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@strawbrryst4r Yes ^_^ @Capn_cock LOOOOL
Send me ccs!!!!! @saeriipilled222 LOOOOL @mewomarii (NOT CLICKBAIT) (REAL)I fell down the stairs and hurt my arm ouchieJoining my highschool’s literature club GONE WRONG?!?!?!? only like fictional men .. men irl should explodeI heart girlsThe boys a liarrrr the boys a liarrrWhere did all the snails go!I flipped over 2 rocks and found 3 worms! One of them ran away and two of them were hiding with their butts poking outLETS GOOOOOOOOO @homenuker Reaaaall @bisynu FUCK SATOKO 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @bisynu SHE DID WTF SHE WAS BEING A BITCH IN THIS SCNENE 😒😒😒 @bisynu She deserved it 😒😒😒 @bisynu Get out of my life @bisynu I believe u @bisynu OH MY GO😱😱😱😱Im sorry for being a gemini @bisynu Thays my dads bdayNene like if a 14 year old boy and fluttershy got merged together @Mayu_onn Domt look at her dogs!!! Give a girl some privacy😒new shark plush pic is so Anorexicgirl444core meow meow meow @snrioats OMG im in the lead @girIworms @girIworms WE MUST STICK TOGETHER 🔥🔥VOTE FOR MEEE @floatybirdy THIS IS SO SMART OMG?? TYSM @buntisms Im so sorry idid this to u 😭😭😭
@jiijjjlii TY ^_^ @softmemoir My honest reaction to the end of the chimera ant arc 4 me? :3 @frailrabbit TY :D @frailribbon Right! Im a meruem apologistI HEART ALLUKA❤️❤️❤️❤️she so cutie😭😭😭😭😭Waa Waaaaghhw😭😭😭😢😢😢💔Ghyrgjgjf Ww Wa😢😢😢 @dyingiv yes exactly!!!! >:3 @frailribbon I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MYCH I CRIED SO HARD 😭😭😭 literally wverything u said is so real. So so so so… @buntisms NOOOO @frailribbon HEHE TY :3 my plushes luv u too @dyingiv Eating disorders r so complicated im just@rolling with it atp tbh @dyingiv What!!! I didnt know tjis 😦 Im gonna read the link u sent me one sec @haunt7me if u make a gofundme i wont be able to donate but ill spread it the best i can ❤️❤️ hoping for a healthy recovery for your mother @haunt7me im so sorry oh my goodness. im not religious but im praying for u and wishing u the best :( @dyingiv Who am i…. Am i gonna have to make my username ednosgirl444 @dyingiv Im think i actually have ednos n not ana 😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 @iwtbsp ty<3 @MORBllDS But omg the final act is so good it makes up for the filler episodes @MORBllDS The only time ive ever cried in hxh is in the ant arc Its the BEST arc @MORBllDS WDUM HATE .. DO PPL DISLIKE IT? ITS LITERALLY THE BEST ARCThe chimera ant ending is so fucking sadNo way hxh just gabe me the most devastating tear jerking heart wrenching ending of an arc and they end it with tha… actually love meruem hes one of my fav hxh characters at least in the top 5When my wifi is so bad i begin to think im lagging irl anyone else feel uglier with makeup on Specifically any sort of lip makeupWhyyyyyy do i have to be so grossed out at sex stuff it majes me so sad i wanna be norlmalMe when sex repulsion @dyingiv Yesss come over :3 i hav lots of dvds we will watch awesomr movies @___kittiez Kk u can be an exception cuz We r freiendsi luv my bedroom catboy can be trusted. Think of pitou. That motherfucker son of a bitch Jk love themmmangelgirls and devilgirls must band together to defeat the true enemy… catboysAnorexicgirl444 more like FATOBESEBITCHgirl444NOT living up to my username rnThey dont know im a niche internet microcelebrity (nobody knows who i am) @landminegrl samesiesI hate having to go to the store and get snacks for my fmaily cuz it makes me look like a fatass to the cashier lik… hate how my teeth feel after eating yogurt @buntisms SHENHEE