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Sr. Product Designer @Recurly. MS in Design @cuatlas. Inclusive design specialist #a11y (she/her)

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@mulegirl I wish I had seen this sooner, I just joined! Any chance this will be recorded, I know @darianrosebrook h…
@enjelswis @Inevitable_ET @NPR That seems like an oversimplification. Both are valid reasons. It is not either preg… @enjelswis @Inevitable_ET @NPR I don't know, maybe you should Google it. But also preventing childbirth is a comp…"The closer I have to put my face to the screen the more likely that is is a violation" - Me answering a contrast…
Retweeted by Anna E. CookMe being required to edit only one part of a page when I see others that I want to fix @Inevitable_ET @NPR And sorry let me say "many people" instead of "many women" because men can also experience periods too. @Inevitable_ET @NPR Birth control, despite it's name, is not just for birth control. Many women, including myself,… team member hosted an Animal Crossing bday party for our design director, and it was endlessly cute. #ACNH"Harvard, MIT Sue Immigration Authorities Over Rule Barring International Students from Online-Only Universities" @allisongrayce I say "good riddance." Essential childcare and education shouldn't be considered political anyways. @zzzeeeeee I haven’t! I’ll put that on my list!
Dyslexia is thinking something is misspelled then going to correct it just to realize you've mixed up the letters a… @avstorm Try this out in incognito mode if it's not working for ya ✨ @ProductHunt I mean it seems legit as long as they pay engineering super well, right? @mskiescher And people reposting wedding photos over and over and over. Look I'm all for weddings but at a certain point can we stop?A haiku Turns out you can get COVID 19, even if you don't believe in it. doing a mostly vegetarian/vegan GF diet for the better part of a couple weeks now. I haven't been perfect, but… what women need to hear this, but raise your prices. If you are busy, raise them even more.
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@eyevariety But then if we all do it then no one isMe trying not to change my entire brand every week to gradients or purely grayscale aesthetics has announced that international students will have to leave the U.S. or transfer schools if their colleges are…
Retweeted by Anna E. Cook @stephiieb I imagine the Air would work just as well. I don't remember why I opted for the Pro over the Air, it mig… @stephiieb I have an iPad pro with an Apple pencil and I use Procreate!Just a reminder that tech is NOT neutral or apolitical AND it’s time to remove problematic and harmful, mediocre, w…
Retweeted by Anna E. CookI took most of the weekend off of Twitter. Gotta say, felt good. Sometimes I seem to forget that Twitter popularity…
Video games might be the places where a bug can actually be a feature
@katfukui While we are at it, I’d be rad if we had healthcare that paid for therapy nationwide. @jesslynnrose I’ve kinda accepted the weird? Things feel peaceful now. Long walks, video games, books, cat snuggles… Disability Pride Month!!!
Retweeted by Anna E. Cook @ashleymcnamara I really enjoyed @SaraSoueidan's talk on building accessible interfaces at @smashingconf San Franci…
@jnymqt Thank you! 😊Also this session that will be lead by some of the members of Women of Color In Tech for @ScopicEngineer's session on accessibility as well! @H4N4W4LT you probably hacked off the wrong KarenHi, folks! 👋 I've submitted a session for Denver Startup Week 2020 focused on ways we can design inclusive experie… @GovofCO When I'm walking around Denver, I see so many folks who are experiencing homelessness. I have NO complaint…'ve been making an effort to reduce my sugar intake and haven't had alcohol or maybe about a month and a half now.… my surprise, there was not much content for developers with ADHD. So, I compiled a list of methods that will hel…
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Mail-in ballots are great and all but I could we actually take some of that police defunding money and make voting fully accessible?"push back against the harmful stereotypes that bisexuals can't be trusted to commit to a relationship, says…
Retweeted by Anna E. CookSomeone I dated for about two weeks a year and a half ago texted me. So maybe coronavirus is the "zombie" apocalypse @jesslynnrose America needs a therapist
HAVE YOU SEEN these speakers? Be ready for Fall 2020 w experts you trust: @FlowerDarby, @NewtMiller2, @brian232323,…
Retweeted by Anna E. Cook @machinehuman Nothing turns me off of a new site more than being asked if I want notifications from them 2.5 seconds after arriving there.🔥 from @ashleyshoo: “Academia is paying for its ableism. [...] If these projects had considered disabilities, they…
Retweeted by Anna E. CookI love design/tech Twitter, but wow we all need to take a step away from Twitter more.
