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“Tedious at best and morally repulsive at worst” | 22 | @UniofOxford + @Harvard_Law | dating @ShaneGDFinn | lecturing & writing “commie fanfiction” ⬇️

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@ismatthewmcg @Vermeullarmine well they *are* always talking about “bodies”... @Vermeullarmine Moreover, with all the ‘interrogating’ of concepts thats promised by this research, you’d think aca…
Retweeted by a grifted kid @ellegist oh so they are actually saying it’s a good thing? I’m confused @ellegist my take is that being intimidating is good actually @MrMaitra @JoyPullmann @AcademicRenewal @Vermeullarmine Higher education policy is extremely interesting, I’m think… @MrMaitra @JoyPullmann @AcademicRenewal @Vermeullarmine Sorry, rambling a bit! @MrMaitra @JoyPullmann @AcademicRenewal @Vermeullarmine As in, I find the notion of “social value” elusive and unne… @MrMaitra @JoyPullmann @AcademicRenewal @Vermeullarmine I’d love to see more than 7 pages on it - I think it’s defi… @MrMaitra @JoyPullmann @AcademicRenewal @Vermeullarmine This is very interesting!Victor Frankenstein, 1781:
Retweeted by a grifted kid @AsnoDeBuridan oh the moment when you eventually go like the conspiracy dude is the best thing about writing a paperclassical legal tradition + Kelsen + Schmitt + analytical jurisprudence + legal history (including Soviet legal his…’s kind of cool to see originally random stuff I’ve been working on eventually fitting together in a, dare I say, research agenda @BelloDonald @Vermeullarmine I’d rather swallow a live eel @BelloDonald @Vermeullarmine DONALD @maestrojmc 🤞🏻 I know you’ll be great! @Vermeullarmine @SAshworthHayes what about chess @gittelspawn delicious @Vermeullarmine still better than the Hart-Dworkin debate @gittelspawn ok the thing is that I thrive on random beef that has nothing to do with me so can you please explain… @gittelspawn going downhill presupposes a previously high standard @gittelspawn the thing is that all Trump’s vices are merely a continuation of what previous administrations did, so… @gittelspawn I’d say nevertrumper if it weren’t for “policy disagreements with Romney” @gittelspawn oh, and JOURNALISTS @gittelspawn oh, some random dude. In fairness, a lot of liberal academics and politicians are Like This @gittelspawn who said this @ConnorMEwing @jordanlperkins @Richard_Vixen I hate youi.e. a drama queenDescribe your personality with a Studio Ghibli gif. @SAshworthHayes 3. Not really, I don’t see myself on a different path - to me (not objectively, just in my case) it… @SAshworthHayes 2. Absolutely! I sound like a real complainer sometimes, but I adored studying - and working on my… @SAshworthHayes Of course, I had a very superficial understanding of Schmitt back then but it deepened as I started my Harvard dissertation. @SAshworthHayes And it was the first time in a while I felt I was enjoying something and not just worrying about failing. @SAshworthHayes 1. So the funny thing is that the first time I read Schmitt I didn’t think much of him because it w… @Vermeullarmine Twitter? Being disingenuous and wrong about law? You don’t say!I can see lots of people on this site are confused about the difference between (1) constitutional claims based on…
Retweeted by a grifted kidесть два стула... me start my doctoral dissertation on evil law already @bouledenerfs_ think all questions are gonna be the same so, if I haven’t tagged you, feel free to tell me how cool and good I am 😎 @eoinmauricedaly do you think me and my academic work are cool and good?what if we kissed 💋 in the Scruton cafe @GulliverNeedham ditto @bagelpicbot do you think I’m cool and good even though I’m a rightie? @_SalmanAnwar do you think I’m cool and good? @danwaterfield do you think I’m cool and good? @meta_meg do you think I’m cool and good? @OnTheWoolsack do you think I’m cool and good? @HarryTWalton do you think I’m cool and good? @ellegist FAKE NEWS @ellegist do you think I’m cool and good and can we swap bodies? @SarahFPoetry do you think I’m cool and good? @PaulHartyanszky do you think I’m cool and good?Like this tweet and I will ask you a question I've always wanted to ask you @BenJDConroy @niall_gooch Why not @ISetSimsOnFire COS @ISetSimsOnFire Congratulations! @ISetSimsOnFire OMG what is it @niall_gooch Oh and my absolute favourite film Atlantis! @niall_gooch Or someone like Mulan who gets to have both adventure and romance (as one should!). @2D0XPS @niall_gooch I love that movie! @niall_gooch I think it’s good to have characters like Merida, Moana, and Elsa, whose character arcs are based on things over than romance. @niall_gooch Frozen (which I feel you are subtweeting) has Anna/Kristof romance, Frozen 2 is partly about them getting engaged and married. @BDSixsmith Idk I ran away 🤷🏻‍♀️ @BDSixsmith Hahahah. I think underage drinking, but I got someone call the police on me for slapping him on the face 🤭 @PaulHartyanszky Kamchatka! My grandma was born there and it’s supposed to be incredibly beautiful 😍whyyyy @SohrabAhmari @Vermeullarmine The last thing a zoomer sees after they’ve refused to do the reading
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@ecclesimax @BarnasJoe I want something from ll bean bc it has “bean” in its name
Retweeted by a grifted kid @ellegist okay @bagelpicbot this is such a Millie tweetNot an originalist myself, but this sort of thing is just hideously cringe
Retweeted by a grifted kidexpectation v reality @Sharon_Kuruvila whatcats when you pspspsps them
Retweeted by a grifted kiddaily writing check @bagelshitbot It’s perfect! @bouledenerfs_ ORIGINALIST RUTH @Vermeullarmine 100%Ok my real theory of Roberts is along these lines. It’s a case of hypertrophy of the role-morality of a Chief Justi…
Retweeted by a grifted kidme after doing nothing all day know there are lots of things happening here, but the worst thing is that it’s not how the categorical imperative…🤭 @Vermeullarmineand yes, cats are CATholichave repurposed it (I’m sure Sharon doesn’t mind) @tessfrancesc thankfully he didn’t seem to mind (as per the replies), but I agree that we should be aware that not… Soviet Legal Narrative by Anna Lukina (@ANNVYSHINSKY) in Essays
Retweeted by a grifted kid @garret_txt WUT @BenjaminRParis “pro-Trump, sexist, racist, xenophobic rant” - WHERE @danwaterfield wut Supreme Court votes 5-4 to grant Catholic Diocese and orthodox Jews' request to block Gov. Cuomo's attend…
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Inspired by last night’s Great British Bake Off final we made gown biscuits 🎓🍪 #GBBO
Retweeted by a grifted kids y n t h e s i z i n g @Richard_Vixen And ofc just because someone has a right to make that choice it doesn’t mean it’s always morally neu… @Richard_Vixen Like I’m pro-choice but I think meaningful choice can only happen if everyone can afford to have a c… @Richard_Vixen I’m pro-choice and I have a lot of friends from Catholic twitter, so obviously