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Annaka Kalton @AnnakaKalton Port Angeles, WA

Writer. Software engineer. VP18 grad. Likes gardening, creating, reading a good book with a kitty.

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'Sunset above the clouds', Germany, Oleg Podsechin!🤩
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @Wiswell I’m sorry! That’s tough, but I’m glad you’re getting through it! @JoyceHermit We have three :) This arrangement leaves the toilet free... we really don’t use the tub. @KellyRawlings Ha ha! I love it. @homegypsy It’s a little grow light, pretty sure it’s fluorescent. You can also use full spectrum CFLs :)Skye #Scotland #photography #landscape
Retweeted by Annaka KaltonAutumn in Saxony, Stefan Kierek! 🤩
Retweeted by Annaka KaltonBuilt in 1707, The Old Packhorse Bridge is the oldest bridge still standing in the Highlands. It was severely damag…
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @AlyseSteves Ooh, what fun! :) @AlyseSteves I’m sorry about the egging :/ What kind of trees? :) @dymerski_samuel I’m so sorry! That happened to me once, and I was distraught... They’re so quick.... :( @JoyceHermit Lovely! I adore your fireplace :)
Bathroom -> greenhouse conversion complete! @JoyceHermit Beautiful! Are you ready for first frost?A brisk morning today in Bushy Park. #stormhour #naturephotography #bushypark #photographylovers
Retweeted by Annaka KaltonVermont 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @scribofelidae @tsbazelli Seconded! If you can’t sneak a nap this afternoon, I hope the baby lets you sleep tonight :/ @KRwriter Oh no! That smoke light is so disturbing... @CChrisrose Congratulations! @Nayad Next year we’ll have all sorts of “year in review” arguing about which 2020 month was the longest. I think… @Palm1Elizabeth Ooh, nice! @Palm1Elizabeth :) You’re in red oak country, yes? It’s interesting that all the native oaks (that I know of) on th… @Palm1Elizabeth That’s a pretty good dump of rain! I’m glad it didn’t fall as snow for you. I hope you get more sun… @oldscout I’m glad you got some good time away! Have a safe trip home. @SooGuy68 Best of luck with the NaNo prep! I need to work on that, too. I also find the rising dark hard, and it isn’t as extreme here...Good morning! How are you holding up in these interesting times? What are you up to today? It’s supposed to be sun… @Palm1Elizabeth Yes! We got a lovely dump of rain. Now we’re getting some sun, headed into a frost, and then more sun :) What about you? @PrinceJvstin Oh no! I hope the photos are recoverable! :( @MarissaLingen Congratulations! @JaniceSSmith I’m so sorry :/
@scribofelidae Ugh. I’m so sorry :/ Why does the world keep pretending to be a bad satire? Why??Author friends! You have 6 weeks to submit your story to the DON'T TOUCH THAT anthology! Come vent your frustration…
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Scottish Mountains, ravines and green valleys.
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @JaniceSSmith Oh no :( Best of luck staying safe and well :/ @philmargolies Great job keeping your work out there! ... I need to work on that :/ @oldscout Oh no! I hope that it heals up quickly, and you can mostly stick with slippers in the meantime :/ @Aimee_Ogden .... this time....? .... .. . @Aimee_Ogden Darn :/ It’s tough when our pet predators are actually *good* hunters :/
@Aimee_Ogden Oh no :( @JaneLindskold I’m glad that there are so many little joys in your life! Enjoying the little things is so important… @JaniceSSmith Ugh, I’m so sorry :/
@Wiswell Congratulations! @Aimee_Ogden Beautiful cover! :)
@JennsLenz This is wonderful! Your dahlias are gorgeous, and I’m sure they will bring a lot of pleasure to the lucky recipients :) @hummingrain Happy age increment day! May the next cycle around the sun be a good one :)
Rob spotted a lovely salamander (Rough Skinned Newt?) among the pots in our shaded plant cache. decided to front-load the stew, which is now happily plopping away.... Unloading the truck will wait for tomorro… @StevenBrust I love this, speaking as someone who reads (and writes!) for character :) @JaneLindskold @StevenBrust I’m glad to hear it! All about pacing, though; crashing isn’t fun for anyone ;) @JoyceHermit Yum! That’s the ultimate comfort food :) @clundoff Lovely! Enjoy the con :) It’s great knowing that dinner will be waiting! @Tuphlos Getting a vat of stew made :)"The Novel-Writing Algorithm", a cartoon by @tomgauld |
