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@ProjectEND 🙃new tiers just dropped
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-ByrneTim Curry scream laughing "we will take COVID to...SPACE!" @FrankMargani oops needed to include this link to round one results: @FrankMargani round two of results are due in soon but based on employee desires we've seen I'm inclined to think i… the first of many exciting announcements: We welcome incoming Editors in Chief Terese Mason Pierre (…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne @mcmansionhell I sadly do not cycle very much, whilst my little brother worked for an anarchist bike repair shop an…'s finally cold enough so I went through the annual first use of my Slovenia-emblazoned Olympics edition thermal…
it's the fuckin' phone with wheels that gets me. everything is considered.with my dad and stepmom working from my home, my little sister has built "an office" complete with laptop. in this… is a movie about a british man too STRANGE for radioWhen the city and park board justify encampment evictions with weather concerns:
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne @ds00za Musuem of Contemporary Art! Wasn't open long before the ol' COVID thoLOOK HOW GOOD THESE ARE @mayeesha_ it's so red and good!great, like Councillor Holyday, imagine a future in which every adult torso is fused to the top of an automobile and we… stuff that didn't fit into this review, btw: 1. The fashion is really good. A TON of outfit pieces to buy, an…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-ByrneCouncillor Mike Layton moves for a report on keeping park washrooms open in winter.
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne @Fohnicus sighToronto is largely boring, residents are prudes and while I think boring fabric buildings are necessary it would be… that Alaska is not happening look at this might have your preferences re: this building but one thi… @shanedingman @BuzzBuzzHome I'm a genius, it's ALASKA @shanedingman @BuzzBuzzHome Been a while since I've seen that one...think it's a Quadrangle as AOR joint up at Yonge/Eg with Alsop as DA?NEW: Fiera Foods -- the industrial bakery where five temps have died on the job -- used a network of temp agencies…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-ByrneAlex actually undersells the point. The seven census tracts in this image, on either side of Grace/Christie, betw…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne
@JoshMessmer @editorswindler bleakHello, please read this, and then award me the 2020 Stanley Cup of pranks
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne @dave__murray oh my godI'm sorry but who at the Oregon Health Authority thought this was a good idea?
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-ByrneThe only acceptable way to be rich enough to make friends spend 2 weeks quarantined and screened for COVID in order… appending @sillysyntax exactlyi'm as smart as a bag of hammers myself, someone appoint me to the senateLynn "how could i have known those letters were racist and that i live in canada" Beyaklol consistently the worst. just incredible. @weredawgz @arune @GundamPlanet !!! Such a fun kit. and its shelf presence is unmatched. @AlexDicksonDC @joshuamings that's what we're seeing too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @charlotte_gregg Justice? No, it's just domes. @meganysta @meganysta ...on a seperate instagram
Safe Six is better branding than Bubbles or wtv. instagram vs twitter presence is a bit of a trip. like the cutesy stuff leaks on here sometimes but I don't thin… @Brain_Chain lol these are nursey fresh, i am sure that with time we'll have our own strugglesOMG MORE LEAKED FOOTAGE FROM 60 MINUTES, DENIES BEING TEAM LOGAN, SAYS "JESS IS A CARRIE"
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne @BEENATHEMISTRY a third is too much but I just ate 1/8 and it was fine. @BEENATHEMISTRY I just ate more of it! I'm fine! It's that I ate a third of a pie at once!upset that @BEENATHEMISTRY hasn't tweeted about how good my pie is yet, nervous it was bad. @karenbowness Yeah I'm trying this out on the longest recommended amount of time for each but if there's wilt I'll… plant children to keep my family alive @anomalisas If Rory was presented as a more relatable average kid I'd get it somewhat, but they kind of build this… @anomalisas *reaching into my giant bag of small Gilmore Girls quibbles* are we doing this again i'm ready @phillmv even if a shop doesn't have a two customer at a time policy I'll hang out outside and it seems to be a cou… @AdelleActually it was confusing and disturbing day to be on Twitter!!! @AdelleActually same energy. @AdelleActually different guy be a feisty political firebrand who posts a photo of himself breaking distancing guidelines or admits to kicking… also love that he posted this himself. Not an errant tweet or post from another attendee. Just pure undiluted political acuity.I know everyone is dunking on our boy Sam and I don't mean to pile on but you can't defend yourself with 'under 50… @mayeesha_ thank you for keeping track @IlanMuskat This delights me and will likely confuse many many of my followersI am SCREAMING
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrnemoon from me: ‘Massive blunder’: TTC union turned down a deal in the benefits fraud scheme that could have saved mon…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne"Politician, Umasked" is a very different headline than it would've been a year ago eh? @to_correspond one personnew Refused is very good. anyhow here are the lyrics for the first two verses subways subways Found this in a Facebook group; the person who posted said “tour in 3D, try to find the bathtub” ...enjoy(?)
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-ByrneWow someone solved congestion
hades.png #HadesGame
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne @GetBizzyChrizzy @ChristianMSwan yeah i'm in agreement. top's blue heavy already, gives it some balance. @HousesLaneway Eventually some sort of investment will need to be made or you have a health crisis, which will even… @HousesLaneway I mean it doesnt have to be bailouts. Japan just implemented more rigorous testing. Investment in me… into your unsafe polluting vehicle to drive on unsafe roads to an business forced to stay open to survive witho… it's a failure of the state that we have scenarios that allow fellow citizens to kill one another unintentional… @alexbozikovic @tasdesignbuild @kpmbarch much looking forward to this mixed-use project on an important Toronto site, from @tasdesignbuild @kpmbarch a…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-ByrneIn the latest wave of coronavirus infections, young people have been blamed for spreading the virus by partying too…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-ByrneIs that bad?“The lack of cemetery space in the city, is quintessentially an affordable housing issue for the dead. Death in the…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne @brianthehuman Slovenes don't die. We ascend to a hidden valley in the alps with all the potica and radenska we cou… @BEENATHEMISTRY Kerry woke up to the smell of pumpkin pie this morning and groaned "oh god" so you're helping two peopleThank god @BEENATHEMISTRY is coming to take one of them.I've baked six pumpkin pies since Thanksgiving and I think...I may be done for the season.I wrote about Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory, which turns 20 today. It's an album that gave me and so many of my frien…
Retweeted by Dan Seljak-Byrne @kercoby Kerry eat pork chop!Trying mindfulness stuff again and does anyone actually manage to meditate for more than ten minutes without just falling asleep??? @sillygwailo No but it's great that it happenedHoping someone does a deep dive on the accessibility components; buildings designed for Paralympic calibre sport of… the light is better tomorrow i will show off all my new friends, who are perfect.
@luggozi yesssssssssssssssssssssNew friend! years ago, from @alexbozikovic, a full run down on the dangers on Christie @ChappellTracker If you like Breath of the Wild and anime aesthetics yes, but the game will throttle your growth at… the lack of enforcement to the negligible policies implemented in the name of "vision zero" to the absence of… number of people sounding the alarm about this particular intersection should have prevented this woman's death. @BBWolfeVox no wordsoh my god the mayor pushing indigenous protestors off land that is being developed...has pre-purchased a home on th…