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Author of the children's book "Piggy and Pug." Rescue pet advocate, wife, mom. Also on the Instagrams.

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@pris232 We literally *just* finished watching as well. I've known Wil's story for years but it was interesting to… the years, Wil and I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty remarkable people at conventions and thanks…
For those not on Instagram, this is what I'm referring to. And if you are on IG, I would appreciate it if you took…
there is so much going on right now. based on the human’s tiny screen scrolling. so i am on my way with cuddles. an…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @littleperl No, we both knew he'd been in the hospital since Saturday and that's why she posted this, and why I responded the way I did. @DwDanieldotdd 💜💜 @DwDanieldotdd I'm so sorry, Wade. No opportunity to say goodbye is awful. @aizadfahmy @KariByron @ToryBelleci @grantimahara She knew what I was referring to and you are being extremely insensitive right now.This is so awful. my god why is everything so awful right now @Alyssa_Milano Wil posted this on his FB recently. I love that teen you said " I hate sports" and then turned into… @feliciaday @jonrog1 Wow, NO THANKS. Heart racing so much I can't even watch the whole video. @Ingrel_13 Yep, happens to everyone eventually! @JosinMcQuein No, it isn't the same medication Trump keeps pushing. So silly of this guy to even post about it.
@JosinMcQuein I find it real hard to believe this guy somehow managed to find a 12 year old prescription bottle for… @KariByron @ToryBelleci @grantimahara Sending positive vibes out for a happy reunion. 💜For the non-IG users, here's a pic of what I wrote on my IG and who I wrote about! If you're interested in adopting… @Ezeq02322288 @marklevinshow Trump did not take that medication to treat himself for malaria, silly. I have faith i… area friends! This sweet little pibble is currently in private foster care in Eagle Rock and is in need of a for… @Ezeq02322288 @marklevinshow Imagine thinking Obama put himself "at risk" in 2008 with an FDA approved medication t… @DasUberFoo Weird that my husband wearing a shirt from our friend's website is so amusing to you but whatever floats your boat! @marklevinshow Imagine trying to make a big deal out of an expired prescription bottle for anti-malaria medication… @LenJankowski I haven't seen that movie and I'm not on tik tok so I can't speak to that. I know there are words wit… @Fraize When I saw that all I could think was "If you take away an offensive term white people use, you're going to… @LenJankowski Who is using that word in music, videos, and movies? @stuckathomemom Yeah, that was the only thing I got from that comment. So weird.I mean.... saw a comment from someone who thinks the team name isn't offensive and removing it will "incite racism." What? I… crap, this is impressive. @darth who knew a morning meeting would involve so much carnage, darth. @HackettKate omg 😍The morning meeting has begun. Please hold all calls., opening a theme park during a pandemic causes an increase in people getting sick? Damn, someone should have w… you guys, please don’t learn history from twitter — there are better sources than a random “buckle up” thread b…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @GDude777 Upside: You raised children who have empathy and compassion for others, who choose love and equality over…
I realized today that Wil and I take pics together when we're out doing something and since we've been home for mon… @bonniegrrl @EspionageBeauty 😍😍😍 @RandyRainbow *poot*Haaaaappy birrrrthdaaay, @bonniegrrl! I miss hugging you and accidentally wearing matching color shirts when we hun… @cavaticat @priya_ebooks My arteries clogged just watching the video. @priya_ebooks @cavaticat That's gotta be at least 8,000 calories per wedge.Didn’t Disneyworld just reopen? 😳
Retweeted by Anne Wheatonyyyyiiiiiikessss depressing and super important
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @GeekFreakBoutiq I don't think I've seen him on video before. Yipes.Well, this sure is unsettling to watch. Is he on drugs or is this his normal mental state?
