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Dual citizen, Irish and American,R,N. Artist,Liberal,#NeverTrump' Windmill Cancer Survivor!

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@ladybuck44 No, I would cancel.#FindSomethingNew So I guess: Trump isn’t bringing back coal!!#FindSomethingNew We're about to find us a new President, because this one is an abject failure.#FindSomethingNew Good advice, your daddy should take it himself. Perhaps he can go be the king of Florida. Or a n… I'd like to suggest the same to our current administration.#FindSomethingNew The “ Let then eat 🍰 cake” moment from the Trump family. #BeBest#FindSomethingNew Ivanka says: Always look on the bright side of life: 130,000 dead from Covid 19, Very sad, But th… @IvankaTrump If you didn’t win the birth lottery like me then you can: #FindSomethingNew: Jared read SIX books 📚 on… @realDonaldTrump The media is an adversary? It seems like everyone is your adversary these days. The media, Congr… @RX_forLiberty @maribarke Dear Orange County BOE members — If wearing masks is “not based on science [and] may even… want every single American to know: If you're sick, struggling, or worried about how you're going to get through…
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @HelenaP @neurooruen @AllisonFox4News No, you should not donate. It sounds like you have already been through so mu… @helenap @neurooruen @AllisonFox4News I’m really glad you recovered,please consider donating plasma. @FiveFastCats Terrifying, read the NPR article, I posted the link. @inminivanhell Don’t get disheartened, we got Katie Porter elected, It’s just the white Republican in Orange County… @realDonaldTrump Says the President who paid a 2 million fine for stealing from Charity, and 25 million for running a fraudulent University. @realDonaldTrump LAW & ORDER! (unless one of my criminal friends needs their sentence commuted) @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump @kayleighmcenany 04.24.20 - The Trump administration moved to end a policy that protect… @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump @kayleighmcenany the Trump administration continues to limit civil rights protections f… @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump @kayleighmcenany The Trump administration on Friday moved forward with a rule that roll… @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump @kayleighmcenany 😂😂😂😂😂 @jsolomonReports @realDonaldTrump Ballot harvesting: Do you mean counting every vote? Isn’t that the hallmark of every Democracy? @ECMcLaughlin Worse it’s orange country, Greetings from a fellow expat!This shit is ruthless. Retweet it far and wide. #ByeDonJr
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor!📺 NEW VIDEO Enough hypocrisy, stupidity, and nepotism. We need 5,000 retweets in the first thirty minutes on th…
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @vegix Hug my adult children. @neurooruen @AllisonFox4News Thank you. @BeauWillimon If schools are that crucial to the economic survival of a nation, maybe they should be adequately fundedWe’re doomed...
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @realDonaldTrump @RonnyJackson4TX Please just stay focused on saving us from "Windmill Cancer"! We are very lucky t… favorite part of newly released .@DonaldJTrumpJr drunk Arrest record? He was busted on Hillary Street! #ISYN!
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @AllisonFox4News This is not a cheesy baked potato. This is the ravaged lung of an otherwise healthy gal in her 20’… @AllisonFox4News @JoyAnnReid Evidence is emerging that SARS-CoV2 is causing long-term damage at a cellular level to…
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @neurooruen @AllisonFox4News So should all Covid positive patients go on anti coagulants? @MickieMo @ziwe Perfectly said. @Alyssa_Milano Thank you, my son is a film editor, his contact was suspended with the pandemic, I’m not sure what h…
@TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump This is why he is a useless President: His way of dealing with everything is to pretend… @tomaskenn @RonDeSantisFL @MayorGimenez Good for you: Go Irish 🇮🇪 !!#RecallGavin2020 I'm sure all the "freedumb fighters" who refused to social distance and wear masks are going to b… @GavinNewsom hey, florida, texas and Arizona! pay attention. this is what leadership looks like#RecallGavin2020 Gavin Newsom is not the problem: The problem is the federal government passed the buck to over 5… News: About 5.4 million Americans lost health insurance in the pandemic, more than have ever lost coverage… I Stand With Fauci: and, I wear a mask so I'll be alive to vote trump out on November 3Republicans know that they can close polling places in Democratic districts, but they know they can't stop mail del… @michaelslee71 @Made3Errors @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom The patients or their family gave permission to use this photo. THIS IS NOT THE FLU. Thank @GavinNewsom for… @ChristianWalk1r @GavinNewsom Only if you sign a contract that you will NOT seek medical assistance if you catch Covid 19. @msmiles13 @Made3Errors @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom Yes, but they are also