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Performing Artist, Presenter, and Producer. TTRPG & Video Games Specialist. Previously at @Twitch, now on Twitch. @CantripBrand Co-Founder. Former Miss OR USA.

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@JoshuaJKammert There’s an episode of DCA like that ;) Look for “Evelyn of Shar”To be clear: I expect that all my community are not people that will see this as an invitation to harass Mayflower… know what a privilege it was to even be able to afford the help of movers at all, and I’m positive that this isn’… claims adjuster wants me to provide a make & model to prove the value. The make and model are a “artisan” & “on… is because it was not packed in any protection, but thrown as-is into the truck, & was literally ripped in hal… I have this bespoke wooden music stand that my friend made me when I was 18. It’s priceless, irreplaceable, bea… have a bad back injury, family crisis, & pandemic to deal with while running my own business during a move. The p… one seems to listen or care when I explain the disregard I experienced during the move, and they just keep askin… don’t usually do this, but I feel I need to warn you never to use @MayflowerMoving. So many things broken, so tax…
Being American is more than a pride we inherit, it’s the past we step into, and how to repair it. -@TheAmandaGorman, The Hill We ClimbNights of #Eveningstar with @MicaBurton @NateWantsToBtl @Shadypenguinn & DM @sherlock_hulmes is live now! Join…
@WolfeyGlick Omg so cool!!!
@Max_Dunbar 😍
@CoolGrayAJ @playpokemon PLAY ME
@SeltzerPlease Also I completely understand and have lived the hype spiral, may you spin merrily and with reverence @SeltzerPlease I have been refreshing your feed all morning knowing tons of people must have already spammed you an… @seriouslyclara Microbladed eyebrows are one of the best things I ever did. @laurasaurusrex I LOLed. This is so it. @seeson Me me me me plsssss I tweeted about this earlier and a lot of people replied with concern about the vents… you Friday at 1pm for #ExtraBrains! Bring topics to share in chat, or submit a question in advance on our for… @SeltzerPlease @MamaRosaMakeup Captain I would like to join the crew. @LexLuthor321 @whorrak One of my masks has vents but also has an interior covering over the vents so it still prote… @Janisku7 Ooh wow this is such a good resource thanks!
WANT TO BUY’re on our way back to the Tressym King! Nights of #Eveningstar with @sherlock_hulmes @NateWantsToBtl
@CrunchTimeD @MicaBurton @NateWantsToBtl @Shadypenguinn @sherlock_hulmes This is PERFECT! Exactly the kind of workm…, Trainer Anna wants to battle! I'm so happy to see @AnnaProsser able to dive into Pokemon TCGO herself after…
Retweeted by Anna Prosser @genkaiko Omg this makes me SO happy. I love it! Thank you!#ExtraBrains returns this Friday! 🧠 With @britweisman producing, @djWHEAT and my brains are at the ready to storm… @Arslaantahir @HollyConrad @gregbilsland @NateWantsToBtl @ProJared @ChrisPerkinsDnD Thank you, I miss it too. ❤️First art of the year! ✨ A looping fan art GIF of a moment in ep 112 (the group therapy™️ ep) of #DiceCameraAction
Retweeted by Anna Prosser @draw_pepper @HollyConrad @ProJared @NateWantsToBtl @ChrisPerkins I love it!!! 😍Love seeing some new and some familiar community names on this book! 😍 Can’t wait to try it. on my channel as well as all these lovely others!
@ChrisPerkinsDnD Physically, or emotionally?
@ChurcherGames @TaliskerWhisky @Pokemon @HappyNizki Right now I’m mainly trying to figure out a Pikachu/Zekrom deck… @kwisdumb @TaliskerWhisky @Pokemon @HappyNizki lap sitch: Optimal.