Retweeted by Annaka KaltonTo provide safe habitats for as much wildlife as possible over winter, resist the temptation to be too tidy. Leave…
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @JaneLindskold It makes such a difference having a fridge/freezer stocked with meals :) It just takes the pressure off. @Palm1Elizabeth Enjoy your flopping! Gnocchi with red pepper sauce sounds delicious :)Today's thread is an exercise in resisting the temptation to make binaries and either/ors where they do not exist.…
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @aaaron Hey Aaron! That sounds marvelous :) Have a great time, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday! @outseide Lovely! Looks great if that plate :) @hummingrain Ugh. I hope the fire dies down next week. That sounds super stressful!Hello! How are you holding up in these interesting times? What are you up to today? Getting a slow start here afte… @PrinceJvstin Excellent! I look forward to seeing your pictures :) @PrinceJvstin The other was Buckskin Gulch. Regardless of what else you do, have a great time! @PrinceJvstin I don’t know where you’re heading next, but two things I loved in UT: Slot canyons in Escalante (Sma… @PrinceJvstin I’m sorry your trip is having some crowding problems, but I hope you’re having a great time! I love red rock country :) @AmandaCook627 Ooh, lovely! Enjoy :) @JaneLindskold Ha ha - I see you’ve slept on an inflatable mattress :) Normally I use a mattress pad, but I was try… @SafaaLewis We actually moved to Olympia late this spring, but we’re still tying up a few loose end in Port Angeles… @AmandaCook627 That all sounds wonderful! Nice job with the letters. I hope the sewing date went well :) Did you co…
Today’s plan is to say hello to a couple friends, plant a few plants, winterize a bit, load the truck, and trundle… morning! How are you holding up in these interesting times? What are you up to today? We’re in Port Angeles p…
@FondaJLee Wow! Congratulations!!
@matociquala Hooray! And congratulations :)[OC] Sunset at pinnacle Rock state park, Bramwell WV [838X557]
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @PrinceJvstin Sorry to hear that, but I hope your vacation is marvelous! @writerunyoga Cringer and Dulcie send cuddles!
@hattiebuckwell Hello! We’re thinking of putting an endgrain floor in our mud room. How are you liking yours?
@ShvetaThakrar Congratulations! :)
Friends. @JoyceHermit Sort of :) It has more land, but it’s mostly woods, and we’re planning to keep it that way — so more land, but less sun ;) @tsbazelli Yum! I bet your house smells marvelous :) I hope you get a walk in!The recent rain had battered things a bit, but the asters and dahlias are lovely, and some bonus parasols had poppe… Mom’s garden puts on a much better autumn show! #FlowerReport’m pretty sure the brutal pre-sale pruning is what confused this pretty but very out of season rhodie :)… is my first year living with hydrangeas, so I’m not sure whether their long bloom span is normal, or the resul… garden is currently weak on autumn flowers, but the hardy fuchsias are here to save the day. #FlowerReport 12 Apostles in Australia 🇦🇺 by @withluke
Retweeted by Annaka KaltonBook covers from the 19th century.
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @JaneLindskold Thank you! It was fun seeing Mom’s garden and have a little visit. I hope Jim’s checkup goes smoothly :) @throwupthehornz What did you eat??Good morning! How are you holding up in these interesting times? What are you up to today? We’re expecting another… trees are not only beautiful, they're also incredibly cool. They're known as "living fossils" the sole surviv…
Retweeted by Annaka Kalton @KA_Doore Oh no! I hope you can kick it quickly! @lbrygk I’m glad you’re taking a break from homework. It’s all about balance! :)
@PrinceJvstin Excellent! When do you leave for your trip? @JaneLindskold I’m sorry there’s no rain on the horizon there! I’ll try to send a few clouds your way ;) Enjoy your… @Trilliumgirl Oof. I’m so sorry. I hope you feel better soon!I love Washington, but I wish we had more autumn color! Look at this beauty! under a microscope. It's made from ancient algae blooms.
Retweeted by Annaka KaltonWow... I knew we were expecting rain, but the rain gauge reads 1.3” this morning! That’s since 9 pm last night. Sti…