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Happy 5th birthday @Rainbow6Game ❤️🥳🥳 Love you lots #RainbowSixSiege
Retweeted by Based Real Gamer @FocusBreak Oh yeah for sure. @Kazimi3r Lmaolmao his pose makes this post so much better @Kazimi3r Wanted to talk shit, man.Incredibly high. @SCaladran lmao @aCanadianGuyEh Less forget and more accept. @Kazimi3r Oh well. I couldn’t help myself. The whole Elliot Page thing was quite cool and it was nice to see someon… think it comes down to the fact that these people aren’t good people and they encourage/economize bullying/harass… @LonemoonSentry Not really. Just pointing out that she’s a loser. Annoying when people come here and act like I’m… be like: wtf is your tattoo then get these:
Retweeted by Based Real GamerDeleted that Hinge thread cuz it felt like I was putting out negative energy and being overly judgemental about the… @PowerRangerZack @Variety Holy fuck you’re cringe. @pawgliaccilives I’m sure they’ll get it. @mmofallout It’s fucking weird, man. @8BitQueso You’ve always been a chill vibe, man. @Candid_Apples Maybe. Can’t deny these guys make bank though. @Luceobrien Lucy, I have never once said “the plot thickens” because I am not a nerd. Now I’m gonna eat some shro… @torch_93 I like Chris cuz he doesn’t give a shit about money/fame. @WhoseBacon I’m not poor anymore, but at the time I was below the poverty line and I was like, “Oh wow. I can live… @Germiili ty ty @torch_93 Yeah they’re inauthentic. @Germiili I was never a grifter. Always put my heart and personality into what I did. :)I never really did it for the cash though. I actually did it cuz I thought I was doing a good thing lmao. And it f… it’s closer to 700 than 1K, but it was definitely a lot of money and I was shocked; I legit had no idea what… I had Sargon on my channel I made almost 1K off of one stream. Late 2017. Major financial backing for RW pu… can acquire a great deal of social capital by aligning yourself with these communities; they’ll take any kind o… I see her on my TL, she’s tripping about trans people just kinda doing their thing and trying to exist. I… person’s entire personality is just “fuck trans people.” @gogreen18 Other than me. Your follow is totally an endorsement for me. I am the best.Let's do more Yakuzer 0 tonight in like an hour <3
Retweeted by Based Real GamerNo, I’m saying I’m 32 and legit ordered McDonald’s when I was building my new PC, while my roommate slept and I had… shit
@sonniskies_ Shhhh it’s tar.Why is black tar leaking from his pores? @fennekiss Ohhhhhhhh @fennekiss Are your pronouns stinky/smelly? @MitchyD Person on the right looks cute, but is an animal in Towerfall.🤓🥸
Retweeted by Based Real Gamerthx may be Santa month now, but here’s a spooky one to say goodbye to November with
Retweeted by Based Real Gamer @imranzomg Seeing a new 30 under 30 every year reinforces any tiny amount of existential dread I may have. Just a lil.Needed this lmao. @LinneaTheCake “Joke”Hasan’s Demon’s Souls character has a small pp, pass it on! @peniscommunism I don’t get it. @bloodbornepro Hahahahaha @DGo_64 Hahahah @Cringe_Jeremy YesNEW VIDEO! THIS GAME WAS MADE BY ONE PERSON! WATCH NOW -
Retweeted by Based Real Gamer @JDeezTweets Same lmao @Get_Flanked @MacieJayGaming Would be so OP. @Sevenomens I beat him first try!!The hardest boss for me in DS3 was Lothric (the one that hangs on his bros back) and I just had no patience for Nam… @bloodbornepro Second stage made put poopoo in my pants. But it’s such an epic hard fight. I’m gonna beat him next time I play DS3.Really like this guy.’ve never beat the Nameless King and I’m feeling fucked up and called out now. @TheGodlyNoob 800 hours and god tier support.I love Siege so much that when I see people talk shit about it, I get so butthurt. LIKE STFU GET GOOD IDIOT BABYThis man plays anime porn games with his gf. @Cringe_Jeremy Do you play them with her pre-sex? @chonkynatsu @FunkyColdCuban You are very pretty wtf stop this. @goosetracksuit 🥺 @TheDjinnerate LMAO yeah management talked to us about that shit too, but I meant with customers lol! @TheDjinnerate I loved my job at EB Games over a decade ago. It was fun to talk about games everyday. @amanduhh_pls Up! @TheGodlyNoob The only times I died was when you wouldn’t stop talking and I couldn’t hear dudes coming down stairs… moved into my bathroom, now I’m on Edge. Image still hasn’t loaded. Might be getting trolled. Will keep you guys posted.LOL NO @bryanjedi82 Wow. @KillingErik LMAOGuys, I found the best IG filter. I’m on 3G. @Zux0r @Sera6x Was literally a good point.Having trouble seeing this image. It hasn’t loaded properly. Been staring at my phone for the past 5 minutes. H… thing I miss about going to a GameStop/EB Games is sifting through their bargain bin and finding that one good… else donate to Wikipedia?
Showed my Nonna Kramer's plushie buddy that I got for him, and she was so amazed how he was singing to it 🥰🐦❤🦆
Retweeted by Based Real Gamer @Jessiej20ui @NJOverclocked Free for you, my queen. @chhlss No, you’re smart and having a social life for the sake of having a social life is unfulfilling af. It’s s… @NJOverclocked @Jessiej20ui I fixed her photo. @NJOverclocked .05 KD lookin’ ass. @TheGodlyNoob @Jessiej20ui @NJOverclocked yes @Jessiej20ui @NJOverclocked ur bf is ugli and racist i h8 him @RandomGuy_Sucks @bambooney @JDefiant9 @RevJeffHoliday @Tenacious_Greek You are so dumb, it’s incredible. How the fuck do you think those pie… @RevJeffHoliday @JDefiant9 @Tenacious_Greek And it’s weird cuz I’m still friends with a bunch of people that are “p… @RevJeffHoliday @JDefiant9 @Tenacious_Greek It’s funny how I’m the one that turned on friends, not the other way ar… @TheSonOfGodVEVO Same lmao and the period blood ketchup too. @davidrazi NOT THAT @ToastSnake That looks like the biggest piece of shit burger I have ever seen in my life, bro. @ToastSnake Your reaction coupled with his reaction to your reaction. It’s just so fucking funny. Duality of man. @ToastSnake Hahahahahaaha @ToastSnake Hahahahahahaahahah this is so good.I am laughing so hard right now. @ToastSnake HahahahahahaLMAO I share this post with him and he’s MAD.