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putting the hag in hagiographer

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@celeste_noelani We’re surviving! Will appreciate the card whenever it arrives, this head or ten years hence. Toron… @caviglia_jr Yeah that’s what I’m discovering! I didn’t know anything about him until literally this month @zehavoc This is DELIGHTFUL @causalitybrunch You didn’t at all but I hope sleep finds you ❤️ @clairewillett Omg we need to collaborate on this! @AngryBlackLady Thank you and same to you ❤️ also can’t even begin to count how many people to whom I’ve sent you “… was skeptical about this book at first but Collins makes it so clear that EVERY WOMAN HAS BEEN WRONGED by the var… @nicoleackman16 YES come sit right by me @itsariot I will ❤️ also weirdly comforting to think that tomorrow already exists @dancingofpens Honestly, not to make too light of it, but the coolest slumber party around and I bet we all have adorable pyjamas 😂Can you believe everyone thought that Laura Glyde née Fairlie was Anne Catherick after the psychiatric ward situati… just get so tired of myself but (obviously) must live with my annoying self and thus the cycle continues lol @clapifyoulikeme I love this and this totally counts as good news for ME because it is good news for YOU, a person I like very much ❤️I would just like to have one healthy night where I do not get upset out into the void and then feel embraced the n… @clapifyoulikeme Selfishly I meant for me, but I will take the world in general, if there is a good vaccine or a big peace or whatever! @dancingofpens Oof right back atcha. At least there are cool people like you awake at the same time as me? ❤️ @Cupcakes_n_Rap Oh nooooooo. Also I feel like tramadol is a scam that does nothing, but that might be because I need too many downers!Gonna try really hard tonight not to be in pain and have a meltdown on here and question why anyone likes me and th… simply wish for one bit of good news to balance out all the rest of the other stuff, but we can’t always get what we wantIf I must be awake at 1 am, I simply wish for my feelings not to be bad, that’s all
Retweeted by Anne Thériault @SoiGilberto Not dental or optometry, alas @Kevinadian But isn’t most homework a chore? @queencityac We do but I’m not sure what the covid situation with them is! @causalitybrunch @heinslmn I’ve been to dental schools for my (extensive, lol) tooth problems and my exeperience ha… @JD_Ross102 Oh noooooo! @sjs_sf Yeah but it takes forever to get an appointment with them in normal times and their preference is to extract the tooth 😭 @Fleightondiaz Oh no not at all! Parents have feelings too!! @SorayaRoberts A whole load of crap, which so often gets glossed over because Canadians want to talk about how grea… @SorayaRoberts I’ll have to ask them. I really wanted to pay off the last one first 😭Absolutely mysterious how a tooth whose root nerve has been removed can still hurt so muchIt’s also like .... I can’t afford it, but it’s extremely painful, so I know I will have to do something about it sooner rather than laterOh ok since it’s an emergency, I magically have more money lolMy dentist: you need a crown Me: yes, I know My dentist: you need a crown NOW Me: I know? But I still don’t have th… have a filling on a root canal tooth that’s been slowly (and now quickly) falling out and I can’t stop poking at… @sophsa I want it!! @notbeforenoon Ah well what can?Also, many of them are books I would not have read if I hadn’t been pushed. And I still would not be reading them!… @K8JohnsonAuthor Absolutely agree! @citizen_parable I agree! I also found reading out loud in class as a group effort to be helpful @feliskathryn I think it is so up to the teacher!I think often classics aren’t necessarily great on their own, but they become more so when you start to see how the… @amandawtwong Those damn ca-PITTLE-ists! @rezendi Please write this “books, like midriffs” essay 😂 @rezendi Yeah it feels like a fine line! Also I admit I have never understood Joyce, even though I’ve tried @K8JohnsonAuthor That movie deserves more credit than it gets!In all seriousness, though, I think the books we are assigned in high school are books that should grow with us. I… also lmao what do I know, the only book I was assigned to read before I transferred to the English system in grade 9 was Le Petit Prince @CromartyHeather @akkabah Is ANYONE transporting that many logs on a regular basis?But I do wish we could spend more time talking about how some books are hard because you just ... wish you had a tr… @amandawtwong Same, often, to be honest!(But I feel like that’s a thing people don’t want to wrestle with, because they don’t want to feel like they’re not… still struggle with it! I am fully an adult in my mid-thirties and had a hard time with some passages in reading… think part of the ~discussion~ about classic books and school and whatever is that often the language is dense an… @Maladroithe Same tbh. Also, wow, remember a world when we needed weekenders? 😭 @QuinceMountain Well!!! I was going to think of a smart-ass reply to that! But I like you too, very much! So! @fembotic Steal it!!! @Maladroithe I have a YSL perfume and it feels very fancy! @RatherKeen YES @QuinceMountain I have many uncharitable thoughts in my head 😂Sorry, I know this is a semi-mean tweet. Normally I try to stuff them down @pamelamacn I’ve been wanting a Dutch oven!I aspire to either be one of those people who writes bad tweets in hope of the outraged quote tweets OR someone who… @pamelamacn Or my laptop when I go places to work .... someday 😭 @BethandCats VERY relevant to my needs(Also in a better world @homerekha and I would probably be hammered at the food and wine show RIGHT NOW)This targeted ad feels like it was meant for @homerekha @threebuckduck @Remember_Sarah I have many cats. Some might say too manyI have never carried a log in my life but I want one @jeannakadlec HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHICH FOR SOME REASON MY PHONE WANTED TO CHANGE TO HOOT BIRTHDAYOh my god it IS us. @blgtylr is perfect and this is perfect. Also, in further Canadian pick me energy, I must point… @blgtylr I am both thrilled and terrified, Brandon 😂 @k_loulee I am JEALOUS! @jacqvalencia I just love them. Also feel that they make sense because public transit in its ideal form is communis… @blgtylr (Sorry, sorry) (Also it behooves me to be super Canadian and mention that Franklin is Canadian) @fleshwound_NPG I love it but I still want the Toronto public transit version 😂 @JodiesJumpsuit @aka_Reynolds YES. I don’t want cutesie pins of all the stations, I want THIS @nicanack Yes! @aka_Reynolds SELL ME THE HAT!!!Like this but with a TTC logo instead of the communist star. I already respect all the public transit employees but… truly covet those furry Russian-looking TTC winter hats. I tried to look for a picture but couldn’t find one! But if you know, you knowSo, we've been in this quarantine/pandemic for about 10 months now. I know we're all trying to cope and I thought…
Retweeted by Anne Thériault @diannaeanderson Honestly, same! @DrTimothyErick Oooh what’s your preferred bourbon? @lessesne Love it! @celeste_noelani ❤️ @alomegan ❤️Ham, oysters, wine, and the most amazing tulip-covered vessel to hold it. So stop letting Twitter get you down, and…
Retweeted by Anne ThériaultGonna be a long winter, as alwaysI do ok with just a mask, but having a mask, toque and scarf all touching my face at once is a sensory nightmare tbh
@FranCarlyon It got me through a lot of early quarantine! @LustfulSloth @amandagabr1elle @Johanne_4 @voldemortsn0se Amazing! @fasteronfire525 ❤️ @DrTimothyErick Old fashioned @parziplace I can’t believe no one said Dymphna! @LibHawker Thank you ❤️ @fransharpasatak @mbayer1248 ❤️❤️❤️ @alexiterick @lunapuella Ah I love this! @ShayneLaughter ❤️ @leeleykeel @showupforthis @squishable Yes! Same one :)