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i’ve never been serious in my life! || comedian/ twin/ lady incel ~ Instagram: @ armsandlegs (ˀ̢⋅⃘‧̮⋅⃘ˁ̡ી˂ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ⁾

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@DoctorPissPants I feel safe under ur watch @veryhotmomm @DoctorPissPants @abbygov @danadonly @Rachel_Sennott ❤️ I Love Us ... love really Does WinHonored to be Nominated @corietjohnson C H I C K S @nori_reed As the leaves change.... the web circles bloom ❤️ @veryharryhill Welcome, Beautiful Icon Make yourself at home in my mental illness coven ❤️ @precummies @Rachel_Sennott THE MEME YOU MADE THIS FROM dhdjdnifjwjxmelendis Eduardoif anyone needs me I will be in my keep, guarding these precious gems @gaypassing Your beautiful legend voice... god how I miss ithaven’t y’all learned better than to put the word ‘forever’ in captions with your signif other
@jestom My stupid ass trying to connect the dots between you and “Just Emily”finally saved up enough to get the $900 coochie peepee hole skirt 🥰 should’ve known the hot fashion girls I was freelancing for didn’t know what an incel was before I explained earn…, the caption could’ve waited @clintoris please stop screaming at me @VictorCarlesi OH EFF!!!!STOP blowing up my email, *merican *xpress. Desperate @sabinameschke I’m shaking I can’t rememberPandemic Depression is combining with Seasonal Depression? Good❤️❤️❤️my depression needed some flavor❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣tituba? girl I thought you said tit tuba, help me with this thing! ❤️ I am geniusme: i am wearing a beanie mario: eetsa beeníthis and a blunt @cd0yl3 how’d it do
@jestom future success experience I am shaking and crying ❤️the supreme court sucks ass. but if we flip states blue we could have a chance at packing the courts and ending som…
Retweeted by Annabel Meschketwo horrifying Hell Timeline e-mails I received on this Flaming Hell Morning regret cutting off my worst friend because now I don’t have a face in mind while performing my favorite Diss songs.sometimes when the breeze moves a leaf or branch my lizard brain says ‘some sinister force is here to kill you’ and that is nice @carterhambley Fuck
@ComedyBrooklyn I ❤️ brookloo coomoodoo cooloolooI miss stoond oop coomoodoo 🥺 although zoom shows are so perfect for the Homebody Comedian (Me) I live for a crowd.… voted while wearing a bucket hat, will my ballot be counted? @Shaydozer Ok honestly amazing to think about a vintage fingie suckI saw two dudes in matching explorer hats sitting maskless in my Local Coffee Haunt but nobody told them to put mas… @williambanks_ Ok This is actually beautifulif my math is correct mine are worth... ok ᶜᵃʳʳʸ ᵗʰᵉ ¹ ....𝟑𝟒 𝐃𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐃𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐬 this speech. Not high this time just............... thinking 🤔 watch till the end for two options on how to d… @clintoris The hotties are unionizing and going commando out of necessity @IAmZoeSmith You are grounded @clintoris emphasis on ‘offers’ .... I hear chatter of empty mailboxes and broken dreamsjust read the phrase “low level twitter comedian” and started cryingkeep seeing infographics that say “DON’T MAIL YOUR BALLOT ❤️” and while I understand that the goal is to get people… you know me from the Past do not be afraid to reveal yourself! 🥰 unless you’re one of a couple of specific peop… @gaypassing looks like we were on the same wave last night brother will the pain end ways in which my phone case is spooky....
uploading it with sound this time. That will make it a smash hit❤️ I love frogs and I am romantically lonely’m Ugly, I’m Hot, I’m High on Potthe Comedians watching the Models launch after launch @emonormie 911
nobody should ever tell anyone how much food they consider ‘a lot.’ take it to the grave ❤️My first HUGE crushes were Danny Noriega and Adam Lambert and I have the NERVE, the GALL to wonder what my ‘type’ is @freshhel Oh my god.... this makes me smile bigtimefall fun with my fister (fall sister)’m bicoastal which means I sometimes travel to ConnecticutSamanthabel... I miss her
@shri_barlet HAHAHA @RACH4_theSTARZ I checked my living room youre not thereThe balls are the white meat of the dick ❤️ @SarahSquirm no! ;-)) @Rachel_Sennott Wait..🤔🤔🤔’t watch the deb*te... doing an online comedy sh*w
Perfect angel friend baby 🥺 I love u pee pee ways in which my heat turned on while I was learning this EXCITED 🥰 @sabinameschke and I will be sharing some ideas for last minute Halloweenis Cum-stumes ❤️ @alexaroosevelt @sara_nels0n seriously though........:.::................. what if u come over tonight @emonormie I’m trying to figure out how to teleport to Maine rn... no offense can’t live without u :-/ @sara_nels0n @alexaroosevelt Come hang out with me so I can rob y’all @emonormie The spider said Hi Web!!!! Top ten times I web @emonormie Is this a prank🤡
@DanielMartini No @DanielMartini hahahahahI would pay a shiny dollar to bop Br*ce H*ll in the head for the egregious crimes of • making me know who he is •… ❤️ I ever saw a ghost I’d teach it to hit the woahosmosis jone
@jojishii 🤔🤔🤔 literally i wishMe: the sky is blue :-) Man in my replies: The sky is not blue; rather it is ‘blue,’ a term dating back to today w… @snume My point exactlyanother day another piece of my favorite snack . I named it Caesar salad bread @martinmherlihy I am literally screeching like a birdthe volume inside This bus is astronomical @megstalter I literally love Yee and ye genius mind...MEG OU MY GOD @IAmZoeSmith Clitordish❤️HEED MY WARNING pictured: “Very Best,” which is categorized as The Goodest @jestom @UniqloUSA This happened to me with turtlenecks!! Bought a few and was never told they simply were not in s… wish all of us twitter Hotties who have been to the psych ward went at the same time..... would have preeeeeeeett… @emonormie Autumn some call it 🤎 @precummies Yes❤️ @losch_al My razzle dazzle ass read this as CHERRY JONES the Tony winning actress!!!!haters: leave your comments at the door and your hearts on the floor just wish Bella Hadid was here to tell me what would happen if homeboy came through with TheseFuck it... leaving this up as self flagellation SPEAKING IN REALISTIC WOOFS @caitlinbeeating 🥺 serotony