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Here, I talk to myself in the echo-chambers of nominal, virtual existence.

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Do you know why the world spins? To catch it's tale. @DesireMaze Here's Mary Oliver for you, Two or three times in my life I discovered love. Each time it seemed to so… @BlackMirrorMonk @amazonIN I didn't know that. I've read this book. I just want to know how you find it. With-holding before that. :-) @BlackMirrorMonk @amazonIN Let me know how you found this book once you've read it. :-)
एक बार तुमको जब बरसते पानियों के पार देखा था, यूँ लगा था जैसे गुनगुनाता एक आबशार देखा था, तब से मेरी नींद में बरस…
Retweeted by Blasphemous AestheteWhen we feel anxious, we fall into some common mental traps, like catastrophizing, mind reading, and overgeneralizi…
Retweeted by Blasphemous AestheteThe road is ready. Are you coming?ख़ूब पर्दा है कि चिलमन से लगे बैठे हैं साफ़ छुपते भी नहीं सामने आते भी नहीं ~ दाग़ देहलवी ये शेर आपको किसी की याद दिलाता है क्या?
Retweeted by Blasphemous AestheteDo we call people who turn loud and brave when sloshed 'Pubber Sher'? @ButVai #Throwback
Master 🙏 you came things were just what they were: the road precisely a road, the horizon fixed, the limit of what co…
"चलो गीत गाओ, चलो गीत गाओ। कि गा - गा के दुनिया को सर पर उठाओ। अभागों की टोली अगर गा उठेगी तो दुनिया पे दहशत बड़ी…
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New comic! Openness
Retweeted by Blasphemous AestheteThe path-ways of Coronaviruses in the body are like a crazy (and bad) thriller with a sad ending. @NidhiMahajn On a scale of 0-25 hours in a 24-hour day, how much is unhealthy? :P
For a small part of the year, the earth, the skies, the air, the temperature, the lights, the foliage, almost every…"I, too, am a planet whose path creates a celestial pentagram." ~ Erica Alex Venus, the beautiful evening star st… @BlackMirrorMonk Words are also a declaration of intent.
Loss accounting. Breaking even. days. Two apparently stranger gentlemen have smiled at me. I've smiled back, hiding my bewilderment if I know them.How to maintain a sense of control when you have too many things going on
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@ShaneAParrish Is the usage of 'satisficing' specific?Tulips are a delight to watch. Seems like there is a tulip for every mood. @alkagurha @Roflindian Is China the only one? 🙃
कुछ लोग जीने से डरते हैं कतराते हैं, कुछ उसे सीढ़ी कह ऊपर चढ़ जाते हैं *जीना = सीढ़ी (stairs)Let those love now, who never loved before: Let those who always loved, now love the more. ~ Pervigilium Veneris
तेरी नीली चुनरी ने क्या हाल किया बाग़ीचे का नारंगी फूलों वाला गुल-मोहर नीला नीला है बादल के पीछे का सच अब खोला…धीरे धीरे रे मन्ना...When the day gently leans and caresses the night, and the sky goes red and crimson with affection; Or, when the nig… negotiations, difficult conversations via @farnamstreet 1. Before you blame someone for the wrongdoing, ask…
Retweeted by Blasphemous AestheteNight meets the day in a yawning bliss, who is to tell their embrace from a crimson kiss?
Esprit de l'escalier. Spirit of the Stairway: It means that moment when you find the answer, but it's too late.… the usual Godot.दुनिया न जीत पाओ तो हारो न आप को थोड़ी बहुत तो ज़ेहन में........नाराज़गी रहे ~निदा फ़ाज़ली
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New comic! Simple Pleasures
Retweeted by Blasphemous Aestheteएक कवि ने सुनाते हुए ‘झाड़ू की नीतिकथा’ कहा था - ’कचरा बुहारने की चीज है घबराने की नहीं कि अब भी बनाई जा सकती हैं…
Retweeted by Blasphemous AestheteNo, I wasn't thinking how beautiful the Sun was while it was setting. That was a given. I was bent on looking at… @alkagurha I found it to be a beautiful movie. It is about a man falling in love with his highly advanced digital a… look! A hardcover book! 🤤 @alkagurha Have you watched the movie 'Her'?
हौले—हौले पाँव हिलाओ,जल सोया है छेड़ो मत हम सब अपने—अपने दीपक यहीं सिराने आएँगे मेरे गीत तुम्हारे पास सहारा पाने आ…
A case for ghar-ka-khana much?
