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Anne T. Donahue @annetdonahue Toronto, Ontario

I wrote a book called Nobody Cares and get to write for a bunch of places I love. I'm also a big fan of the mall. She/her.

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@joshgondelman YES! IT'S ME!And we, the people, should be excited to read it! IN FACT, why don't we all preorder now!
Me to Kawhi: Can I be your son? Kawhi: Aren’t you 15 years older than me. Me (blushing) : Did you read my Wikipedia?
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueIf you can make Kawhi Leonard truly laugh, you will be granted eternal life. @ManishaKrishnan we are getting to levels of entitled groomsman QUICK @ManishaKrishnan WHO IS THIS FATHER OF THE BRIDE @ManishaKrishnan LIKE HE'S RUNNING FOR STUDENT PRESIDENTIf I was given the key to the city I would need to know immediately which haunted buildings it'd let me into. let me onstage to help guilt Kawhi Leonard into staying, I was raised Catholic and Irish and Lithuanian so I… @goldengateblond OH I KNOWSometimes, there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it. @maggiewrobel no lies just truths!!!Never have clothes looked so new.
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @maggiewrobel TELL HER I'M SORRY!!My ringtone is now just the sound of millions of people booing Doug Ford. #WeTheNorthhi @peretti and @BuzzFeedBen, love your website and the stories you tell and the people who work there, but it's lo…
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahueif you can't handle this reality you're a coward @georgieluttrell NO. NOT A SOUL.what if kawhi leonard agrees to five more years but only if i play on the team tooTHIS IS 10000000 x BETTER THAN A STAR IS BORN (especially since @kiva_jane already is one!!) Scheer is being interviewed during the Raptors parade which I believe may bring a curse to the team and/or the nation.Toronto should throw a parade like this every time I finish an essay.Granted, this is my idea of babysitting but I NEVER SAID I WAS A ROLE MODEL. Kawhi Leonard stays in Toronto I will babysit for him and his partner six nights a week. @yashar omg @mtvcanada i forgive you, but please remember that you are now in my debt @meaganrosae this is the truest thing i have ever readThe Raptors parade will end at the mall, where we will all finally shop together. #WeTheNorthDay @ponyup yes, and it's just me being their friend and cool big sister!"Miss, you're not allowed to be here," a police officer cautions. "Oh?" Kyle Lowry says, holding his hand out as I… the parade route today to make sure the Raptors are healthy and hydrated with juice boxes, baby carrots, and sliced apples.Laura Dern is alive when we are, and it is a blessing we do not deserve.
Commenting "how do you know my boyfriend" on every photo of your dads I see.An update: my dad is now watching Keanu Reeves interviews on his iPad, singing his praises, and asking me about his… everybody i know it's june but i still can't stop thinking about how kevin mcallister got his groceries home af… dad and I are watching TV in two different rooms because we were going to go out before realizing we were too ti… Father’s Day!
