go see BTS whenever u want?? just like dat?? @killualuvr6969 It will :) @emilyIina Yuckmy old friends continued hanging out w my SA even after i told them abt the shit he put me through. so invalidating…
Retweeted by @cakeplatter THEY NOT GON LIKE THIS ONE 🗣 @jayla_larot Your stomach is so pretty @incrimate I’m excited I’ve heard good things :> @sailoraali i like the first one better @sailoraali GURL U R SO FINEEEEmore bunny media cause why not !
Retweeted by @JSK1ng HI 👹debatewatching horimiya rngm
Retweeted by @margielaphant you got this >:) @edensarcade Me mommy @rareteaslut Oh shit… back to black??? Entering an eraproperly introducing my new hair
Retweeted by @sailoraali to be fair I did think Noah beck was cute but only in his Calvin Klein photoshoot 💀 @avngiee i don’t know u personally or at all but saw this shit on my tl and jus had to tell u to seek help 😟😟 bae…im glad the audio didn’t catch me bawling my eyes out but wym i heard young forever live :(
Retweeted by felt cute won’t delete
Retweeted by @JSK1ng DAMN 😟😟😟😭 @eugvne Yomo is so pretty @anaidpotato OMG diana Noooo @woshiurgot I’ll heal in hell @annabbly you’re just a hater
Retweeted by @pettyhoepotato that’s so true.. but UGH does it suck. At least the pee feels satisfying 😵‍💫😵‍💫 @woshiurgot @PI3RCEDFA1RY I hate u both so muchif he isn’t down to ice skate with you this december he’s a little bitch
Retweeted by @jayla_larot Yes it will babe :> @annabbly you put so much good into the world and all of that good will come back to you. idk what’s going on right…
Retweeted by @annabbly ily🤍
Retweeted by @annabbly ily bb :(
Retweeted by @annabbly ily :(
Retweeted by @bunnygirlkash Nah nah I wanna hear that shit in my ear 🥴🥴🗣 @pettyhoepotato OH YEA I mentioned doin that in the voice memo HAHAH @pettyhoepotato I would just appreciate some moments to WAKE UP first but life is unfair 💔 @bunnygirlkash omfg I’m so shy now 😮‍💨😳 I wanna hear urs, I’m so congested rn tho 🥸 @woshiurgot moots 😍 little rant for this morning @woshiurgot @inporrigible Waitit’s SO attractive when someone actually puts in effort to see or talk to u
Retweeted by @sinhaled People are so fkin weirdI will never understand people who continue to associate with a SA? literally you’re just as weird as the predator… vulnerable & opening up is already hard itself, and you spreading it for the purpose of gossiping is so disre…
Retweeted by i hate it when you confide in someone n tell them to only keep it between you two just for them to go ahead n tell…
Retweeted by Men who stay in every girls likes are so 🤢🤢🤢
Retweeted by @nhubitably Happy birthday baby <3 I love youballoons on my profile 🎂🥰
Retweeted by @notviv I can fix that @G1RLMILK_ You are warm and endearing to me Angel <3 @UwUbruv ME TF??? @peachmesweettea You look so cutecurrently learning how to not be dependent on my lashes
Retweeted by @inporrigible WHY SIMP FOR HIM WHEN YOU CAN SIMP FOR ME INSTEAD </33333i am a self sabotaging bitch
Retweeted by give me head in the middle of a crisis or whatever illenium said 🤍
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when i ask you how your day was, send the essay. I’ll read.
Retweeted by it will be okay @BasiilLeaf Happy bday!!<2 @annabbly it gets better bestie
Retweeted by im so miserable rn @electrakym that song laced w something fr.. @inporrigible @peachmesweettea Can I join @peachmesweettea bro thank you so much for paying my college tuition and also lending me your private helicopterfun fact i collect these baby figurines :3
Retweeted by @emilyIina mommyhave a good day c:
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@velvetirs WHAT AN ICK… anyway howd he respond tho @velvetirs I’m cringing so hard esp towards the end with the unnecessary random caps to mock u 💀💀💀…. @peachgrlros come my way..heyy 😸
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Retweeted by @edykaaaaa I love when women
Retweeted by @rika__003 i love when women @FEMMEF4TAL @sailoraali No fr this was my breaking pointi forget half the shit i tweet tbh
Retweeted by @LoveLizzieTea You’re so sweet baby, I love u <3 back at uI’m so exhausted @inporrigible I love you asF…tell me you love me.
Retweeted by all I do is cry lately huh ? @JSK1ng Quynhphobic, me too doe @JSK1ng ur becoming a quynh hate acc 😭😭
Retweeted by Quynh says he’s fixable but the dude has a perm and lives in the bay He is fixed, fixed on breaking you
Retweeted by @peachmesweettea U r PERFECTtell me what u like
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