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@harishkumarr 😄 it won't stopThe IT Cell again! First they spammed me claiming I gave #UriTheSurgicalStrike a bad review, now they have imagined… Singh embodies Murad as he drowns out his naturally flamboyant personality to play a shy, angry yet optimis…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad"Rap becomes a tool to spell out #GullyBoy’s position on prickly issues in a hugely entertaining fashion sans sermo… reviews this week: #GullyBoy - check 👇🏾Coming up: #KumbalangiNights which has released all India only this week,…
@SuparnaSharma @TushitaPatel @Namrata_Joshi @yasser_aks @shubhragupta @PoonamSaxena_ @priyaramani @pgogoi #GullyBoy one of the best films to emerge from the Hindi cinemascape in recent times, writes @annavetticad
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadREVIEW: #GullyBoy one of the best films to emerge from the Hindi cinemascape in recent times, writes @annavetticad
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A meme worth sharing on valentines day, every year.. Happy valentines day.. 🤣
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadEver wondered why post 2014 students have become a target for the right wing? HCU, JNU now AMU? Because the biggest…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadStudents charged with SEDITION for a scuffle with a tv crew? Preposterous in every way. #AMU
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@i_amindelhi 🙏🏾😀 @bl_khatri @thecaravanindia Thank you!Yo yo, we’re Scroll. We love our baida roll. We got heart and we got soul. (Subscribe, please, don’t troll.)
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How unreasonable of me to harp on about racialised violence in a book about the Amritsar Massacre - from the review…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadThis is the first positive step by Church authorities in the #FrancoMulakkal case. Sad that it comes after public p… question, Anand: why do you think those comments were inappropriate?
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The role of the India government and its Coast Guard/Navy in this saga is another great untold geopolitical strand…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad😄 c'mon @JantaKaReporter! If it was a male bureaucrat would your headline have been, "Man bureaucrat cuts off Amol…“Sardee ke marey sooj gaye hain (We have frozen because of the cold)”
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadIf anyone has singlehandedly destroyed journalism its this man
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad @JeevesReginald :)Intellectual Cell 😂
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadThis man has routinely tarnished journalists and even called for their trial and arrest. I wont shed a tear for him…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadSunanda Pushkar death: Court directs Delhi Police to file FIR against Arnab Goswami
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad @ikaveri :)In other news, the IT Cell is still at work for #UriSurgicalStrike. I was on a break in early Jan so I did not revi… @vijayvsworld Not this week. It has not yet been released outside Kerala. Will review it is released all IndiaFYI those asking about my review of #KumbalangiNights: please note that it has not yet been released outside Kerala… my reviews of the #PrithvirajSukumaran-starrer #Nine, #TheFakirOfVenice (Hindi) with #FarhanAkhtar, and…'d) In a sense, I'm grateful to those haughty individuals because if they had not misbehaved with #AmolPalekar @thewire_in: this is the full text of #AmolPalekar's speech that was rudely interrupted by an #NGMA official an…, is this correct: Your request on Feb 1 was for “representatives of Twitter” to attend the parliamentary hearin…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadAnd he was rudely interrupted for saying this
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The lady is insulting #AmolPalekar and openly trying to curb his freedom of expression. This is shameful and inexcu… @illusionatorr You could direct message me on @ajithm69 Not released outside KeralaMy review of #VijaySuperumPournamiyum: #AishwaryaLekshmi's dynamism pairs well with #AsifAli's Everyman persona in… Vijay Superum Pournamiyum | The gender role reversal in the film is striking yet not rubbed in our faces wi…
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Anand Surapur's #TheFakirOfVenice starring #FarhanAkhtar and #AnnuKapoor has been lying in cold storage for a decad… @naushin01 🤞🏾for next week#Nine *ing #PrithvirajSukumaran marks Sony Pictures' first foray into an Indian film industry other than Bollywood.… @naushin01 Not released here in Delhi. As far as I can make out, it has not been released anywhere outside Kerala t… reviews this weekend: #Nine starring #PrithvirajSukumaran and #WamiqaGabbi - done this morning, ICYMI.… The Fakir of Venice isn't excruciating or insufferable, it is simply immensely forgettable, writes…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad @SteveTantrum @firstpost Not this week, sadly. I too am waiting for it.REVIEW: Malayalam film 9 | 'I would willingly pay the price of two tickets to watch any film in which #Prithviraj S…
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@rockthedoc Why? Should we not all be opposed to caste, misogyny, communalism, racism, homophobia, and all other so… @dhume @mihirssharma How is there an equivalence between them? Does Telegraph publish fake news like OpIndia? No. S… please read this important thread 👇🏾't understand World Hijab Day. The celebration of restrictive wear based on gender, is bizarre. Women can wear…
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India is a tolerant Nation, but within limits... yes, you can invade our borders a little bit, now and then. But da…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadCase under National Security Act slapped against three men seriously endangering National Security via cow slaughte…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad @mohankapur @Iamkavitak @ttindia @ANI 😊Yogi Kamal Nath. Has a nice ring to it. Hopefully he too will come to campaign in Kerala.
