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Anne T. Donahue @annetdonahue Toronto, Ontario

I wrote a book called Nobody Cares and get to write for a bunch of places I love. I'm also a big fan of the mall.

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@speug17 @globeandmail go for it, dudeLOOK AT WHAT I'M DOING NEXT SATURDAY!!! @QueenBooksTO @speug17 @globeandmail i'm not a christian anymore...? so... no time will be taken? @angeserednicki @globeandmail thank you for reading it!“So what was once a holiday of dread has evolved into a reminder that it’s possible to declare independence, to hea…
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @lizmwhitbread you are very (TOO!!) kind!GOOD MORNING I wrote about reclaiming Easter after being raised Super Catholic and realizing I would rather not be,… @OConnorBigTom @msjcollis forbes!
You can’t control what happens, you can only control how you’s called mindfulness, ever heard of it? [Lit…
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahuei was channel surfing and landed on the scene in spider-man 2 where he stops the train and makes that face and now… spoiler etc etc FUCKING JULIAN ON THIS WEEK'S KILLING EVE IS TRULY THE SERIES' SCARIEST VILLAIN OF ALLHey! My new album Dancing on a Weeknight is available for download everywhere! Thanks to @vtcomedy and @BellHouseNY
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue"I could totally do all of that," I say as I watch Killing Eve, seconds before seeing the small spider on my ceilin…
@kiva_jane @TheBlackHoof @geekylonglegs this is a nice crew!!not sure how we as a nation will ever recover from this
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueOH! HELL! YES! @IsaacFitzgerald @theferocity @AM2DM @BuzzFeedNews @BuzzFeed hell yes JUST TRY AND STOP MEso many babies gonna be named harm to ongoing matter in nine months!!!!!!I wrote about 90s movies and house parties and growing up and being weird young people! LET'S PROCEED @IsaacFitzgerald @theferocity @AM2DM @BuzzFeedNews @BuzzFeed LATE TO THIS BUT: !!!!!!!!!!! I'm so stoked I got to h… GOT LEFTOVER CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM RED LOBSTER ON MY COMPUTER and other morsels of glamour that come with working from homeLibraries are our last democracy, and I'm profoundly ashamed of my province. @willbertine oh man, thank you!
My favourite response to any ridiculous thing is to say "COULD YOU EVEN IMAGINE" because you know what? I couldn't… get into it OR GET THE HELL OUT (and we'll see you in jail!!!) WAS THE BEST AND I LOVE @BEEQUAMMIE #booksmartdff @SylvietheBunnyT @Booksmart @DrunkFemFilms thank you!!!Just watched @Booksmart at Revue Cinema - as someone who was a nerdy overachiever in high school it spoke to me, an…
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueI just saw @Booksmart and HOLY SHIT you guys I loved it so much and wished it existed so hard when I was in high sc…
Us arriving to @DrunkFemFilms’ preview of @Booksmart tonight @RevueCinema 👯‍♀️ See ya soon, @annetdonahue &…
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue"everything the light touches," i whisper to the cat as he looks out the window. "does not belong to you. if you le…'s going to be the best! OR ELSE. @amil is stassi okay? is she the mean one? @havethehabit i have a crush on jax? i'm also VERY tired @amil i'm already so happy @ktammm that's why i started watching! @PattiMurin we are BLESSED @havethehabit i love it already! (eddie cibrian! what!) @karengeier @sexyuniquepod YOU GOT ITit is with great joy i announce that i have finally begun watching VANDERPUMP RULES about Notre Dame and my mom, losing my Paris photos, and mourning online (offline) or not mourning at all…
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueGeorgette on Mary Tyler Moore was sweet and kind and lovely and strong and complex and tough and soft and important… @geekylonglegs @amy_wood it is my FAVOURITE public bathroom EVER @chantalbraganza it wasn't!! it was denim!!SHE RECOGNIZED ME BY THE BACK OF MY HEAD AND/OR COAT
The reason people are heartbroken over Notre Dame is because it's heartbreaking. Loss is painful and deserves to be… for being sad about this: there are a lot of people who are acting too cool for sadness, and that’s boring. You…
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahuewhat an uncanny, horrible feeling: history about to disappear on a livestream
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @ElSequoia i'm so sorry. @DanishaCarter4 dude same @ElSequoia i can't even imagineFucking hell, man, SO MUCH HISTORY. Played witness to and played major parts of and housed and WAS. Fuck.Notre Dame: Wait for the facts; let people be sad in their own way; don’t be an idiot.
