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New Follower Shoutouts: @Mark0Connell @JoyfulRebelFilm @afoda1295 @jacob51391852 @JimEvans2 @allyouneedisglove Show them some love! @MykeShrews @ufoknwotm8 Well hes blocked nowYaaay Unsolved Mysteries is back on @netflixIn honour of her birthday what is your favourite Rebecca Ferguson performance? honour of his birthday what is your favourite John Lithgow performance? honour of his birthday what is your favourite Jon Favreau performance or film he has directed? honour of his birthday what is your favourite Michael Gambon performance? honour of her birthday what is your favourite Gillian Jacobs performance? issue with Lucifer in the Netflix show of the same name , is that he is too likeable. He can be likeable but he… Witch should get a spin-off following the day to day life of Black Phillip @LifeintheDark3 I disagreeHorror recommendation for 19th of October is Body At Brighton Rock, alone in a national park, a woman has to stay w… a mask pleaseWe need to come together as a world wide community to make racists ashamed again, the rising far right is a serious… @PolesJackie With Pratt it's because he belongs to that (alleged) anti- homosexual church so they say he is a homop… @PolesJackie They say Malfoy groomed an underage girl which would be terrible if real, however it's all second hand… @PolesJackie Chris Pratt and Malfoy from Harry Potter, with the latter it based on a text that looks fake as hellIf someone does something disgusting then sure cancel them, but if someone's first cousins aunts sisters brother sa…'ve said it before and I'll say it again, the cancel culture mob on here have too much time on thier hands, and ca… is your favourite 90s film?Who is your favourite film version of the Devil?Currently watching The Prophecy 2, having just finished the first. I never knew how great Viggo Mortensen could be… @Nekrotikk Oh I have another one for you Body at Brighton Rock, it's about a Nation Park Ranget in American who goe… @Nekrotikk Final girls is a clever twist on the slasher genre and that is camp based so there another for you @Nekrotikk Ill let you know if anymore come to mind @Nekrotikk Get Duked and The Ritual are two good ones off the top of my head, Severance is in a similar vein
@filmrageyyc I am also very excitedI find the 'romamce' in Kajilionaire to be deeply problematic on many levels @TaraRamsayActor I am currently writing my review of thatIt's baffling to me that people think things will just go back to normal once the pandemic ends, this is a societal… New York movie theaters open again really won't change much box office wiseWhat film should I watch tonight?I remember when the American Pie films were all the rage and it was almost a point of pride to boast about having s… should not be an Arrow revival, one it ended not long along, two it would undermine cancelling it recently, t… @PardonMeImBlunt @Angushorrorfan I would also recommend Funny PeopleWhat is your most anticipated upcoming movie? Bonus points if it is still to come out in 2020There are rumours that Bruce Willis will return and make another Die Hard movie? Why? Surely its time to leave it alone. @eglantineprice2 Have a great day and please spread the word about my blog. I appreciate all the help. Thank you ag… @BlackMetalAaron Many thanks for the kind words @kpdrom @panodime @mustaphaelyako4 @DanielMYoung @amadou43755333 @StevenJT22 @AnthonLast @dinesh_y2j @Gcomposer187 @ufoknwotm8 @MykeShrews Loser @ChariseSowells @PodsClean Have a great day and please spread the word about my blog. I appreciate all the help. Th… @PodsClean @ChariseSowells Have a great day and please spread the word about my blog. I appreciate all the help. Th… next review is The Bird With The Crystal Plumage can you guess my score out of 5? If you guess my score correctl… Witches Everywhere to the most recent episode of Viva La Life Podcast: Not Your Average Podcast
Retweeted by AnothermillennialreviewerNew Follower Shoutouts: @ChariseSowells @PodsClean Show them some love!New Follower Shoutouts: @panodime @mustaphaelyako4 @DanielMYoung @amadou43755333 @StevenJT22 @AnthonLast Rich stop by to talk his career. Murphy Brown, Boston Legal, Archie, and of course Reba. Sit back and l…
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Retweeted by AnothermillennialreviewerGhost Rider might be my favourite Marvel film and the Crow is my favourite comic based film @WeirdScienceDC @EricLShea @CB_Legion @DancingMike68 @revrim @jordanfunky @frankoluvs @joeycasco @reelcomics
