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i’ve never been serious in my life! || comedian/ lady incel ~ Instagram: @ armsandlegs (ˀ̢⋅⃘‧̮⋅⃘ˁ̡ી˂ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ⁾

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my mom called me ‘whore-head with the big forehead’ this morning yes! this tweet is relatable! @chunkbardey FUCK @Shaydozer I just put my fist through the drywall @BornReda JailIf I’m tweeting about it, it must be important @annabel_meschke @sabinameschke
Retweeted by annabel meschke @dash_coom THANK U!!!This is a very funny comedy sketch.
Retweeted by annabel meschke @mikedicenzo THANK YOU VERY A LOT !!!!! @Jessica89263375 🥰LINK IN BIO!!!!! @sabinameschke wrote it! @loafofloaves directed, edited, shot it! @Rachel_Sennott brought the AC…, team! Go watch this!!! I wrote, @loafofloaves shot/directed/edited, and OBVIOUSLY @annabel_meschke and…
... One of Us🥺 WEDNESDAY 🥺 filmed in a pre-corona world with my pre-corona girls, hope y’all will enjoy a dose of giggle 🌸
Retweeted by annabel meschke @realchoppedliva OH MY GODevery zoom discussion during online school
Retweeted by annabel meschke @sabinameschke I am so ScaredThe people demanded it and I delivered.... Annabel wasn’t as threatened this time because I have to keep a 6ft dist…
Retweeted by annabel meschke @sabinameschke BITCHUnfortunately my dad died before I had the chance to kill him with disease but I figured there was still time to wh…
Retweeted by annabel meschke
🥺 WEDNESDAY 🥺 filmed in a pre-corona world with my pre-corona girls, hope y’all will enjoy a dose of giggle 🌸 @clintoris a lot of people would be scared here... @Emiannnnnn I raise you up @jillsermonte wait my dad is dead @clintoris I RAISE YOU UP
@MattRogersTho Literally Fuck @who_WOODnt No I’m differentdo you think referring to my toes as ‘prehensile’ takes away sex pointshaha. what if Kim petras changed her name to Kim pizza. SendQuarantine has absolutely gone on long enough
Retweeted by annabel meschke @alexxprettyy Crazy bitch hive... rise 🥰 @GKuhlenschmidt threw my fists up like dang rocky balboa when I saw ur ass @sabinameschke who’s gonna tell them @becca_oneal l e g e n d @Rachel_Sennott @sabinameschke I like that in this we are all wearing suits (as we always do) @Rachel_Sennott I like to imagine you passed the torch to @sabinameschke and Ithis fashion icon gave me a Good Morning ?? She’s my inspiration for catching the light is the coolest, nicest and best. Truly STUPID nice and FUN AND HILARIOUS AND GOOD and we are all so lucky to gi…
@freshhel I raise you upIt is going to work like it always does. Waitingfound an old picture of me with a m— 🤢🤢🤢 a man holding— a man holding me 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 and decided to post this because my… @DORIANELECTRA while you were nOT practicing proper social distancing ... I was studying the blademy very first shower @jmtunofficial Me, to filth @megstalter I’m gonna cry mommycouldn’t bring my neon orange beanie home to Florida. I feel BaldIt’s at the FRONTthis is all insane but ALSO my uncle is missing a tooth and didn’t even tell me he just let me notice it @TheKingLesbian @RichMahogany79 and that actually added years to my lifethis is literally the funniest thing in the entire world goodnight moon @alexxprettyy 🥰🥰🥰
@realchoppedliva I love u my son 🥺Hop on babe ... tried to tell us
Retweeted by annabel meschkeget dressed every day for your mental health. It works for me as you see🎇🚨🏆finally, the people's choice andy award-winning tweeters who went viral this week: 👑 @annabel_meschke ❤️102.9K…
Retweeted by annabel meschke @AndyJokedAgain @97Vercetti @jennmalinchalk @mommajessiec IT IS AN HONOR I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE ACADEMyITS FLAT FUCK FRIDAY YOU FUCKING COWARDS!!!!!
Retweeted by annabel meschketitle of memoir: the cookies that happen after I brush my teeth @clintoris I’m scared @_holmes_holmes I have a tumultuous relationship with my bellybuttonwhen Ariana Grande said ‘kiss me and take off your clothes’ there must’ve been a couple steps in between that she couldn’t fit in the lyric @Rachel_Sennott men don’t speak to one another (every instance you have seen is a deep fake) so it is the latterOne time I fell and bit a hole in my tongue in a Target and the EMTs came . Wish I could still do that
@thisiscourtnay interesting that The Academy has been silent since this film’s releasethe guy who got joe exotic into animals is from my county in Florida. I blame myself @allisonoconor Name Them @carterhambley 1.) it is mutual I am obsessed 2.) this @lilsmichelle Your power @carterhambley I laughed OUT LOUT🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯fuck. I am screeching like a bird sometimes u have to dance to machine gun Kelly u room. sometimes u just do @oliviacraighead I gave myself a fat lip doing the woah like the kids. I raise you up @SamBrown1016 GASP.... a ‘feed credit @annabel_meschke you made it! #28
Retweeted by annabel meschke @allisonoconor is this about the orange I put in my Instagram story be honest @dallaskoelling I’m very ok and not losing it :-)
i’m fine’re all gonna be inside for the next few weeks, might as well start fights online! square up, dumb c*nts!I’m quarantine-boredom-blocking bitches I forgot I hated... Klonopin is shookenna honey @VeryFineHat First weekend will be majorly I’m Shmackedpeople in my suburb are radicalizing against “invasive” and “infected” New Yorkers and my uncle said that because I…’s SO FUNNy being from Florida and meeting someone from like, Ohio or New Hampshire and having that special, fucked-up-state connection 🥰Wait— guys do or DON’T like when you call your beef cookie your ‘cootie cat’I AM NO LONGER fishing for cock on the socials. DO NOT contact me if you see yourself in this banana. a Floridian, Tiger King is literally too close to hüme. That said I cannot wait to imbibe itYour inner monologue needs to get outside too! Talk to yourself 🥰I don’t know. This one’s called ‘I wanna fuck a banana’ I fuckin guess’re all just pooping or waiting to poop @mandyfreebairn Whatever it was it lives in my amygdala
@lilsmichelle I literally love you but I will kill you for just a taste of this kind of AttentionMy jawline bravely went on vacation before this, hope she is having a wonderful time in ParisI was on the news!! Flew home to Florida (at my mother’s behest, shes my only surviving parent, family is important… charm is that I look like a foot. Theres a fetish for that some sayPOV you’re the bottle of Tide on top of my microwave @chunkbardey but you’ve liiiiiiiiiiiiiiterally gotta have your bite sir
spit in my mouth Twitter crashing harder than the stock market rnthey’re sayin not to touch your face but they’re not sayin anything about putting your fingers directly in your eye…