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DJ! 🎛 / Broadcaster! 📻 @BBCR1 / Podcast! 🎙/ Put on parties!💃🏼@AMP @AMPLostandFound. These are my personal views and not those of the BBC.

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Power Down Playlist. 7pm Tonight. @BBCR1 @philytaggart Zencastr. X @super_stylin Excellent skills!Incredible !
@edibow Yes! They are such a great work out x
@SheffieldFCDT I love Steel City right back - sending love to all the team members xI shaved his head today you can see it irl! night show ❤️ Radio 1's Dance Party with Annie Mac - Love Regenerator and Eli Brown in the mix and Hottest Rec…❤️❤️❤️
@djzinc Big love!jesus i'd better watch my back 😂 @Lorenzosbeats @IAMBRU_UK @BBCR1 it got a really great reaction Chris! felt really powerful to play it tonight thanks so much xthis is gonna be huge !!!! Massive 30 minute mix from @CalvinHarris and @Elibrownbeats on @BBCR1 right now. 🧡 @emmahillwrites I've got a fierce left hook on me Emma 😘 @djJOUEZ @BBCR1 @DuckSauceNYC @EliseAnmchara thank you so much!!! xxmasterclass of a minimix! @andydaniell big love Andy xxBack on your radio tonight from 7pm. Can't wait to dance with you. @BBCR1Bill Wither's songs are woven into the fabric of my life. When I look at them written down, they spell out the love… heartbreak. Will be thinking of Areema's family friends and colleagues todayx
@jamesrcs Love that xxLittle Kickers | Welcome to Lesson 1 | Football for Kids via @YouTube @MegEllisUK Massive congrats Meg!! XxxJust started the home school day with an empathetic speech to my kids - saying I know it’s been a long week and we…
Happy birthday Annie!!! Xxx
@jowhiley @BBCRadio2 @ProducerAnna77 Haaaaa love this - sending love to you two x
Rihanna once again confirming that she is sound as f**k. Love that it’s not just me that says ‘is it shot o’clock?’ working her magic on my show all week. You are in safe hands xx
All hail King @DJEZOfficial so much Sarah! New series coming soon x❤️❤️❤️ there were a highlights reel, @angie_mcmahon playing @Othervoices in Dingle, Ireland features heavily. It was so…
Retweeted by Annie MacJeez @DJEZOfficial 19 hours in and still shocking out behind the decks .. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Download this app and report symptoms daily to help research into Corona virus - this is my pal @maryniloc research… @FinnMcCorry @Dannyhoward thanks Finn and love to @dannyhowarddj for holding it down for me!
You can watch this wonderful music show worldwide via the RTE player - it’s on tonight! Xxx @TwinB LOL - next timeWow. That was emotional! my whole street out side whooping and cheering #clapforNHSBuying music and merchandise is an easy, direct way to support the artists and record labels you love. Check the li… @laurenlaverne Blackbird making me all teary this morning xx
Guys I'm sorry to say I'll be off radio for a short time. I found out today that someone I've been in recent close… heard someone say on the radio yesterday that the weather was laughing at us. I choose to think the sun is blazin… brings us together, which is exactly what @BBCR1 Future Sounds Collective is, artists from around the world…
@DanceSystem Haaaa I’m going to play it every night this week! @haggis312 thank you George!speak to @DanceSystem ! @BaileyAppleton @BBCR1 thank you Bailey xYES!! For the next three nights I will be on air from 7pm - 10pm - so THREE hours every evening with all the best n… into @AnnieMac’s @BBCR1 show tonight at 7pm to hear the first play of the new @feelmybicep single.
Retweeted by Annie MacWonderful! X I made my first wormery today.. #homeschooling.@AnnieMac's Power Down Playlist might just be what you need to hear right now 💆‍♀️🌥 Hear @PostMalone's 'White Ive…
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@Mollzer_King @maryniloc Mary will come through the other end of this with that dazzling smile of hers intact. I kn…
Just yes x
Wow. Just wow. Thank you to everyone who locked in to the show tonight. We've never had so many texts and tweets, s… @LucyMCrisp @BBCR1 @Tog4ShortLives hello lovelies!!! thank you for dancing with us x @PaulWoolford Paul xxAMEN EMMA XX're going to have a massive collective rave on @BBCR1 tonight! - I'll be live in the mix with YOUR favourite danc… is the epitome of RAVING IS A STATE OF MIND. can't wait for the show at 7pm xxVery emotional school drop off this morning 😭
LOVE this idea Flo xxx @lovefametragedy @BBCR1 the attention to detail here is very impressive! x💚💚💚💚 101. @grimmers
@samwolfson @sankles LOLLLLTonight @QueensChristine has gifted us with a 20 minute set recorded from her studio in Paris just hours before the… has never been an equivalent to the BBC, anywhere in the world - and there never will be again if we lose it.…
Retweeted by Annie MacThis is so beautiful. A young poet from inner city Toronto, having lost several friends to gun / gang violence tur… all my love to Michael and @emilyeavis and the @glastonbury Crew today. It’s such a heartbreaking decision to have to make. XxFor all of you who are mourning parties. Here is a homage to the best type of party, with the legend that is…
A two hour extended Power Down playlist on @BBCR1 tonight - come and join if you like - your messages are so beautiful. xx💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 of this tonight. Xxx St Patricks Day to my Irish friends all over the world. Yearning for home today. xx
Yas 🧡🧡 of my friends across the pond. Badly needed #PowerDown from @AnnieMac right now. Tune In, unwind.
Retweeted by Annie MacLock into @BBCR1 TONIGHT @ 7:30pm GMT for the world premiere of mine & @Not3sOfficial's brand new single,…
Retweeted by Annie MacSeptember in Malta is beautiful. Most airlines have already committed to no change fees and accommodation changes a…'m sure it is no surprise for you to hear that in line with Maltese government rules regarding events, we have had…! bring the entertainment home! @djsophielloyd And you Sophie!!
I know that self isolating sucks in all manner of ways but if you are doing it then you are helping the NHS cope an…
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This is a lovely idea. @PaulWoolford 😭😭😭😭I have a new radio neighbour - congrats Danny! X’t wait to listen to this in a quiet moment x💚💚💚💚 update on #BigWeekend Dundee 2020
Retweeted by Annie MacWe went along to @Amp last week to get some artists' perspectives on songwriting and the music industry. Find out…
Retweeted by Annie Mactotally agree!!! a week ago today. High drama trance music. For high drama times. Our next @AMP London is our stage…
@ariellefree @TheRealBenjiB Thanks my darling! We need Benji back for round 2 x @HarryParslow Haaaaaa my bad Harry! She was on bad form today!It's with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of @AMP as part of the @stpatricksfest celebrations in D… am a woman. I fucking LOVE rap music. I don’t want to hear any more lyrics about women on their knees.