@johnpavlovitz Dogs will poop when they're scared. That boat is going so fast that dog looks like he can't safely g… Arizona teachers test positive for COVID-19 after sharing summer school classroom, 1 passes away
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @AngerMonkey First of his name, giver of snugs, pre-dawn demander of food. Loved by many, worshipped solely by me,… Attendance in caturday festivities is mandatory. I have been refused departure. Please send coffee. caturday from this pillow hog. started canning beans 50 years ago.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @BackpackingDad 😬My favorite part about Friday night Twitter is @glaad retweeting people sharing good things that happened to them during the week. 🥰Speaker Pelosi on CNN: "There ought to be a law, and I'm recommending that we pass a law that presidents cannot iss…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @jeepgirl77 Good idea. I don't ride my longboard nearly as much as I used to but I love it! @SamKimpton haha @Jody_Houser The worst is knowing it's waiting for you. 😬 @PhotosByRaygan Oh Raygan, I'm sorry, that's rough. Weird how one thing triggers the actual issue. I hope you feel… @bonniegrrl It's so good. 😍 @SamKimpton Watch "Get Me Roger Stone" on Netflix. @emgranados I posted pics when I was there on Tuesday but I didn't take any today. Just wanted to enjoy the fresh a… @SamKimpton I just got an apple news alert on my phone that Trump pardoned Stone for lying to Congress. If that doe… @joshuamneff the brain reset button today with another giant walk at the beach where it was clear skies, sparkly water, and… @ToddThaGod @yashar Yikes
@PeterFManning3 I would just carry a supply of pacifiers with me and set it on the floor in front of any adult who behaves this way.Just a gentle reminder that if you don't want to wear a mask, don't go into businesses where you put the employees… @stephkirchen Ugh, this all sucks. Love you too, momma. 💕 @joshuamneff I've tried real hard not to get upset or anxious at people refusing to do their part to protect those… @TammyRosenfeld I had no idea what Schitt's Creek was about when I started it. The first couple of episodes made me… @TammyRosenfeld That sounds awesome. @TammyRosenfeld We only made it about 5 or 6 episodes into that one. Neither of us could get into it so we stopped watching. @gotdeskilz72 If you think I "hate Christ" and have "no knowledge of the Bible" because I don't treat people the wa… @s_lesley That's a great way to describe it. I've never seen it before so I am enjoying all the hugs from it. 🥰 @IronMomma16 My husband and I were just talking about this today. If we had young kids, there's no way we'd send th… @slcoates 🙁🥺😭 @gotdeskilz72 As a "God fearing Christian" you do know calling followers of anything "sheep" comes from your God ca… else have a freak-out cry today because you feel trapped in your home due to the pandemic and you miss your… don't know who needs to hear this but if you're the person inside a business raging at being asked to wear a mask… @amberdiscko Your avatar is adorable. Did you make it? @cavaticat Pre-pandemic gas pumps skeeved me out so I would grab a paper towel to hold the pump and use hand saniti…
@AliciLee Pretty!I took some pictures of flowers in my backyard to brighten your day. Hope it helps! @mcspaeth @DanJBalkwill @J1mmie @realDonaldTrump There hasn't been a spike in peaceful protesters because they were outdoors and wore masks. @ocularnervosa Oh, I finish paintings and leave them be all the time. This is just a new one that's really challeng… literally can't believe his own eyes 😂 (kylecarillet IG)
Retweeted by Anne WheatonDonald Trump’s twitter feed reads like a man who knows he is facing prosecution in New York.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonMy brain, yesterday: "Let's tap into the calm that painting brings, even if this one's a bit challenging." My brain…🔥🔥🔥 returns? I don't know they were here a minute ago.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Variety Congrats, @JoyAnnReid! You deserve it! @Vallikat omg I forgot he said that @Stands I mean this in a sincere way: I don't think he is well, mentally.I feel like maaaaybe black folks aren't protesting for change in this country just to turn around and vote for a si… @Mike82683036 I live in a country that has freedom from religion, and church and state must remain separate. No "ma… I understanding this correctly? covid-19 is so deadly that Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen had to be released fr…
Retweeted by Anne WheatonYAY!!! Meet the new #Batwoman! Javicia Leslie replaces Ruby Rose on @TheCW's superhero series! "Extremely proud to…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @johnroderick I think that's a northwestern newt. I used to catch these things all the time when I was a kid living in Oregon. @theawkwardyeti @DoctorJohn_MD @wilw It's ok. He never mentioned it before, I just asked him because of these tweet…