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadSo @INCIndia @RahulGandhi you think you can get away with making Kamal Nath CM, who acts like a Yogi or Raje clone…
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@kunfaaya 😄 @kumar_iyyani @ttindia @ANI @DaBlockheads HahahaSigh. #GenderEquality
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad @suvojitc @ttindia @ANI Haan, I meant embarrassing for India. 280 characters ki majboori :)This is embarrassing and hilarious. According to those @ttindia spoke to, no civilians were around, none were allow…
Reminder: To speak truth to power, journalists don’t need to be loud, they just need to be firm. Support us by si…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadThis might be #peaksocialmediahappiness
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True. Much more alarming then the present scenario where only one party has political immunity.
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadThere is no limit to how low this moron will go. Here’s today’s edition from the worst human being in India.
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadA flat tyre would not ordinarily count as a tragedy, but imagine getting 35 flat tyres within a short stretch of ti… bracket #EkLadkiKoDekhaTohAisaLaga as simply #LGBT-themed is a limited reading of it. This is a film about not a… you have time for just one article today, pick this excellent, insightful, extensively researched piece by…
@Soni_Razdan I get where you are coming from on this, but misogyny won't go away because we don't acknowledge its e… was doing my job: reporting police assault during slum demolition. But I was assaulted back. And slapped with var…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad#AlluRamendran takes time to get into the groove, but once it does, it is an unexpectedly interesting and thought-p…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad @foxstarhindi 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💃💃💃💃💃💃🙏🏽 😊
@Nidhi Congratulations! :)Read this thread by @free_thinker 👇🏾 Sangh trolls are the lowest life forms on the planet. Can they go any lower th… am trying to wrap my head around the fact that Sangh trolls are trying to shame #PriyankaGandhi for having two br… @foxstarhindi My Twitter handle is @annavetticad 😂 but you are welcome all the same. @sonamakapoor You are kind :) All the best with the film."A warm ode to loving & living as we choose" - My review of #EkLadkiKoDekhaTohAisaLaga *ing #SonamKapoor Ahuja,… There is much to recommend in #EkLadkiKoDekhaTohAisaLaga in an industry where sensitivity around LGBT+ pers…
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A CONFIDENTIAL TIP FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO DOWNPLAY THE JOBS REPORT. Many people don't realize that even when we are…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadA higher Air Quality Index and more people choking to death means that more air purifier brands are looking for sal…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadSomeone should remind Jaggi that the Padma awards have already been announced.
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadThe Unnao victim tried to set herself on fire because the govt refused to act. BJP members openly supported kathua…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadI hope someone from the @PMOIndia can furnish the nation with details of the rape cases that were tried in our cour…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadThe rate of joblessness among rural males in the age group of 15-29 years jumped more than three times to 17.4% in…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad @ANI The PM can't possibly know this, there has been no NCRB data since 2016. Aside from the fact that hanging does…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadWho are these rapists that #NarendraModi claims are now "hanged within 3 days, 7days, 11 days & a month"? The casua… this Hindu Mahasabha person who has recreated Gandhi's assassination be called anti national or be booked for…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad"4 yrs later, data shows its main aim (is) publicity. Over 56% funds allocated under. ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ sch…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadScoop: Unemployment rate rose to a 45-year high of 6.1%, as per the NSSO's annual household survey of 2017-18 - the…
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad"Famine or not, Indians will always breed like rabbits." - Winston Churchill "I do not understand this squeamishne…
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Oh wow, @tjoseph0010! Congratulations!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💃💃💃
Datoon gets posh.
Retweeted by Anna MM Vetticad @smrutibombay They will say that about your tweet on his position on 2002 too. Anyway, "Don't speak ill of the dead… @smrutibombay Not to forget his stand on the murder of Graham Staines.I have had many evenings on the pier. I had also seen many non-goras sitting there. The trick is to reserve. Your l…
Retweeted by Anna MM VetticadThis thread was written in a US context, yet is relevant to India where #abortion is legal but access to safe abort…’m a mother of six, and a Mormon. I have a good understanding of arguments surrounding abortion, religious and oth…
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