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahuehello i am the fun friend who when somebody says a person i don't like or feel good about seems nice or charming i yell SO WAS TED BUNDY
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueMy dad doesn't have Twitter so I won't Hallmark about Father's Day, but I will say that once when he was driving te… I began a sentence with "I refuse to die until-" and my uncle completed it with "-you have outlived your en…
@pixie_casey @amil WHAT! for what purpose! @amil in grade 12 we watched THE ACCUSED. (like: what. the. fuck.) @anne_theriault CREATIVE FODDER!!! @anne_theriault The blank Google Doc is mocking me and also daring me to see if I can watch every single story before the new stories begin!OKAY LISTEN if you don't think watching every Instagram story in front of the laptop you should be typing an essay… @amil i admire and love this and plan to dress 16 well into my 80s OR ELSEIn 1998 I'd go to the library and watch the Titanic trailer on repeat until my hour of free internet was up. @Billyjensen WHAT DOES BUTTERBEER TASTE LIKE THE PUBLIC WANTS TO KNOW @aurorabrowne NO IT'S GREAT ALL THE TIME! (also i'm for sure adding pink this summer, so: 🙋🏼‍♀️) @BMidd i am 100% both! @pmiscove like HOW DARE SHE with these lyrics @pmiscove OH IT IS PERFECTION that's why @pmiscove ALL OF THEMEVERYTHING I LEARNED ABOUT POETIC MORBIDITY I LEARNED FROM JENNY LEWIS random act of kindness today was blaring Rilo Kiley from my car while stuck in traffic. @aurorabrowne and i was never cool and casual but OH MAN the t-shirts i now own!I hope I see my 1999 crush today so I can DARE him to call me a poser.My favourite trend this year is how anybody over 30 has given up on trends altogether and now just dresses up as th… @amil @Scaachi seconded! @justinkirkland4 oh dude i have BEEN THERE @johnnydioso omg the best comparison! @kendallybrown that said i'm also scrappy and will also gladly fight any shitty dude @kendallybrown we would make the PERFECT PAIRAnyway when I told one I was a Virgo she said I KNEW IT and maybe she did and maybe she didn't but I will big siste… I crossed paths with the drunkest baby teen girls I've ever seen so I will say to you what I said to them:… 2019 vibes evening everybody I'm at the horse races and I am fighting every urge to yell "be careful!!" at them as they pass.
@jenwith_1_n KAAAAA-CHING!Kyle Lowry Over Everything.
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @JesOuellette done!*walks down two flights of stairs instead of using elevator* i am fitness @klutzyqueen i could watch them forever! @alan_maguire like who has EVER seen someone eating a hotdog and been sad! WHOMSTOBVIOUSLY ADD YOUR OWN TO THE MIX I'M NOT THE BOSS OF YOU I just have excellent, comforting, nineties-centric taste… the first day after the NBA championships is the real first day of summer, so may I recommend watching Dazed… @alan_maguire i had TWO and a big glass of coca cola BECAUSE I DESERVE IT☆。★。☆。★ 。☆ 。☆。☆ ★。\|/。★ i'm eating hotdogs for lunch ★。/|\ °★ 。☆。 。° ☆。 ☆。 ★。☆ °★this is phenomenal
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @carriesnotscary like strong and fit?? omg what was that LIKE @scottwthurston he could never!!!!!!!! @connie_walker You are A LITERAL QUEENI want Kawhi to give me a list of his enemies so I can break them psychologically and emotionally one by one over a moderate period of time. @carriesnotscary I walked up the stairs in my building instead of using the elevator and that was two days ago and I still feel weak."Has anyone died in your house?" is actually also a very effective way to greet a dinner party host, and if they ca… am the friend who asks realtors whether anyone was murdered in or still haunts a house so if Kawhi and his family… talked to your bosses, they all said it’s okay you can sleep in, just show them this tweet
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueJust did a really cool interview with Kawhi and Kyle Lowry, about how they got here and everything this title means…
Retweeted by Anne T. DonahueCry? Don't mind if I do! @minaschofield omg we have so much to discuss tomorrow! AND CELEBRATEit is pronounced..........Churonno
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @geekylonglegs YOUR TORONNO @anne_theriault faving so i can return to this tomorrow!HEART OF A CHAMPION! @Klow7 | #WeTheNorth
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @anne_theriault omg!! okay let's take this to email? @anne_theriault i bet we can do it this summer even if we can't tonight!!NAME YOUR KIDS KAWHI LEONARD OR GO FUCK YOURSELVES #WeTheNorth
Retweeted by Anne T. Donahue @anne_theriault SAME SAME SAME SAME!!! but i wish we personally lived closer right now so we could take to the streets or sit on a porch! @MSiddiqi @fatimabsyed I'M FEELING SO MANY EMOTIONS ALL GOOD @anne_theriault i fucking love you @Scaachi I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH ALL THE TIME 💖💖💖