I will soon be running out of space to keep the read, partially read, and the unread books. Then, I'll need to inv… moon had been observing the earth close-up longer than anyone. It must have witnessed all of the phenomena occu… @alkagurha Charcha karne ki darqhwast ki hai, salaah lene ki nahi :)
किसी खूंटे से खुद को खुद ही बाँध कर, देखता हूँ दुनिया को नई आँखों से झाँक कर, सब तो वही है, पर वही भी तो नहीं है ब… @DesireMaze It is. But, it is better to know for certain than to assume an answer and later give way to doubt that… @DesireMaze When in doubt, ask. And ask directly. :)
Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast ~Ameer Khusrau @Justastimulus That he consumed alcohol for the first time to enact this scene and how. Varun explains it better. @Justastimulus I missed the links. 🙈 @Justastimulus And then, I read this about Vicky Kaushal, and it felt even better. @Justastimulus Here's one of my tear aquifers. :) @carnettrose True that. The voice of dissent seems to be facing an uphill climb - from ridicule to straight down threats or worse, action.Really scary 😒😒
Retweeted by Blasphemous Aesthete @carnettrose But that people on either sides are running paranoid, wary of one another, is really disconcerting. If… @carnettrose (Sorry for the harangue) It investigated and let him off (would he not be if he hadn't called his frie… @carnettrose more advisory than threatening. Further, I really like how the OP spun off 'what if' scenarios-'what i… @carnettrose His words were wrong. That is what I feel. But, and also, he didn't take law in his hands and took the… note.
I've got this light I'll be around to grow Who I was before I cannot recall Long nights allow me to feel... I'm fa…‘How could my father continue to cheat on my mother despite claiming to love her all the while? What I have learnt…
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घर का जोगी जोगड़ा, आन गांव का सिद्घ। :-D @Justastimulus If Love is nothing, there is no shadow. If it is something, it is fatally useful. Like oxygen."I do wish," said Lucy, "now that we're not thirsty, we could go on feeling as not-hungry as we did when we were th… is to tell what love is and what love did, If it were a dragon that swallowed me whole, Or a termite that chipped and hollowed the soul? @anantmit But, lots of variables. Cognitive fatigue, anger, increased influx, increased alertness at Shaheen Bagh o… @anantmit CISF, sir bhawnao ko samjho. :-P That said, I think it is right for the jawan to ask to remove mask. It'…
@DesireMaze But lock screen is a fair constant. #sharelockscreen :-P @pankkajl @DesireMaze Well, my home screen cycles wallpapers everyday. 🙈 @DesireMaze Start a trend to share lock screen image, no?You know what is sometimes sick, and sometimes immensely endearing and empowering about humans? The resilient abili… short thread on the fascist digital media playbook. Today, this story appeared. It's important to recognize the m…
Retweeted by Blasphemous Aesthete @krishashok Then, when the election season is at its peak, a senior minister mentions their readiness to engage in…"If you give me three parameters I will be able to draw an elephant for you. If you give me one more, I can make it… privatizing education vs government control., samaritans doing their bit. much as I am troubled by some things, I love the boundlessness of imagination and how people cash on it. Infor… is learning well. Good boy. :D are disturbing news items. They implore to take notice where we are headed. Funnily, the first news came to m… were at least two incidents of shooting yesterday. One in the morning hours in UP where the chief of Hindu… net very erratic since yesterday afternoon. Minimal downlink traffic.
Mary Oliver, on not waiting, and taking a chance sometimes 'I did think, let’s go about this slowly. This is imp…
Retweeted by Blasphemous AestheteThe continuum of Problem-solving: via @farnamstreet
Retweeted by Blasphemous Aesthete @unography @farnamstreet I had a similar epiphany with respect to software bugs. If we're adding more code to fix a…जब घर बड़े और आसमान छोटा होने लग जाए, समझना कि शहर आ रहा है । जब दिल मद्धम मद्धम खिलने लगे और कोई याद होंठों की प्…धत्त, पगली कहीं की! 🤭🤗 wondered, wary, if I'd be forgiven. The sea gave me answers with each wave that took away my past missteps, nudgi…
@DesireMaze I think it is on its way to Kanpur. :)"Should I stay or should I go now? If I go, there will be trouble And if I stay it will be double So come on and le… doc asked me not to take deep breaths as she could not find my heart (in an echo test). *sighs deeply* What d…, not precipitate. @alkagurha Seeks like "hum honge kaamyaab 'ek' din", but not today :-P @rachitsharma0 @alkagurha That is true. @rachitsharma0 @alkagurha It is always a trade-off, an act of balancing. @rachitsharma0 @alkagurha My father was employed in Forest services before superannuation. And he helped clarify t… @rachitsharma0 @alkagurha In the same vein, I can say that Shimla has seen a lot of solar lighting deployment and a… @rachitsharma0 @alkagurha That is a good observation. You (I presume) being a native to Lucknow can better judge th… hope to see a lot of Budgetary analysis and critiquing on the TL today. Not just CAA/NRC/NPR, protest coverage an…