realizing that for many people the virus i… @BDSoCal @Mattbogart @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom Most do, I have seen people go in the store wearing a mask then take it off. @Mattbogart @BDSoCal @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom I think more people are wearing masks but memorial weekend people we… @QArmy1973 @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom I’m a Nurse Anesthetist, I wear a mask all day every day. You are talking nonsense. @CarolBa92619962 @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom @pfabiani @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom We will if you non mask wearers will sign a contract saying you will NOT seek h… @RaychelTania @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom No I’m not. The virus is less contagious out of doors and they were mostly… @meldub79 @GavinNewsom Yes, it should be a $2,000 fine. @GavinNewsom Also close bars and indoor dining. @GavinNewsom Thank you, asking people to adhere to good practices is not working. I am glad you are making the hard… @BonusDonuts @GavinNewsom Untrue, we opened up to fast now we are paying the price. We medical staff are getting ex… Just so we’re clear, I’m voting for the guy who didn’t lose over 120,000 people to COVID 19, with the h… @ZoeTillman I wouldn't be surprised if there's no documentation besides the tweet! @StephenKing Always someone with the mask not covering their nose: @JoeBiden This administration can try to discredit Dr. Fauci but at the end of the day the majority of Americans pu… @MarkYoungTruth @realDonaldTrump I will never understand how 30% of the population is convinced a doctor who has sp… Fauci is a national hero! Did he make some missteps at the beginning? Yeah. We all did. No one knew what we… I want medical advice, I ALWAYS go to Chuck Woolley for his expertise. ESPECIALLY in a global pandemic. His wo… @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom Can you talk and get advice from @NYGovCuomo , Statewide, the number of people hospitaliz… @sarahcpr @WWF Me too !!🐘 @thedailybeast Perhaps if this Administration didn’t engage in so many dangerously incompetent and even corrupt act… @LindseyGrahamSC Your a fool Ms. G. Trump would turn on you in a heartbeat.Police just tasered this protester in Bay Ridge Brooklyn #BlackLivesMatter for licensing
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@LindseyGrahamSC You’re such a sycophant. @call_nasty @GailHorn I @Alex00023521 @call_nasty @MaryanneChisho2 @call_nasty @GailHorn @GeorgyGirl1966 @candylee1126 Very nice 💙 @makk1123 Too dumb for you 💙 @lod59 Get a new Dr.#DeSantisFailedFlorida Just to compare, the entire country of South Korea has seen 13,417 cases TOTAL. They have a… In Trump We Die! @yeahokisee NoWho did this?
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @FoxNewsSunday @BetsyDeVosED You first Karen. You jump right in with a class of kindergartners. No masks. Bring the… @AdamParkhomenko Maybe he forgot he had another cognitive test?#Covid_19 This White House has catastrophically bungled the response to coronavirus. We are leaderless.Trump’s worst nightmare has always been people learning the truth about him. He isn’t a success. He’s…
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor!From Barr's confirmation hearing: “Q: Do you believe a president could lawfully issue a pardon in exchange for the…
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor!#PardonMeTrump but the mask is supposed to be worn over the mouth AND nose.
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor!The Trump team has had more of their own indicted than in any previous administration ever. #PardonMeTrump
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor!Trump’s campaign manager is a felon. His deputy campaign manager is a felon. His national security advisor is a fel…
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @ProjectLincoln @gtconway3d The party of Lincoln strove to create a more perfect Union: The party of Trump is drive… @DonaldJTrumpJr They are allowed to run a Charity unlike you and your charity stealing family of grifters.Next week Trump will wear a condom when having a sex with a porn star and his evangelical base will give him a standing ovation
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @sherrysue66 @realDonaldTrump No previous President has ever pardoned or commuted someone who could implicate the P… @realDonaldTrump No previous President has ever pardoned or commuted someone who could implicate the President in a… @AhmedBaba_ And coughs into his hand instead of his elbow. How hard is it to know what's medically recommended - and do it? @briantylercohen I also gag when mentioning his name!Man wears mask in hospital visiting soldiers whom he let Putin put a bounty on. Press: OMG, he looks so presidential!
Retweeted by #WindmillCancerSurvivor! @BorisEP @kimguilfoyle @JoeBiden Blue sky’s in N.H. Too chicken to do a nobody will show rally ??? @realDonaldTrump You inherited a boom economy from President Obama and your legacy was to give us the highest deficit in history. @HKrassenstein Trump: “I just wore a mask at Walter Reed the other day. Until I came along, no one was wearing a ma…