If you need to be maskless to feel manly I’d like to introduce you to Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, and literally anyone with a brain. @yabdallahksa I have.
I drew a character. Yes the character looks like me, but you know with horns and stuff. Imagination is fun.
@machinehuman I would like that as wel Maybe I should start approaching people without masks and just hand them on… anyone like me to put masks on their current prof pics?Designers are commenting on what 👁️👄👁️ like they've always known it existed and they are the source of truth and op…"As someone who is a designer in this industry, you have an obligation and a responsibility to help improve diversi… this this @itiseyemoutheye 👁👄👁 is what it is 👁👄👁.fm's time that we ask, #WhereAreTheBlackDesigners?" Please join us in starting this conversation at our virtual con…
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I want to follow this. Please give advice if you are well versed in professional mentoring!*Smiles in Leslie Knope*
Just a reminder: meritocracy is literally built on systemic prejudice and is usually inherently racist, sexist, ableist, etc.Are you all going to pay for Hey or keep using your old email client? @MalcHF I’ll choose the current date then change the input, since sometimes it requires either dashes or slashes an… of wearing a mask: - Looking kinda like a ninja - A new form of fashion - Being able to decorate it - Not… @filipandonov_ @edoardorainoldi The thing is that we determine who is competent with 50 layers of implicit bias. Me…
@TaelurAlexis Happy birthday!!I present: 3 months of WFH cat clinginess. @damn_gurrrl Every year as I age it gets worse 🥲My turn-offs include: - Chewing loudly - Being rude to waiters - Birthdate pickers that make you select from a cale… to talk design w new followers! 😁 Let’s discuss the of the system that was designed to protect the murders…
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@editingemily I feel this Tweet deep in my also isolated frontier woman heart.So what you’re saying is I spent LITERALLY MONTHS completely alone like some kind of frontier woman with an ISP — a…
Retweeted by Anna E. CookSo...liberals want intelligence tests to vote and run for office? You mean like the intelligence tests that kept…
Retweeted by Anna E. CookI need someone to present these updates the way I know devs normally do: with a lot of anxiety and sarcasm.Have they figured out how to use face ID with a facemask yet? Did I miss that part? #WWDC2020KPop fans: we see you and love what you're doing. Never stop.
Me explaining design as a process you're one of the privileged few who frequently gets recruiting emails you're not interested in, I wrote you a p…
Retweeted by Anna E. CookTechnology is always political.
Retweeted by Anna E. CookRemember when you were a kid and you played video games all night and ate junk food and didn’t feel guilty about it…
Happy Juneteenth "Strawberry Soda" - Song is "Wings" by Little Simz
At every previous job, my coworkers have used :sorry: with my face as an an emoji. But today, they made mine :take-…
If your team doesn't think that accessibility is a fundamental part of delivering software that will be used by mil…
Retweeted by Anna E. CookI'm excited that @Recurly will be celebrating Juneteenth and empowering our teams to learn about it. We are celebra… unsurprised to see a bunch of non-disabled tech folks getting really excited about a new Twitter feature t…
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@Agilechanter I have dyslexia too! I couldn't read one candidate's entire site.independent black-owned bookstores who take online orders:
Retweeted by Anna E. CookCurrently filling out my ballot for the primaries in Denver, CO. I've been paying attention to how accessible candi… revolution must be accessible.
Retweeted by Anna E. CookYou know...I'm not going to get over this to make myself a "better designer." I am a damn good designer, and my job… @bluefox That's fair, which is why I am not sure "inactive" is accurate, since we use :active to describe a state o… are doing ok today. Marco on the left will recover but Polo’s broken shell was far worse found two broken shelled snails on my walk this evening. So I’ve spent an hour repairing tiny shells and hoping t…
This isn't me saying "disabled" is a bad word, by the way. Perhaps "inaccessible" is an even better word because it… we are fixing master / branch naming conventions maybe we could stop using "disabled states" and replace it "… @hyumankind I feel for the woman they choose from a stock website to represent that T ShirtHey folks! If you're a published author focused on design/dev/web accessibility, could you share your experience wr… @mulegirl I've found that I could have strong evidence and still have to convince people over a long span of time,… @ProductHunt @machinehuman I definitely meant this to be “do it!” Hahah
@machinehuman Do it.