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The sooner Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall are away from Doctor Who the better.Are you excited for and will you go and see The Kings Man? @DomHolder I think it's needless and just makes the experience harder for the audience to then turn around and say… hope Patty Jenkins is kicked out of Hollywood after her streaming tirades and her questionable consent issues in Wonder Woman 1984So Steven Spielberg refused to subtitle any of the Spanish dialogue in West Side Story out of respect for Diversity… next review is Off The Rails, with Sally Phillips, can you guess my review score out of 5? If you guess my score… to @geeksplorepod, @dalekchaan and @JoseFSa55876365 for guessing my Total Recall remake review score of 2/5 show them some love! @hardcoregraveTotal Recall: One You Want To Forget
@JoseFSa55876365 I think it's going to be an issue for Marvel going forward @JoseFSa55876365 I think that's how you would do it, have the big team up first and then have her solo film @LolliZombi I think they are aware of how many kids and families watch so they are conscious of that and don't want… @LolliZombi @MrReinvention23 I think they'll keep Deadpool separate and have him pop up in things like I don't thin… @PeteBParker62 No my Gran was many years ago but no I grew up in England @MrReinvention23 @LolliZombi See what's bothering me is if Kingpin is in Hawkeye then he can't be the brutal charac… @LolliZombi I don't know could you see the Punisher killing people with real blood and gore in the MCU?Can mature characters Deadpool, Punisher, Kingpin exist within the MCU in a meaningful way?If Patty Jenkins never directed another film again the industry who be better for it. Remember folks this is the wo… Gwen solo film please Sony maybe even with Emma Stone?My next review is Total Recall with Colin Farrell can you guess my score out of 5? If you guess my score correctly… @PeteBParker62 The North of ?Shoutout to @andrew_forbes_ for guessing my Belfast review score of 4/5, show them some love! @hardcoregraveBelfast: Personal Yet Familiar Walking Dead and all it's copious spin offs need to endIt is official Charlie Cox's Daredevil is returning to the MCU, Kevin Feige has confirmed @hardcoregraveChucky: An Affair To Dismember the Jessica Alba Fantastic Four films as bad as we all remember or have they gained charm in thier long life @realarsenalism Oh I've not seen this but I'll put it on my list @UnrealCritic Power of the Dog wasn't good and Belfast whilst good is not Best Picture good if I had to give to any… @BrianDarthScott Oh I agree its terrific @almostflmcritic I loved the Green Knight, it would be up there for me as well @jointpartners It did not @thecinemababel I've not seen that yet is it that good? @UnrealCritic Why not both? @reel_cast That was the inspiration behind my tweet
Funny to see commenters not leading with a reasoned debate or an understanding of both sides of the divide, 'just t… @smsportsguy @ThatBookNerd337 Slippery slope you start forcing your beliefs onto others where does it end? Questionable morals their friend @ThatBookNerd337 The answer is to live with the virus and respect people's right to choose @ThatBookNerd337 Cases are rising in the vaccinated and if you look to European countries with strict mask rules an… me this if vaccine passports work why are covid cases spiking? All vaccine passports are doing is leading to… next review is Belfast can you guess my score out of 5? If you guess my score correctly I will give you a shoutout! @hardcoregraveResident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City: Sony Isn’t Even Trying To Hide The Product Placement you like Robert Pattinson as Batman?What should the post Endgame Avengers line up look like?Are you going to see Matrix 4?My next review is Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City can you guess my score out of 5? If you guess my score corr… @hardcoregraveThe Spirit Of Christmas: Ghost Sex For Twelve Nights A Year @AlayeniEQ I agree @Pancake4Table I would assume the VenomverseI'm very here for this especially because it means we get more Spider-Man 2099 anyone really care? @RobertPWoolford No Christmas Land or something like that @RobertPWoolford One of their Christmas films and it just felt like two hours of my life I'm not getting back
@hobson9999 @PoliticsForAlI @thesundaytimes Exactly the Times story being used as a 'source' say will there be anot… @PoliticsForAlI @thesundaytimes @PoliticsForAlI why not actually say what the story says and the writer says he mus… @hardcoregraveAfter Earth: Scientologist Propaganda it is a disgrace it has taken this long in our society for catcalling and groping on public transport to b… @TShelfman I am very much the otherway, also in terms of audience this is 40% down from LokiIt feels very much like Hawkeye is the first failure of the Marvel Disney + shows both in terms of quality and in t… Kathleen Kennedy from Star Wars otherwise the brand will continue to suffer into irrelevanceNew Follower Shoutouts! @TVandFilmNews Say hi, show them some love and spread the word!I am pro vaccine and think everyone should get it if they can, however I don't think covid passes, forced vaccinati… next review is After Earth can you guess my score out of 5? If you guess my score correctly I will give you a shoutout! @hardcoregraveThe Power Of The Dog: What Did That Horse Do To Him? @AnothermillennR @pchNilbog @kevin_thecritic @emmajb84 @EvilEvan14 @pintocomics @BendYourEarPod @Pancake4Table
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@hardcoregraveHawkeye: Echoes @NaradaStudioLTD I thought Bruce Willis said it wasn'tWhat is your favourite Christmas film?Is Die Hard a Christmas film?#FF @DeadGeographies @cinema_recall @zenless_popcorn @RasberryRazz @SharisseNaomiZ @MoviesMoose @TVTalkTodaySA @jaredgoode @reviewharbour @EvanLandon @AwfullyIrish @HorrorForgotten @Hal11K @lawrencer78 @gino_ga @vos_jay @NaradaStudioLTD @ShaneMediaMosh @bossypradaboots @BiLLYd_licious @CountGeekula @80s_video @JosephSturgill7 @jprug @WackoJackosflix @JordanAshleyWat @Jordane17501382 @whatKTdoes_now @pchNilbog @kevin_thecritic @emmajb84 @EvilEvan14 @pintocomics @BendYourEarPod @Pancake4Table @fabiangib @marksmetalmin @AshtonLamont @bushido49ers @FilmJunkiePhD @FNBNPodcast @artbyalexj @reel_cast @hardcoregrave @om2kool @FilmCafeCoOp @GeekwithDad @GrantDoughnut26 @mrniceguyreview @the_cinema_girl @WillyWoollyman That horrifying thing is that this didn't come out long agoNew Follower Shoutouts: @TheSceneSnob @back2blocbuster Say hi, show them some love and spread the word!My next review is The Power Of The Dog can you guess my score out of 5? If you guess my score correctly I will give you a shoutout! @hardcoregraveWalk Of Shame: Stop The Slut Shaming Hollywood @jean0genie Well we shouldn't be @CameronPost38 No but everything I'm hearing about it isn't goodGive West Side Story a miss
Never lose your voice, no matter how much abuse you getDisney and Marvel Studios needs to start paying comic book artists, writers and colourists and giving them far more credit @ThatBookNerd337 I think it's time to learn to live with the virus as they say @PumpkinWitch6 It seems like overreach @ThatBookNerd337 I just meant in the world as a whole @PumpkinWitch6 I don't think we have religious exemptions over here, medical yes but not religiousA hot tip for you all, if you go into a debate by insulting the person, not only does it show you can't debate, als… @PumpkinWitch6 Ah do you not have any there? We here in the UK just got a new mask mandateShould the Halloween franchise end after the next installment or should it carry on and if so how?