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueI feel sad and sick and completely devastated and all of these are completely inadequate descriptions. you don't agree you're a cowardhow sick would it be if daenerys started talking like elizabeth holmes @DevinPatches WHO IS BRAN @Superfluously @lydiaohh a wedding is a monumental disgrace if this song isn't played @georgieluttrell ahhh! thank you so much for coming!! AND NEVER BE NERVOUS! my general vibe is rachel running into… @Superfluously @lydiaohh RASPUTIN IS THE BEST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY FUCKING LIFEI HAD THE BEST TIME LAST NIGHT! Thank you so much to @RevueCinema for having me, thank you to @randibergman for bei… if game of thrones ends with the invention of hbo @evanrosskatz are those matching slacks? @kristylapointe @SpillingEve @KillingEve sweet!! @vivekshraya @gritlitfestival i full on was like/am like "do not email her yet -- you were very loud, give her some… BUT HERE'S THE THING: @vivekshraya is a BEAUTIFUL DREAM and did not flee when I ran up to her yelling "HI I'M… @SpillingEve @KillingEve OKAY!
Toronto! Tonight at 7 pm, I'll be hosting a screening of TITANIC with @randibergman at @RevueCinema! Perfect if you…
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueSIRI, SHOW ME THE NEW MEANING OF PALM SUNDAY @ByKateDwyer ahhh! no way!!💖💕💖💕💖💕💖 @johnlevenstein the best part is the 14-minute song we sing! INSTEAD of happy birthday but IN ADDITION to the scene! @johnlevenstein YOU WISH* *THAT is the name of my team @johnlevenstein how dare youI JUST WANT FIONA SHAW TO BE PROUD OF ME🗣 CANADA!!! 🗣 i’m in Toronto for a conference & then doing a reading at a QTIPOC event. looking to do more readings…
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @Billyjensen @KillingEve "ONE DROP OF BLOOD!" @megsokay @KillingEve god I ALSO JUST WANT TO PULL OFF PANTSUITS but alas pantsuits! look! tragic! on! me!I met Sandra Oh a few years ago and hugged her way too enthusiastically and told her Dr Yang got me through my earl…'m finally catching up on @KillingEve and look I hope I never meet Jodie Comer because I'm so desperate to be her… @randibergman @RevueCinema WE'VE GOT EACH OTHER, BABY!THIS SEASON OF @VEEPHBO IS SO GOOD I FEEL PHYSICALLY ILLToronto! Tonight at 7 pm, I'll be hosting a screening of TITANIC with @randibergman at @RevueCinema! Perfect if you… he’s a hell of a boy!
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @geekylonglegs @Scaachi PLUG MY BOOK PLUG IT!!!!!!!!!! @Scaachi @geekylonglegs i had a burger and onion rings today!!! and it was EXCELLENT
"hey give that back" - me playing basketball @Scaachi @geekylonglegs TAG ME AT LEAST YOU WIENERS @Billyjensen @Newyorkist are we dead already?I AM ALWAYS HERE TO HELP WITH HEART BURN AND ALL OTHER AILMENTS* *the key is 100% to eat like a baby had the best time! Thank you for having me! @_aimeebatt @gritlitfestival HI! @carriesnotscary @karllscott oh holy shit! i want to do that NOW @carriesnotscary @karllscott oh HELL YES -- a refreshing dessert!the thing is, any one of you could walk up to me and say you're in imagine dragons and i would absolutely believe you @carriesnotscary @karllscott i absolutely skipped school to eat mcdonalds and take a napwow so much for being among family Lucy this is brutal
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @yckmd_ OMG I REMEMBER!!!!!!!Toronto! If you, like me, will not be watching Game of Thrones on Sunday night (or ever), DO I HAVE AN EVENT FOR YO…
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