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Anne Griffin @AnneGriffin_ Mullingar, Ireland

Writer. When All Is Said. Irish Newcomer of the year 2019. Publ: Sceptre, St Martin’s Press. Rep: Louise Buckley, Zeno Agency, London @LouiseMBuckley

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@joyfc Ah thanks, Joy!
@gutterbookshop ❤️❤️❤️Just finished my final reading event of the year. And what a year it has been. Here’s to Maurice Hannigan and the a… you @makleppinger! you voted? No less than 6 of these titles in this #APIBAS list are from upcoming or previous @ebcf contributor…
Retweeted by Anne GriffinThis Sunday at 7 on @RTERadio1 I host my first ever episode of the new @BookShowRTE so it's high time I gave you an…
Retweeted by Anne GriffinCouldn’t be prouder of brother-in-law and all the @oileanchleire islanders who’ve launched their first gin. Ireland…
Many thanks, Joanne, for including me here! 😊
@jm_monaco2 Many thanks for this ❤️😊Just finished #WhenAllIsSaid by @AnneGriffin_ and feeling in awe of the her achievement. Perfect structure for the…
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Twenty swans greeted me on my lazy cycle of the canal today. I’d wanted to stay by the fire. Sometimes a bit of eff… @Stevewal63 @nina_george @JaninaRossiter @SangeetaWaldron @Nina_Willner Thanks, Steve ❤️ @buildabrigie Brigie, thank you so much for this. apologies for the tears!Ends tomorrow: @AnneGriffin_'s acclaimed, best-selling debut novel, WHEN ALL IS SAID is only £4.99 in audio at the…
Retweeted by Anne GriffinBravo @JessicaTraynor6, Stephen Rae and all the contributors of this fine anthology #correspondences. Harrowing, br…
I know the last thing you need is another EBook, but… Hiding in Plain Sight, a Serial Killer thriller set in the Ir…
Retweeted by Anne Griffin @ivanobp @Hodges_Figgis Thank you, Ivan. So glad you liked it😊The audiobook of @AnneGriffin_'s acclaimed debut, WHEN ALL IS SAID is only £4.99:
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'Rejections flowed in and I was on my 37th email when I finally found an agent' @AnneGriffin_ , author of 'When Al…
Retweeted by Anne Griffin @MenteithNtk Many thanks 🙏 @BredaDigitalM @swanseastones Thank you, Breda
Book teaser...
Retweeted by Anne Griffin @greenannabrowne @swanseastones @ScotRail 😂😂 @greenannabrowne @swanseastones Anna, thank you and many apologies for those tears 😭❤️As #whenallissaid won the IrishNewcomer of the Year Award, it’s now eligible for the overall Irish Book of the year…
@VillageSquarejo Many thanks 😊 @JaneBPedersen @WaterstonesMorp So glad you enjoyed it, Jane. Thanks for the lovely tweet! @DanniLmc @MadeleineDL what amazing women you are. This was so enjoyable. @FictionFriary is a great event that runs… sorry it’s over - the warmest festival in the world! Had a wonderful weekend with great company and incredible h…
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@lilypinkmouse Thanks so much, Gabrielle!