Retweeted by AnothermillennialreviewerMy next review is Suspiria can you guess my score out of 5? If you guess my score correctly I will give you a shoutout!Shouout to @Hal11K for guessing my Saint Maud review score of 3/5. Show them some love!Saint Maud: The Lord Making You FEEL'S A WRAP!!! We have a feature film. Amazing work everyone. It's been amazing. #filmmaking #indiefilm
Retweeted by AnothermillennialreviewerIn honour of his birthday what is your favourite Jean-Claude Van Damme performance honour of his birthday what is your favourite Zack Efron performance? honour of his birthday what is your favourite Tyler Posey performance? @KulichMladen Yep because they don't want to tell a Batwoman show they want to tell a Batman showCheck out our #Scream Drink Along Commentary! Preview is available anywhere you find podcasts and full episode is o…
Retweeted by Anothermillennialreviewer @KulichMladen Batwoman doesn't have a Batmobile1p ebay bid. 100% to RSPCA. Olly Murs UP. Feat. Demi Lovato. CD cover sleeve. #charity
Retweeted by AnothermillennialreviewerMy prediction for Batwoman season 2 is that it will get can canceled after season 2What have you been watching this weekend?To spread some love around in these dark times, I will be giving shoutouts to anyone who wants one. As long as you'… is your favourite and least favourite Adam Sandler film? @BarcalonaToby I really didn't like Horse Girl or Vivarium, but Get Duked was a terrific film that really hasn't got the loved it deservesWhat's a horror film you think more people should watch? An underrated masterpiece @andrew_forbes_ I'd also recommend misbehaviour with Keira KnightleyHorror recommendation for 19th of October Borderlands, a British found footage films, that re-established my faith… a mask please @blueprintsonly With two Scientologists leads, I'm goodAlso she is a wacko Scientologist so there's another reason to not support anything she appears in @MykeShrews I'm not going to support anyyhing with her in, people with bigoted views shouldn't get work, also she's… her films and Monsters is one of the best films of the year, don't sleep on it!Dylan O' Brien deserves to be a bigger star then he is, he is a damn near perfect leading man and its high time Hol… @Rederanged2 Is it based on a book series?Top 5 films of the year (so far) 1. Palm Springs 2. Unpregnant 3. Love and Monsters 4. King Of Staten Island 5. Inv… and Monsters is probably up there in my top 5 films of the year thus far. Dylan O' Brien is fantastic and the… McQueen is spot on, it our culture as a whole. We need to come together and not divide ourselves
I have said before that I am writing a Uni paper about Italian Horror Cinema and I need recommendations from you al… wouldn't be upset if the Oscars was cancelled @ericfriend5 Why would it go that way? It can't and won't if said awards ceremonies want to be seen as in touch @ericfriend5 @Mangledmediax The next Conjuring film is heavily rumoured to be going to HBO Max so @Imjustapumpkin @stonedkarleshia @ANA_G_Novel @stalin_halder @blinderagency @SisterTempest @Unbreakable7879 @waltgator93 @DCComics @WeirdScienceDC @CB_Legion @DancingMike68 @revrim @jordanfunky @frankoluvs @joeycasco
Retweeted by AnothermillennialreviewerThe Man They Could Not Hang (1939). An often overlooked film with Karloff where he carries the entire film singleha…
Retweeted by Anothermillennialreviewer @ericfriend5 Streaming is eligible for awards?My next review is Saint Maud can you guess my score out of 5? If you guess my score correctly I will give you a shoutout! @Mangledmediax Why would they when it would be much more cost effective for studios to send them to streaming? They… to @retroplexbex and @AmyOlso83572026 for guessing Hubie Halloween review score of 2.5/5 show them some love!My prediction for the future of cinema, streaming will become the home for mid budget, indie and horror films and o… owns the rights to Hail Caesar should create a limited series set in that universe and there is so much there to exploreHubie Halloween: Sick In The Street a contentious point, though maybe not, I think based on what I've seen as an outsider in a foreign country th… lockdown people who are deliberately flouting the rules and infecting more people are scum and should face serious criminal charges @ZacaryWITHnoH @stonedkarleshia @ANA_G_Novel @stalin_halder @blinderagency @SisterTempest @Unbreakable7879 @bossypradaboots Let me know what you think