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Not the shoe company. Word wrangler, specializing in technology and fiction. He/Him I write manuals that people actually read. Avatar by @chalkyheart

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@QueenKika @jdiannedotson There is that terrifying buildup to what seems like inevitable and unstoppable violence,… @MysteryCr8tve @NoahHarald @CalvinStarnesOG So you’re saying the brisket should be ready about the time I finish dr… @inkbitspixels It has a strong story about finding your place in the world. It has a story about being a parent. It… up on The Mandalorian. Really like that they’ve got a good mix of important supporting characters from other… @MortuaryReport @adampknave Yes. I really want one but can’t justify it. @MortuaryReport @adampknave Waaaaaaant! @pintsizedMB Good luck!Bask in the wonder. Be humbled by the genius. @hexican Not helping, Hector. Not even a little.
@MichelleCHauer That is straight-up wholesome and delightful.
@hexican I think you fail to understand the depth of my nightmare. @hexican How the fuck am I ever supposed to sleep again?#yourkoreandad wants you to know: You don’t have to be strong. ❤️
Retweeted by Converse @grumpymartian @saraterror @Steampunk_Skunk N… n… no? Do I need to see a physician?Read this one too! read this. People don’t owe you handshakes, hugs, high-fives, or anything. Ask first! Be ok with hearing “no… @inkgrrl @EldritchGirl Check. @EldritchGirl @inkgrrl Are they small enough that I only need one flashbang to clear the place? @grumpymartian @gaileyfrey What has been seen cannot be unseen. @CassieY4 Do not like this one bit. You deserve so much better. @talkwordy @talkwordy I need you to get elected. @EldritchGirl @EldritchGirl Ok, fine. A LOT of blood. And mumbled lyrics. @EldritchGirl It's ok. I'll just give you hugs that leave a little blood behind. @EldritchGirl ... You wound me. @grumpymartian Why indeed?
I read this today: I have so many complicated feelings and thoughts. I thought I was prepa… @EldritchGirl Are not. @lilithsaintcrow I get it. I groaned a little.
@MistressSatan @Ishfery Run, don’t walk.I love you in a language I have yet to learn how to speak. My heart is still learning the words.
Retweeted by ConverseInternet of things.
Retweeted by ConverseI have a quantum mechanics joke, but no one understands it. @unikunka I was just this second years old when it all became clear. @grumpymartian I fell out of a tree. My pants leg caught on a branch, acting as a pivot and converted the movement…
Retweeted by Converse @grumpymartian Izzie is a fan of the ol’ can-berry sauce, eh? @EldritchGirl Hello, is this band good? My friend said I just had to see them. Why is the bar only serving bottled… @PauljGarth There are not enough facepalm gifs in the world for this. @pintsizedMB I have a difficult time finding clothes that fit well, so it would makes send to get the better fits t… @pintsizedMB I *should* do this.
@Angelinawrites Cursed image. @stanzillaz I also agree. Git is powerful but arcane and requires learning how to to the right thing by doing the wrong thing first. @AshlenRose A++ would watch. @KetchupSnowman The first one, only it reads “Dead Inside.”Today has been a day of victories. My cooking skills were on point today. We were able to let the cats mingle witho…
@talkwordy Thank you! @talkwordy Here’s mine. @talkwordy Hell yeah, son! @CalvinStarnesOG I didn’t realize it was your birthday! @LianaBrooks Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel too. @AmazonMandy Grateful for: STICK! Mom! STICK! @Kaydeethree Oh heck yeah. @LianaBrooks My brother and my friend who died from cancers 6 months apart are still in my phone with text messages. I can’t let them go. @TheAriDee There are not enough facepalm gifs for this. @kdmnsf If you look at my tweets from yesterday I described my recipe. @TheLizLincoln 😂😂😂😭 @alwayscoffee He’s got the cleanup task of eating all the spills. It’s a big day, so he’s conserving energy. @AshParso @ChuckWendig My apples are becoming dressing/stuffing today. @sblackmoore @jacmacandsneeze All Cops Are Bastards and they are being used to enforce the privileges of the wealth… @MortuaryReport People are why @rookberg @grumpymartian My entire stuffing revolves around apples. @kilnfiendpotter @goberthicks @Theasianavenger @Card_Kingdom I tuned in for the last half of the game and got to se…
Read this thread. I use a wheelchair in times and places where lots or walking and standing would otherwise prevent… @MichelleCHauer Exactly! @Roach_B_me I think I made this and brought it to a party we were at back in the day. Sausage would make a good variation too.Happy Thanksgiving. From my family of one to your family, all the gustatory joy of season. Donate to a food bank.… makes a compote-like, rich, fruity dressing that tastes amazing. You can modify it in a jillion ways. Add ce… all the chopped ingredients, raisins, and currants in a large bowl then coat everything in melted butter. Add s… precise measurements here. Do by eye and taste. More for a larger bird. Core and slice apples. You need a bunch…’m making a turkey for the first time in over a decade. Doing my unique dressing/stuffing. Going to share it here:… @alwayscoffee Easy cuddles for the sous chef and the tiny thunder god. @grumpymartian @MortuaryReport @saraterror I’m down for vodka pie crust. @effies @jayxwolf I’ll echo @effies. All the love for you and your family. Everything about that situation is awful… @EldritchGirl @talkwordy @sblackmoore 👎👎👎 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 @sblackmoore was not the imposter. One imposter remains. @EldritchGirl Well that’s certainly going into my library. @geardrops Genuinely concerning. Shrinking the number of markets for works is not going to end well for creatives. @MortuaryReport Sending comfort from afar.
@adampknave Let’s be bad guys. @talkwordy You have spoken.I don’t know who else needs to hear this, but you are absolutely worthy of your own love and respect. @pintsizedMB It’s got mandarin oranges and in it and it is so good. @BrianHauerTSO It’s so good. It’ll make you want turkey every month.
Making cranberry-orange sauce for Thanksgiving. @jacmacandsneeze The political elite keep covering each other’s asses and nothing ever changes because there are no consequences. @kilnfiendpotter The song of my people, “Truths are stranger than fiction.” @baetog_ I’m still standing. @itsmeardenleigh @LetterKilled This is an excellent photo of you. @xarph Let us pray. 🙏🏼I’m stressed nearly to the breaking point. I just need the next 4 or so weeks to go without another major issue so… wanted to sleep close, but not too close.
Preach it, Prof! Don't pay marked-up prices for Commander Legends.
@KitMoxie I shall seek it out at once! @KitMoxie Wait ... WHAT THE HELL AM I MISSING? @jennieritz Not far off from this. @MortuaryReport Do not like. Sorry you’re dealing with this. @OliviaHungers Signed. @OliviaHungers That would be hilarious! Way more exciting than mynocs.