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Anne Thériault @anne_theriault Kingston, Ontario

putting the hag in hagiographer

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@akkabah Thank you! @gillian_webber Sure, that would be great! @gillian_webber I just applied to join but am not approved yetHe’s a petite tuxedo cat with one eye, pretty recognizableIf you’re in Kingston’s Skeleton Park neighbourhood, please keep an eye out for Sam. He escaped this morning. He’s…
@lenibriscoe I use this one and it’s good! @sophsa We’ve all fallen prey to that hubris before @karenkho !!!!I don’t see myself getting over this 1976 photo of Martha Stewart anytime soon
Retweeted by Anne Thériault @KarenTSmith @theliz13 Aw!Thomas More was really like “yeah so Richard III had his nephews killed and everyone involved kept it super-secret… @erinbiba It was such a fun workshop! And they told us all kinds of orca facts while we were making them. The mater… the orcas turned out pretty cute! @danharrisndp Worst kind of mom, engaged and interested in her kid’s friend groups 😌 @KatLaRonde @Maladroithe Well, see, exhibit a! @Maladroithe @KatLaRonde Omg so good!!! @Maladroithe @KatLaRonde Omg literally reading this rn! @KatLaRonde @Maladroithe Weirdly, I get along super well with scorps! Geminis, on the other hand … (I’m in a conver…’m not Steve or another installment in the loud subtext series
Retweeted by Anne Thériault @Maladroithe @KatLaRonde Now THERE’S a movie I’d watch the hell out of @KatLaRonde @Maladroithe Omg yes also, absolute tangent, but I love how the propagandists really leaned into trying… @raf_newman Oh nooooo, what an awkward moment! @rezendi Between snickering about butts, I do have to admit that Madeira wine is pretty good! @aelleaelle Oof, that’s a lot to deal with at that age! @robertlavigne Ah, well! @conniepanz Ugh that’s why I love them @notbeforenoon Fingers crossed it doesn’t go that far for 10yo! Though presumably our doctor would know he wasn’t o… @SorenMRiis If you’re the king, at least a nice expensive whiskeyNot MALMSEY wine!!! @Maladroithe VICTIMIZED BY THE TUDOR PROPAGANDA MACHINENot Edward IV send his own brother to the tower and then drowning him in a vat of wine. No wonder York is going dow… @blgtylr The plaid cuffs on the jeans are a peak i’m never gonna hit again @nurseasaurusrex Thank you! My uncle went to the university of Arizona for some reason 😂 @NovembreWitch Oh yeah, they get SUPER defensive and weird about it, even over the most gentle corrections!I had a childhood mushroom cut phase during which I got misgendered a bunch, so I can definitely relate on some lev… @amayoco I definitely tread the line between “being called a girl isn’t an insult!” And “omfg it sucks to be misgendered, i’m sorry!” @theliz13 Omg what a cool kid, though!! I can tell he and 10yo would get along splendidly @amandawtwong Ugh, of course, how ELSE would white audiences know she was pretending to be a boy 🙃 @chandradawn1 Totally! Just an immediate emotional response @danharrisndp Just trying not to be THAT mom lol @MKPinLA Yeah, the whole “laaaaaadies” thing is weird and annoying! @peggysadams Do you find people get SO WEIRD if they misgender her and then find out they’re wrong? I’ve had some w… @theliz13 Awww!! Poor kiddo. If/when mine wants a cut, I’ll organize one posthaste. So far he’s adamant that he wants to keep the lengthI’ve realized a new level of kid gender ~stuff~ is people referring to the two of us as ladies. “Come right this wa… @notthatone12 DON’T TEMPT ME @mcpherserin No actual fever so far, knock wood!Trying not to be a friend matchmaker for my son since the move, but must say that the kid who followed up the “orca… is like when you break up with someone, and then check in on their Insta and they are simply THRIVING without…
Retweeted by Anne Thériault @jessicaeaton I am always pro-bangs @EmilyVanDuyne Emily!!!!!! Congrats!!! @heresybythought The worst symptom by farSam is going straight to cat jail tho10yo legit got cat scratch fever (now called cat scratch disease?) from our worst cat. He’s totally fine other than… @MadelineAshby I’m obsessed! @DanBerky It is! I was obsessed with that scent @Maladroithe The actual dream!! @KBabstock In the immortal words of the counting crows, if I knew Picasso, I would buy (scavenge!!) myself a gray guitar and playThis candle was one of those weird things where I immediately had a very strong scent memory of it and then could N… @Maladroithe Just sitting here looking at one of the plants you got me like 😭I’ve found a candle that smells exactly like Lush’s Karma Bomb (yikes, what a name!!! what a time for vegan edgelor… @KBabstock This is a great garbage night find!!! I’m jealous! @Maladroithe I love you ❤️ @WordsandGuitar I’m really proud of you and in awe of you ❤️ @boyreporter Ok fiiiiine @christineestima @TheBiancaT Dialing it is the best feeling @christineestima @TheBiancaT Omg we still have one at my Nana’s house! @mkramer @synoisia Omg so pretty though! @christineestima Omg these are amazing!
@danharrisndp Immediately hear the lady from the heritage minute yelling BRAVO JACKIE @MelissaLCormier A typewriter on a train trip to the east coast is the ultimate Anne catnip 😂 @BerrakBiz No! @d34dr4bbit Yeah, who knows! Probably worth more than $20 though @CodeNameZed I’m trying to be less maximalist!!!Am some sort of typewriter speculator @noirbettie I guess I’ll grudgingly find a spot for herI just worry I am some type of vintage typewriter hoarder because I also have this mammoth old Royal one (which doe… don’t have any space in my new place for this Olivetti typewriter I got for $20 at a fleamarket several years ago… I am getting some confused UK replies, the joke is that there’s a very prestigious canadian university in… @Teknogrot It’s mostly because Kingston has a large, prestigious university called Queens and people here either lo… @JodiesJumpsuit Alright I’m gonna go back and see if it’s still there. A little birthday week chaos! @sf_lang Oh Kingston has a prestigious university also called Queens and people here either love it or loathe it (o… @Teknogrot No the logo looks like this’s a vintage store in Kingston that’s selling an old sweatshirt from Queen’s University in Belfast and I am tr… @Adam___Green He was definitely a baby who wore a hat well @MelissaLCormier Naturally 😂 @lucydecoutere Trying to remember who made it 😂 @6BenHarrison @hilarynilufer Corner of Cogswell and! @fwillick Corner of Creighton and Cogswell, formerly next to ye olde rooming house that spectacularly burned down in 2004
@SaleemaNawaz My great-grandfather was an explosion survivor! He was 14 and on his way to his first day of work at… @HumanitiesAdvoc I did! @aiabx Oh yeah Riverdale Farm is the best! @SaleemaNawaz (We lived in a 4th floor walk-up for God’s sake!) @SaleemaNawaz That makes total sense! I had a hard time staying put, even though getting ready to go out was a whol… @carolinetweeted Aw ❤️ @croonjuice Yeah!Week of 8/1 in Leo: Some celebrations will happen now and others will happen later. In the midst of that you will f…
Retweeted by Anne Thériault @peggysadams We had, like, five of them that people gifted to us 😂 @jkparker Yeah, absolutely same! @emilylhauser I think about this essay a LOT these days @mrperki 😂