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Downer, like John Howard, has one saving grace. In Howard’s case, gun reform. In Downer’s, reporting that conversat… a side note, Downer did exactly the right thing by reporting it - and attempts to portray him as some sort of le… all seriousness, though, the Downer/Papadopoulous meeting is a critical moment in #TrumpRussia. There are plenty… @PenmarkFem Gonna get back to it tomorrow. For now, I just wanna see if Downer tells me which Aussie actor he felt… else is so perfectly cast. And I get it, it’s one scene. But IT’S KIND OF A CRITICAL SCENE! #TheComeyRuleOh my god. This sounds divine @PenmarkFem Loving it so far. Absolutely loving it. But that scene stopped me dead in my tracks.Dear @AlexanderDowner - in a world where you get to cast The Comey Rule, who would you cast as Alexander Downey (as… should watch #TheComeyRule en masse just for the Alexander Downer cameo. It’s fucking hilarious. @LeeHutchison_ Just you wait til Comey and McCabe start scaling buildings!Just kidding. It’s fucking hilarious. I’d like to think that the only reason Billy Ray didn’t cast an Australian ac… those are his most prestigious roles. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever felt sorry for Alexander Downer.Also played a judge in an episode of the small screen ‘The Firm’ spinoffWait, he was also an announcer in Cinderella Man. Another Australian connectionHE PLAYED THREE ROLES IN 20 EPISODES OF THE ACE VENTURA CARTOONThe closest thing I’ve found to an Australian connection so far is a guest spot in an episode of the F/X TV series.First credit of note for Alexander Downer (aka Richard Binsley) is playing Donnyjuice in the Beetlejuice cartoon. H… have found the actor who played Alexander Downer. Stay tuned. It’s quite the filmographyLooking up who played Alexander Downer and discovering the incredible William Sadler played Michael Flynn. Death an…, a title card for Downer would’ve been a good joke. Also, hiring an Australian actor would’ve been niceThat said, as an Australian, I find the Alexander Downer thing genuinely hilariousThoughts on #TheComeyRule so far. It’s very good TV. The bits that excited me in some of the reviews - talking abou… @simonbrew I remand you redo this tweet in a Tim Curry accent35 minutes into #TheComeyRule. Thoughts and prayers to Alexander Downer for 1) not warranting a title card and 2) b…“This will be the worst experience of your life.” - John Waters
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdI wonder if anyone’s thought to try and commission Hillary Clinton to review #TheComeyRuleAnd it’s clear they’re not out to make us - the audience - laugh. They just want to demonstrate they’re funnier tha… shalhoub
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdSimilar thing applies to The Trip movies. They’re funny... *but* they feel the need to show it. It’s less about pro… about The Trip series. And thinking about a line I read describing Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, whi… @hearnesque ... is it safe, Mr Hearn? @FilmMomatic I shall await your live tweet. @FilmMomatic Goddamnit. You’re gonna convince me to watch it, aren’t you?! @SorceressOfFilm I... can’t recommend it @FilmMomatic Oh god. The memories. They’re coming back!!!! @SorceressOfFilm Reckless Kelly I genuinely enjoy... not sure how well I’d go revisiting the others...! @FilmMomatic I haven’t seen it since I saw it *gasp* at the cinema!! @SorceressOfFilm YuuuupHeh. Mr Accident is coming to Stan. Just in time for Halloween have *never* heard anyone recommend As Time Goes By. Shame because it’s a delightfully weird flick @lexy_myranda For what it’s worth I know that feeling as well. You gotta hold on. Not just for your daughter but fo… @AmyTheApe - you could’ve been next to a Bond. does the hypothetical regional Victorian know that they’re the only person in a square kilometre? Do they have… the over 40,000 gun violence deaths per year, well over half are suicide. Thankfully, former Trump campaign man…
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdWouldn’t that count as a deductible since it’s a charity contribution? you know anyone who could do something about federal tax policy, Charles?