@Marie31016078 @rickoshea @judi_curtin @AnPostIBAS Thank you, Marie @MadeleineDL Thanks, Madeleine ❤️We have these great books to give away at our event tomorrow, Sunday 24th November, thanks to @ElaineEgan_ and…
Retweeted by Anne GriffinHuge congrats to @AnneGriffin_ on winning Newcomer of the Year at @AnPostIBAS ! We can't wait to talk to Anne at ou…
Retweeted by Anne Griffin @eoghanegan @AnPostIBAS @TheSundayIndo Thank you, Eoghan ❤️ @JanCarson7280 @MartinDoyleIT Thanks so much, Jan ❤️ @PhelanVicky @emduddingstone @ElaineEgan_ What a night! Did we not have a ball. I’ll never forget. Congrats to u to… @booksnthat Thanks, Gary 😁 @GHollandPhoto @andysaibhcarter ❤️❤️
Perfect for the weekend: the audiobook of @AnneGriffin_'s WHEN ALL IS SAID is only £4.99:
Retweeted by Anne Griffin @DolanGeraldine @niosmofoods Thanks, Ger @loucronje Thanks, Louise ❤️ @Eurostella21 Thank you lovely, Mariella ❤️ @DNLitFest Thank you so much, you guys 😊 @SarahCrossan @emduddingstone Many thanks, Sarah ❤️❤️ @Emmaleene1 @emduddingstone @ElaineEgan_ Thank you, Emmaleene ❤️ @BackDoorBookCl2 Ah thank you, you lovely women. @paulasheels @emduddingstone @ElaineEgan_ Thanks, Paula ❤️ @AnneWDonnelly Thanks a million, Anne! @LaineyB2011 Thanks, ElaineMe and my fantastic editor @emduddingstone at the Irish Book awards. Picture taken by the other fantastic woman… @t1mothyallen @MumblinDeafRo Thanks, TimothyThank you to the wonderful team @DubrayBooks who have supported me so much in the last year ❤️ @elliedoesbooks Thank you, Eleanor. @mariahilldublin Thank you, Maria ❤️ @lizzienugent @MartinDoyleIT Thank you lovely, Liz ❤️ @bfenners17 Many thanks 🙏 @yvonne_odonnell Thanks, Yvonne 👍 @DbeePress Thank you, Dolores 😊Couldn’t have done it without it @LouiseMBuckley ❤️❤️❤️ @OReillyReads Right there from the beginning, Sheila. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the constant support ❤️ @HeidiNiMhurchu Thanks, Heidi for this and all of the continued support! @kiernanmargaret Many thanks, Margaret @swirlandthread Thanks, Mairead @grace_wilentz Thank you, Grace ❤️ @MartinDoyleIT Many thanks, Martin. @L_D_Grant Thanks, Lucille @lunchfilms Thank you @marycarty Thank you, Mary @RuthMcKee Thank you lovely, Ruth ❤️ @RyanerWriter @JaneCaseyAuthor Thank you, Jane ❤️ @elawlor30 Thanks, Elaine @Ajes74 Thanks, Anita @Theresa_Talbot Thanks, Theresa @RuthKWriter Thanks, Ruth @MumblinDeafRo Thanks, Rónán. I never got to see u on the night 🙁. Even with your yellow hat and duffel, I couldn’t spot u! @elstew79 Thanks, Elaine @KellyCreighto16 Thanks, Kelly @cbreenwilliams Thank you, Christine @CauveryMadhavan Thank you, Cauvery @colin_goodayle @CauveryMadhavan Thanks, Colin @niosmofoods Thank you 😊Raising many, many toasts to @AnneGriffin_ and When All is Said - winner of the Newcomer of the Year at the…
Retweeted by Anne Griffin @yvonnemurphynol Thanks, Yvonne @Juniper700 Thanks, June @KitdeWaal So happy, Kit. ❤️❤️ @Fothersej22 Thanks, Liz @freyamcc A fantastic table full of genuinely lovely people. So delighted for you and Joe and especially all the families ❤️ @its_lulu_ Thanks, Louise @WeeJackie78 Thank you, Jackie @consreddan Thanks, Connie @DavidButlerBray Thanks to you, David, my first writing teacher ❤️ @WorldBookFest @AnPostIBAS @TheSundayIndo Thanks you guys ❤️ @jacomahony @MartinDoyleIT Hanks, Jacqueline ❤️ @olivia_duff Thanks, Olivia @GHollandPhoto @springsteen @shanehegarty @SCrowleyAuthor @sophiegrenham @Suejleonard @office_mum @sineadgleeson Big love, Ger Holland ❤️ @BythewayKey Thanks, Emily @GemmaMarren Thanks, Gemma @janetsomerville Thanks, Janet