it's just you
Retweeted by Anna Prosser @Jody_Houser Wait WHAT?! @Tease404 I did have astigmatism, I would recommend PRK a million jillion times over, my vision is excellent. I do… @Coruscating Omg I am very happy to take them off your hands! Pretty easy to just dm photos of them if that sounds like no hassle!I was going to play @Pokemon TCG Online alone on my couch and yell at no one like any other night, but I thought, w…
Self-care is necessary for the compassionate long haul. Just a friendly reminder that you must put your mask on fir… @Pokket This is amazing and I adore you @Pooka311 @Pokemon Yessss this is great advice, thank you! @the_bluejacket @Pokemon New goal: be in a situation where I need to winners-interview myself. 🙃 @JenaGares @LodaBerg @kellymilkies Omg!!! 😍 Weren’t we rooming together at that one? Fun memories! @JawneighWin @Wizards_DnD @sherlock_hulmes @MicaBurton @NateWantsToBtl @Shadypenguinn ❤️❤️❤️ @Pooka311 @Pokemon 👀 this is a dangerous offer to make an obsessed noob like me and I greatly appreciate it 😁 I hav… @Cole_EC @Pokemon If you really don’t need them and it’s no trouble, I’m happy to give them a home! ❤️ @the_bluejacket @Pokemon Hmmmm but can I do both? 🤔 @youngnailsinc @ZombaeKillz @MystikGunn @Friskkmkay @GlitterXplosion @LotsOfBunnies @NuFo @Xmiramira @AvaGG
What we saw today was an attempted coup and an act of domestic terrorism. President Trump cannot be allowed to serv…
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Nights of #Eveningstar’s return has to be pushed to next week, so Nizki and I are going to stream @Pokemon TCG Onli… @genkaiko @Pokemon I think I just might...But also my cards suck and I can’t win in versus it’s horrible and I will keep trying foreverI have become completely consumed and want to do nothing but play @Pokemon TCG Online.Live for my first stream of the year: Star Wars Echoes of Eternity with @JesseCox @Pokket @Strippin & @BikeMan. Jes…
Missed opportunity to use this gif: @Silent0siris Me too. 😍 @princessology Me too! My life is left so wanting without new episodes 😭 Me to the producers: @Pokket SO CUTEI need you all out here in the internet to know how disappointed I am that you have not all finished @bridgerton be… @EricMcClarey Omg YES 😂 @aatiyki This one is so on point! 😂🍷Search your favorite movie in gifs and chose one that sums up 2020: did a VERY good job today. 🐶🏆💩 @HappyNizki
Something simple for the occasion. Happy New Year! #wafflecrew
Retweeted by Anna Prosser @genkaiko These scenes you create make me so happy 🥰
@evoli @MoxxinSocks I can say from experience that, even though it’s not a ball, using a pizza stone to cook a gian… @britweisman @day9tv SAMEDrinking champagne in my @StJudePLAYLIVE onesie with a snoozy @HappyNizki seems like a fitting way to celebrate and…
@Friskkmkay @youngnailsinc I know, I was so impressed!!! @britweisman @day9tv Banana boats! Slice open one side of the peel so it opens like a pocket, stuff in marshmallows… made “dragon flying through a dark sky 🐉🌌” themed nails on my stream tonight! Thanks so much for the supplies &… tarkhal ( @Shadypenguinn ) and agnis ( @AnnaProsser ) having a ⭐sibling moment⭐ ~~ characters from…
Retweeted by Anna ProsserMy last stream of 2020 is gonna be GLITZY! @youngnailsinc with their #10NailsOfGiving has sponsored us with a whole…
@Kintinue 😂 @BikeMan @Shadypenguinn This is the content I need
@N_A_K @tamlaeyn @albinokid @DeborahAnnWoll @GeekandSundry @BrennanLM @Wizards_DnD @matthewmercer @BDaveWalters
@BDaveWalters How did I never notice this 😳 @JessicaChobot Totally agree with this review. The credits scene was the best part! @ragtimemouse_ I totally agree. Metal is fine but paper I’d just rather try without a straw. @Alykkat @amy_geek That’s true love 😍 @genkaiko @ChrisPerkinsDnD @JeremyECrawford @TychoBrahe @NateWantsToBtl @AustinCreedWins @HollyConrad @ProJared @VladimirGluten @genkaiko @ChrisPerkinsDnD @JeremyECrawford @TychoBrahe @NateWantsToBtl @AustinCreedWins holidays!! #acqinc #wafflecrew #cteam @ChrisPerkinsDnD @JeremyECrawford @TychoBrahe
Retweeted by Anna ProsserIf I were your anime boyfriend would you introduce me to your mom?
@michelemorrow GOOD KITTY! 😂 @yo_bennett The DETAIL! 😂 I love this!Omg Tasha knows my name 😱 Christmas to me! Thanks @Wizards_DnD 🎄 @livinpink @evoli @HappyNizki
@HollyConrad @ColourPopCo ☀️❤️🌙I’m staying in pajamas all day, but @HappyNizki dressed up on behalf of both of us to wish you a very Merry Christm… anyone else is looking for #RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer (the stop motion version) for Christmas Eve tradition vie… @ChrisPerkinsDnD What a GOOD BOY