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdHere’s the premise but I can’t word the joke: He paid all this money to screw Stormy Daniels. But blah blah someth…
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdI agree with the first part. It isn’t terrible @Sockfootage Well now I’m just confusedfinally wrote about one of my favorite rom-coms and movies in general: Albert Brooks's Defending Your Life
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdCJ is a scream. This was a rad ep to edit and score.
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdProbably worth writing about then.
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdThat’s enough to pay for a reshoot on an already finished film!
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdI am not joking when I say this. REINDEER GAMES #TeamPowWowSafe of Prey is now on Netflix AU, in case you were missing truly kickass action films @mangiotto @flmfrkcentral @SeanMBurns I feel like there’s a fantastic, personal read here about how David Cronenberg stymied your love lifeSupport actual bookstores please. Doesn't have to be who I work(although please do) but don't by books online
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdIt's really cool when a certain radio is telling people to pre order books online and not at actual bookshops. Acco…
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdI MUST OWN THIS. HOW DO I OWN THIS?!?
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdI want to speak to the Deep State Manager right now. I have a complaint’s your tax money hard at work. Just my thought. Another ill-informed twitterati adding his voice to the millions already out thereIn my view, the best way to frame it is line with the Trump grifter image. He’s been conning you well before he got… everyone’s out their spewing their thoughts on Trump’s $750, here’s mine. His core audience, and some of the… @turksespinnekop Heard nothing but bad things about the sequel, but the first is a fun piece of schlock. Genuinely amusing opening, too @turksespinnekop Fwiw, I had a blast with it. Gloriously silly, fun stuff.So @realDonaldTrump spent 70K a year for hair styling. That's money about as well spent as those singing lessons…
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerd @turksespinnekop Don’t give a shit how it’s done; so long as it’s done well. Choose the right damned tools for the job. @Felicitykate Ye gods. Instead of burning his DVDs, they should send them to me @Felicitykate No ideaThese dudes should burn their laptops and tvs in protest
YEAAAAAHHHH!!! of the great things about this job is the opportunity to not just meet your heroes, but to intersect with the n…
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdNot a single Trump supporter is going to care if he’s ever paid taxes.
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdOh, another one @mattlday - Tim Robbins’ Cradle Will Rock has a cracker of a final act @FakeShemp It’s why I’m on board...! @Enid_Mow Very, very good to hear...! Cannot wait to check it outWorth noting, whichever film I start won’t be finished tonightThis evening’s viewing (Unsane is the Soderbergh version)Hi there. I really, really hope I’m not this person. But if I am being this person, please tell me. Cos I really, r… do you personally think the sexiest American accent is? (Including South Korea)
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerd @thecinemascene Here’s hoping commonsense prevails soon @thebigjobowski This is good to hear...! @LeeHutchison_ Already out already out in Australia - not sure of timing elsewhere...So anyone here watched the Comey series yet?Read this headline and remember who white supremacists luuuuuv. Trump is their guy.
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdAlmost all of the early Jackie Chan films is excellent
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerdCan you imagine what hell would break loose if a male Muslim judge, who has the same beliefs about women as Amy Con…
Retweeted by justanotherfilmnerd(Also on Prime AU, in case anyone was wondering)This is also a film that exists. Someone needs to explain how to me @GabeDowrick This comes with a very, very strong recommendation from @JedidiahAyres, including the promise of an in… @JedidiahAyres Holy shit. @Sockfootage And then he remembers he hired Eric Roberts and he’s so broken he turns into Balthazar Getty @JedidiahAyres On a scale of Sherlock Holmes to Natural Born Killers, where would it rank? @rob__mccallum The first three seasons are about as close to perfection as television comedy gets - Weathers shows… @rob__mccallum Duly noted 😂😂 @Sockfootage That is a terrifying place to be.... even for Christopher NolanOH MY GOD I THINK I NEED TO SEE THIS